Is it even acceptable to not be a boxer these days?

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  1. TheChosenOne Augur

    I'd never join another loot council guild, every guild ive been in was DKP except the one on Selos
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  2. mark Augur

    boxing his fun but you know whats fun also a guildie needs help with his epic bang you port your group over there other single players and boxer port over and we kill the mob the person needs.
  3. mark Augur

    il drop one or more of my boxes for guildies and keep the boxes out of the group while we kill stuff,boxing his part of the gamethe old vt before picks people would lvl up mages and park them in safe spots to cut down with the trash killing.
  4. uberkingkong Augur

    Honestly, if you want to do the best, the hardest content in game. It requires a lotta work getting a group because the comp is very specific for smooth and good runs that make people happy.
    Must have an enchanter
    Must have a cleric
    Must have a warrior
    Must have a puller
    Preferably another enchanter or someone who can malo
    Preferably another enchanter but any class is fine if all the above is true
    When you have content like this, this is where boxing is preferred.

    BST,PAL,RNG,ROG, etc useless classes and people play these classes.
    You don't get GOOD serious/hard content groups usually with those useless classes unless you box your own enc, clr, tank, serious group box setup.

    Removing boxers doesn't solve the issue, you play as those useless classes you still gonna be feeling left out even if boxes are gone.

    btw remember this is TLP discussion so I'm assuming before TSS expansion.
    People who play TLPs over and over again, they at point where they min/max the time spent, and playing useless classes only add time spent which is not what people look for.

    The thing about boxers, is they play the classes that are required/needed the most, thats why they successful. Nonboxers usually play a useless class and as time goes on where theres content that is a bit too serious, they don't get to play it much anymore because they playing as a useless class. Easily replaceable class. Instead of playing the needed classes.

    Theres a reason why people say clerics always get groups easy, enchanters always get groups easy. They are needed. If you having trouble getting groups and thats why your playing. Well maybe you should reconsider playing a NEEDED class rather than complaining about boxers ruining the game and thats why you can't find groups.
  5. Midnitewolf Augur

    I personally don't box and if I have to be honest am pretty strongly opposed to boxing and I am not really having an issue. That being said, the game is 100x more enjoyable now that I have joined a extremely large, active guild that actually cares about their members.

    Also I have now experienced TLPs with and without the guild and to be perfectly honest solo, non-guilded, non-boxed also is viable if your willing to buy Krono and buy much of your gear. The biggest issue solo and if I have to be honest, even with a guild, is that you have to keep up with the leveling pace. Aside from a very few specific points such as a new TLP opening or Kunark Dropping and adding Iksar, Luclin Droping and adding Vah Shir/Beast Lords, there are usually not many players at the lower levels to group with. That being the case, it is imperative to keep your character(s) leveled near the max level to get groups. Also as the TLP ages and the population starts to drop off, it gets harder and harder to find those PUGs.

    So as a summary. For the best non-boxed experience:

    1) Start your journey at a new TLP launch or at one of the key expansion drops like Kunark or Luclin when there will be tons of new characters being created and LFGs.

    2) Join a good guild. I would recommend one of the larger one because over time the population will dwindle. If your with a guild with 500-1000 members and having 100+ raiders trying to join raids every scheduled raid night now, chances are when the population drops, you will still have 200-300 members and 50+ active raiders even then.

    3) Make sure to choose at least one character to "Main" and keep it leveled and geared appropriate to the content. If you want to play multiple characters, keep them all leveled and geared. Falling behind is a slow death and eventually you will found yourself alone and unable to progress without a box or two.

    Do these three things and you really shouldn't ever need a box.
  6. sadre Elder

    I'm going to be flat out honest.

    I'm too stupid to box.

    But I'm in the minority. There are a lot of Big Brain Brad's on this server. They are eating Big Kahuna burgers for breakfast and getting stuff DONE.
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  7. Ohfuggle Elder

    Lol this thread,

    On Yelinak its 1000% acceptable not to box. If you're grouped with a bad boxer .. easy solution .. don't group with them.

    Don't want to group with a boxer? Easy solution .. don't group with them.

    You're going to quickly realize (if you haven't figured it out already) that the EQ player base is pretty finite. Boxers are quite literally keeping groups going, the in-game economy running, and the lights on at DBG. I bet you've partied with some 2boxers and probably didn't have a clue.

    Are there a few intense 24/7 Efreeti/AC camping neckbeards with 4+ boxes? Yup. Emphasis on a few, but there's also multiple picks, DZ's, or you can farm/sell item 1, to buy item 2.

    Simple solutions for simple problems in a simple game.

    A lot of us box because:

    A) don't want to carry you
    B) don't want to wait around on LFG
    C) we want to accomplish goals with the limited time we have
    D) we want to

    I don't see any boxers out here calling to outlaw single box or refusing to party with single box players. Know what I see a lot of? Single box players reaping the rewards from boxers when it comes to valuable loot/LRs, boss fights, epic fights, readily available groups with crucial classes (bard, cleric, etc) and more ..

    If you can't accept that, you're the problem. Don't let the halfling kick you too hard on the way out the door.

    P99 is that way -->
  8. Nessirfiti Augur

    It's mostly this, The anti-boxers demand that people only have fun in ways they deem acceptable. And that, generally is only playing one character, when they want, where they want, and making absolutely sure you invite them to groups.

    I'm absolutely positive that if they got their way and boxing was banned entirely on a server, they'd be demanding that pre-made group also be banned. A few guildmates of mine from Phinny and I each started a character on aradune as a pre-made and got harassed for "boxing" constantly, Anti-boxerrs have no idea what they're angry at, and have no idea what would happen if all the boxers suddenly ceased to exist.
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  9. Draslin Journeyman

    If they didn't expect you to box, mercenaries would be actually viable.
  10. TheChosenOne Augur

  11. Brildon Elder

    Lol, this is completely false, yes enchanters make group content early on with their charm, something that lessens around OOW i think. Clerics are great and warriors have defensive yes. But I have not seen any group content in this game that requires a specific comp... you can get away with a good SK or Pally tank, shamans can do just fine healing with their slows, same with a druid though you may want something in the group for slows such as bst or enc.

    Maybe if you're bad at playing classes with a lot in their utility belt, then you need to stick to a more vanilla build.. but just cause you can't beat content without trying to trivialize as much as possible, doesnt mean the rest of us can't.
  12. Brildon Elder

    As someone that has done a mixture of non-boxing/boxing over the last few TLPs. You definitely don't *need* to be a boxer. People generally prefer playing with real players over boxes which are more likely to be dead weight. Things definitely are easier if you find a guild early on in a TLP and start making those connections for static groups, there is absolutely nothing better in this game then finding 5 other players with similar play schedules and desires, but need to build those relations early.

    Not everyone is so lucky, or may have limited playtimes which make finding that static pool of players to play with difficult. Cases like this, learn to build groups... most people refuse to initiate a group and will sit LFG for hours waiting for someone else to take the initiative. Numerous times early on Thornblade we'd see just in our guild chat tank, healer, dps all LFG over the course of a few hours with none of them just taking the step of just inviting the others and go do something.

    Boxing itself isn't inherently a bad thing, but people's greed is what generally gives it a bad wrap. IMO mains should generally have priority in groups and gear over boxers, but there can be exceptions. I play my boxes mostly as fills more so then I need to gear them as much as my main. I log in, see if anyone has room for me... if not, i log my boxes in and go start a group somewhere cause I don't like downtime. I currently 4box, so if people are LFG in guild, ill let them know i have a spot. After I fill, I start looking to replace my boxes with guildies to fill the boxes roles til im just playing 1 toon. Sometimes I then look to rep myself and go start another group with my boxes somewhere else.

    Boxes enable a lot of things, especially as server pop goes down overtime. Thornblade right now is pretty small pop and a lot of people are starting to raid log. Boxes allow an easier time of getting MAINs their epic fights done on any given night, getting people groups where there would otherwise be none. I've PLd a handful of guildies coming back or just starting using my boxes.
  13. Magician9001 Augur

    How does this help with someone finding groups? LOL this person sucks at playing 3 toons but they're capable of playing one. If they were just playing one in the first place it would make it easier for people to find groups.

    It's quite literally the opposite of that. Compare how TLPs do vs other big retro gaming titles and TLPs have 10% of the player base they should be pulling in. The toxic nature of the servers is a big part of that. Boxing is a big part of the toxic nature of the servers.

    Basically any good Loot camp in Classic/Kunark will have this. People don't wanna play the game the way you describe.

    Pretty toxic attitude that's driving players away from the game. It's quite often the other way around too.

    That's because people cheating the boxing rules are the ones with an unfair advantage.

    "Rewards" = ill gotten gains that ruin the game

    Again toxic attitude that's driving players away from the game. This is exactly why boxing is a negative $$$ for DPG.
  14. sadre Elder

    I just don't see the big deal.

    You *always* have had to negotiate and compromise with EQ. I remember waves of Dragons of Asia, doing everything in their power to break the game, train your camp, and steal your wife.

    There were always solutions. So I don't get it. Unless you are obsessed with what other people are doing, how does the Boxie Boys make gameplay suck? Keep in mind the planet sized nerf bat that the state of the game is, so it's not like there's some gem of a game underneath it all.

    eq is one gigantic compromise with life itself. Whether it's worth it or not is a decisional Necker Cube.
  15. Aeonblade Very Hungry Vah Shir

    Shrug, I've never multiboxed or had the need to, and always am able to farm a monthly Krono for my single account sub. I don't even group with boxers unless it's my last option as I try to avoid them because you can't rely on them to play both classes properly. I'd say at least half of the population still looks at boxing as cheating/gaming the system to get an unfair advantage over others. Just ask general chat one day and see what I mean. I don't denigrate boxers publicly, but there are still tons of people out there just like me that point and laugh and don't group them.
  16. Intercept Elder

    I would take a good player over an (optimal) class any time and my group would be better for it.

    Make friends, be known, talk to people, if you feel like it join a guild.

    MSG the people on your friends list get to know their friends and go from there.
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  17. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    This is some of the dumbest garbage I've seen on here in awhile.

    What makes it particularly sad is that you specify "before TSS" which encompasses content that is the LEAST dependent on warriors as tanks or cleric healers.

    Didn't have any problems boxing current era raid content with paladin tank, shaman main healer, and not even running a full group of 6, having to log in a level 1 then go offline to get 6th in group to pull an AoC instance, that's how easy and this game is "before TSS".
  18. Healiez Augur

    You know how many epic fights/items/quest items me and my brother who both run a box team have gotten over the years of TLP servers for solo players who were otherwise unable to?

    There are days we announced we would do any epic fight etc within our capability for people having trouble. Spent the day having a blast and met some cool people. Got epic and items for people who otherwise would not have been able to.

    Sure there are some toxic boxers out there who just do what they want to farm for themselves or krono. They arent as common as you think, you just remember them because they left a bad taste in your mouth.

    There are a lot of boxers who just want to do their own thing, play their own game. There is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people think because they are playing an MMO and not playing it "the right way" (which is basically different then how they are playing it) they are ruining the server and lump them up with the toxic boxer crowd. WAAAA If you are playing an MMO you should be grouping with other people and why are you playing an MMO like EQ if you just want to sit there by yourself with your box team? I dunno cause its fun for me, why do you care how I have fun?

    Some people just want to play another toon or two so they can log on and immediately start doing something instead of sitting LFG. Again, just because its not how you want to play its not wrong.

    etc, etc, etc....
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  19. sadre Elder

    I think it's time to revise the stereotype. 10 years ago maybe it was a power trip. I deeply hope no one is still getting a power trip marching bot armies around.

    But who am I to judge?
  20. Ishbu Augur

    This is such a classic era complaint. People have this romanticized idea of that starting over on a TLP is anything like what playing in 1999 was, and its just not that game anymore.

    Each expansion the population fades a little, if you are actually going to play for any meaningful duration then you will need people boxing to round out groups to accomplish things when you are able to play, thats just reality. If you dont plan on playing for a meaningful duration, why would anyone care about your complains and preferences?