Is it even acceptable to not be a boxer these days?

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  1. Ohfuggle Elder

    The only toxic player here is you.

    P99 does not allow ANY boxing what so ever and strictly punishes anyone doing it. Why aren't you over there .. btw report back to me about how "not toxic" it is .. I'll wait lol.

    TLP is pure nirvana compared to that hell hole and insanely easy compared to how the game was on live.

    Here you have picks, DZ's, readily available LR's, and more.

    To reiterate if you don't want group with a boxer ... don't.
    If you don't want to buy from a boxer ... don't.

    But if you think DBG is going to sacrifice thousands of paying accounts to accommodate your feelings and force everyone else to play by your rules.

    Well welcome to a bit of the real world in the form of a 1999 elf sim. EQ delivering life lessons.
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  2. mark Augur

    I love 6 to 12 boxing and normally have a number of charecters in between those numbers and i dont box on raids and out of all the tanks i have known over the years that raid i can count on 1 hand the ones that dont box out of raids on tlps.
    And frankly i dont care if you like boxers or not dont like it leave the game and stop crying,boxers forever down with botters and i never ever group with people that arent boxers,you box 2 your welcome,you dont box no way iam letting you suck xp of me.
  3. Healiez Augur

    Boxers also probably keep most people who are anti boxers guilds afloat.

    I have yet to be in a guild, no matter how big, that doesnt eventually (usually around velious or late in expansions) rely on boxers to fill their raid. ESPECIALLY clerics and bards. unless you are in one of those mega guilds that invites anyone with a pulse, and has to sit loads of people on raids. Hell most guilds if you are willing to bring a bard along are stoked that they have one more group with a bard in it, even if it is a box.
  4. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    People complaining about boxers aren't there anymore at this stage of the game. You know guys, we know... We know who people complaining about boxers, kronos, nbg, getting "trained" (someone passing by with 2 mob on their tail is not a train it's only the locomotive), the server rules, and so on are. You are the same guys that come exactly at the same time every year getting your nostalgia kick for a month or two and quitting.

    So now stop it, accept that you won't get an Efreeti or Frenzy camp same as back in the day and even if you could you probably won't win that roll on a rare mob / rare drop item. So enjoy the game and while you're at it try to go into hate and fear for a change instead of stopping at the hole so you can explore a zone you never seen. Or better yet, stay on the server and try a game you never played (GoD and beyond).

    And please stop lying, no, you're not getting trained by boxers, no they don't steal your camps, all of this is in your head. No boxers ever stole your hamlord camp or any other because when you box or krono farm the last thing you want is drama. That guy at /sup ? He was probably there before you, try to dps race him but you won't be able to because he's smarter and know how to deal with people like you.

    If a war start between two groups or a group / boxer ask your puller why, he'll probably know the answer. Don't try to be smarter than people playing this game for years and knowing every trick to make your life miserable and you will be completely fine.

    You guys are seething about an item (FBSS) that is cheap enough that you can afford it solely by playing the game and another one (GEB) that is so insignificant stats wise that it's not needed at all. If anything, people paying 2kr for GEB are the issue, not the people farming them.
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  5. Xeris Augur

    I box cuz everyone is bad at EQ and I can play 5 characters better than your 1. Hue hue hue.
  6. Shemak Journeyman

    I feel you, even if i myself do box, i regret the loss of interdependancy and social interaction it causes. But if you let people do stuff that make it faster and easier do attain their goal, most will do it (myself included), even if in the end it makes for a lesser experience for everyone but for the krono farmer who will defend boxing like its an human right essential to world peace but would be out of work if every player on the server was doing the same thing they are.

    As for your question i feel that good non boxers can be relevant even if obviously if you have the choice between two player as good as each other but one bring a box that enhance the group performance, people will choose the boxer.

    BUT , please hang on, because in the end this game isnt about class performance or non boxing player, its about people, find a group of player or a guild you enjoy and you wont care about being less efficient than someone else boxing.
  7. Vecsus New Member

    I only read the title of the post and most of the first paragraph. That's more than enough to identify that this is a stupid question. I don't box - never have and probably never will. I hold no grudges against those that box (unless they are that steal camps and train-over groups for camps). I don't expect anyone to hold it against me that I don't have a pocket healer on /follow when I join group. If they do then I find a new /pick and do my own thing.
  8. Nessirfiti Augur

    I guess I don't get the "loss of social interaction" angle I see pop up every once in a while. I box, and I hang out and chat with my guild on discord. I don't see that as any less social than typing to a couple strangers who I'll likely never see and if the group is pulling at a reasonable speed, not typing at them, because we'd all be busy.
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