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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by mattie diesel, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. mattie diesel Journeyman

    hello guys, I used to play a very old version of everquest. I'm interested in playing again, except I don't really care for the modern version of the game. A friend I have that plays is currently on Corsaiv (which i realized is not pop-locked), except I don't want to end up playing the newer content. Is agnarr where I should be? I want the game to remain in mostly older content, is agnarr the only server on the list that's pop-locked? and where is it currently sitting as far as progression? I have a feeling I'd prefer starting in a planes-locked server even if it's further progressed, Although velious being the current exp would be a lot of fun. What do you suggest? Also, if i give in to buy a krono or 2, it says trading for in-game cash is legal, how much would a krono go for in plat on Corsaiv or Agnarr? Thank you very much for looking please excuse my lack of knowledge.
  2. Lhelith Journeyman

    Agnarr is the only server so far that wont progress after a certain point. It is on Ykesha right now and will stop at LDON/Ykesha. Coirnav is currently in velious, but will eventually progress past Agnarr.
  3. Yruc Augur

  4. RandomStrategy Augur

    If you're looking for "I hate myself and need to be punished" classic experience, P1999 is the way to go.

    If you want a sandbox to have fun in, where everyone is now in a state of relaxation and just having a good time, go to Agnarr.

    If you want a slow as molasses exp but earlier expansion to start, go to Coirnav, but it will eventually go past where you want it to stop.
  5. Lankie Augur

    Which expansions did you not enjoy?
  6. CaptainSkeet Augur

    Krono on Agnarr are roughly 25k last I checked, may be a little more now. If you are just starting, 1 krono would be quite enough to buy beginner gear in the bazaar. I also recommend buying a mount from the DBG store (roughly 23$) since they are heirloom and can be used on multiple characters and are account tradable between your toons. Also they give a 250hp/mama and ac boost buff.

    The early levels are a little bit sparse there as far as grouping, but it’s still happening. Raid wise, you will see a majority of guilds doing PoP stuff with some Luclin stuff sprinkled in. Velious, Kunark, and classic raids are 80% or more 1 group-able now, so not really much in raiding going on for that stuff now.

    But yea, if you aren’t interested in the game past PoP or LDoN then it’s great. Once LDoN comes out there will be an uptick in people, since there is more content to get (augs, points from missions, and mission running to improve the charm aug). Also, most of not all guilds will take any class, and loot will be cheap and easy to get when raiding. Can quickly get up to speed.
  7. Dythan Augur

    Krono are modern. You have already failed
  8. Accipiter Augur

    We should note that "slow as molasses exp" is still faster than the OP experienced back in the day.
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  9. Accipiter Augur

    I hadn't really thought about this because my characters were all level 60 when I bought mounts, but does this mean you can buy a mount and add 250 hp/mana to a level 1? I guess so.
  10. mattie diesel Journeyman

    kinda crazy that i can add 250 hp/mana at lvl 1.

    I'm gonna roll a char on both servers, so i can play with my friend on an evolving server but also have a build-up on angarr. :) thanks for your inputs, krono isn't immediately necessary I realize, i'll see how things go.
  11. Accipiter Augur

    I stripped all my characters on Agnarr but I still have 5-6k platinum. Tell me your character name there and I'll parcel it to you.
  12. mattie diesel Journeyman

    that's incredibly kind of you, i'm installing to a sandisk drive (don't ask), so as soon as I'm finished installing and in-game I'll pm you :)
  13. mattie diesel Journeyman

    my char is Yeshua

    finally on, I think my drive's write speed is certainly inferior to an internal drive. :p
  14. RandomStrategy Augur

  15. Celatus Elder

    There is nothing classic about p99 i played there for years.
  16. Accipiter Augur

    It was more like 9k but who's counting. :) Also sent you an EE bag and some smelly sandwiches (put one in ranged slot, if I recall).

    I really couldn't do anything with the plat on Agnarr so no big deal.
  17. a_librarian Augur

    I keep wanting to check it out, mostly to see the pre revamp Antonica zones again. Also I really miss AE kiting as a bard. Then I read some stories about the server economy, elaborate rules and the way they're enforced and I quickly change my mind.

    I'm glad the server exists and is successful though, very fortunate they came to an agreement with daybreak to keep operating
  18. mattie diesel Journeyman

    Sounds wonderful but I did not end up receiving any pieces of mail on Yeshua, who is on Agnarr. Maybe it takes time? or a parcel is something else?
  19. Montag Augur

    goto poknowledge
    click parcel guy
  20. Risiko Augur

    There are special NPCs in the game now (in major cities and Plane of Knowledge) that are called Parcel Vendors.

    You right click on them just like you would with any vendor NPC, and then on the vendor window, click the "Parcel" tab. You will see your parcels in there. Click on them, and click receive items.

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