I'd argue that the thread is "effectively" feedback

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by KapiDanger, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. KapiDanger New Member

    DPG. We get it.

    Compounded by the challenges of a global pandemic (one impacting even the most robust of fortune-40 companies, to be fair) DPG's "lean" operation (was that a nice enough way to describe it?) doesn't have the human-capital required to deliver to the fanbase what they are asking for.

    Honestly, it's ok - it really is. We'll all happily continue to pay for something "almost as good" as what we want. "Almost as good" is still super fun!

    What I'd ask, however, is that you don't treat your passionate fanbase like kids - because we aren't (anymore... we were when we started playing this game).

    If someone posted "lets start a TLP dedicated to Limp Bizkit" and it caught some traction... it would be ok to say "no one is really asking for that" (even if you're actual answer is "we don't have the technology for that" or "we dont have the human capital for that" - and honestly, no one would; can you imagine how popular that server would be?) It's ok to say "no one is really asking..." because there's no reason to think that server would drive subs.

    But to say that "no one is really asking for a FV TLP" is.... well it's borderline-impressive from a certain perspective. It's the kind of spin that only exists in two places: Orwell's 1984, and [redacted joke about American politics - just assume it was about whichever side you aren't a fan of].

    That said, as a playerbase what can we do to refute such a claim?... I guess we could play the only FV-rules server that exists. I mean, if it was a super-popular server, that would surly make DPG take it serious, right?... oh... it is? and it didn't? hmmm.

    Well what if we just put a post on the forums where people simply posted their opinions on the topic - specifically their own feelings re: willingness/desire to play such a server? Oh... that would violate the rules of the forum? hmmm.

    OK well maybe during an AMA we could discu...

    /rant off

    Stay safe DPG.
    I appreciate the effort that your team puts in to keep Norrath alive.
    But don't lie to us with a smile on your face.

    Time to get back to the grind - after all, we're at war with Eastasia and always have been!
  2. Skuz Augur

    Brekt is getting real ornery that y'all keep ignoring it.

    Absor could have told you to all go play on Brekt, or you know, having seen the "go play on zek" response to the "PvP Bois" you could all have pre-empted that move & gone to Brekt as a show of support for the ruleset there.

    I don't have a eye on the real accounts posting on the forums but I would be willing to bet the DPG team do know & have a very good grasp on the numbers.

    Same lesson the PvP bois learned is that passion from a vocal minority (& I would acknowledge there are definitely more asking for a Free Trade TLP than there were asking for a PvP TLP) does not equal enough players interested.

    I am not against a Free-Trade with AoC TLP , so long as it has the numbers to support it then great.

    Better luck next year.
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  3. PVPme Augur

    Holly left, now we just gotta hope Absor isn't far behind. That dude couldn't be more out of touch with the EQ community. TLP players worried about where they can transfer off to LOLOLOL.

    They need to promote good ole niente. That dude you can tell at least plays the game some what and has a decent understanding of what the community is wanting.
  4. Protagonist Augur

    You've made the fundamental mistake of mistaking the Everquest forum warriors as being representative of the people who play Everquest, the video game
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  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    We were delivered Coirnav. A phinny rehash with slower exp.

    Selo was pitched as the casual server.

    We then got miragul, a heroic toon tlp that didn't even remove truebox, which many people thought made sense because they actually know what eq is like I'm deeper expacs.

    Let's not pretend like knowing "the numbers" means everything.
  6. TonyT New Member

    Why would anyone want to play on an essentially dead server live server that has free trade? If all they want was free trade, then yes both Brekt and FV are options. However, I believe people want to play a free trade progression server.
  7. jeskola Augur

    The numbers excuse is a cop out. Free trade is not pvp. Stop parroting every single thing the devs say, it just makes you sound like a dev
    butt-kisser, not someone with an opinion (or any facts) of their own.

    The numbers excuse is probably third on their list of reasons anyway, behind "not enough CS to support" and the number one reason, "Free trade rulesets bypass the primary game loop, which isn't ideal from a game design PoV." There will be no next year for Free Trade TLP.
  8. Skuz Augur

    I don't have the facts on the numbers & I don't pretend to, I am willing to bet you don't either, so how is that a cop-out at all?

    Slinging insults is the last resort of someone without a good argument, but at least attempt to get your blatant hypocrisy under control, saying I am parroting the devs & then doing exactly that yourself immediately after is quite the shoot yourself in your own foot moment.

    All you are doing is rearranging the priorities to suit yourself, you have no real clue at all, you have no information, data or some divine insight to say what comes first second or third on any list they may or may not have, so maybe you need to climb down off that very high horse.
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  9. Typucm Elder

    Why some ppl always bring Brekt server to any post about new TLP with free-trade?
    Maybe them not know it is NOT TLP, NOT have AoC, and NOT a CLASSIC server? Maybe this ppl miss it? Or why them do so, i not sure.

    Lets says for all players who want:
    New classic server - go to any of last Phinny clone 1/2/3/4/5/6/7...
    PVP - go to ZEK.
    NO BOX server - hmm Phiny?
    BOX server - hmm Ragefire?
    Others - go to any Live servers.

    If players want new server them have a reason, them not want play on any current servers, them need NEW server, maybe someone not understand it, but its true.

    Why Devs opened last years few TLP if them can just sent all players to Phinny? You never think about it?

    Also all TLP is free-to-play now (I am not sure that this is a well-thought-out decision from the point of view of the DPG development and profit) and load to their servers will be much more bigger, maybe this last their super idea force them to open new server/servers anyway soon. Hope so.
  10. C3lowz Augur

    I love how game Devs just jump to conclusion on stuff.

    WoW Classic for instance. The Devs were positive that everyone would hate a Classic WoW. Refusing to make it, and assuring it would never happen. Finally did it and, well looks like they were wrong.

    I can totally see this being the same. Obviously won't be anywhere close as popular as WoW Classic, but I am certain A LOT of players will be playing on the FV based server.
  11. Skuz Augur


    PvP players were told to play on ZEK because it is the only remaining PvP server & were there enough players to show up on Zek then the devs would be able to see how many players wanted it.

    Same argument could have applied to Brekt, and the reason I didn't suggest FV is simple logistics as it already has a high number of players, Brekt doesn't so you all showing up there would be very visible yes?

    It's not rocket science, either you have the numbers to justify a new TLP & you can co-odinate to show that or you don't.

    The "build it & they will come" argument simply doesn't fly, you could have seen that from the very recent PvP "efforts", since that strategy worked so well for them....you must realise you have to do a lot better than simply repeating the same mistakes they made.

    How else do you propose to show the devs how many of you want TLP? I mean there are so many of you you would surely have a big impact on any server you arrive on right?

    You must be confident that you have better than Miragul numbers at least?

    In any case it is all academic, devs said no. So you got 12 months to plan & coordinate your efforts of how you send the right message to the dev team without it being all hot air & indignation.
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  12. Bullsnooze Augur

    That's the truth and from what I can tell there are roughly 5-10 unique people on this forum that are asking for it. The posting history of each user (you included) that creates all these threads on a daily basis speaks volumes. Not only that, but the several personalities or writing styles used are a dead giveaway. Moreover, your lack of response after creating the threads to provide any supporting arguments is also a tell-tale sign that it is probably the same cult of people. It's the same spiel spun just a little differently every time. (Did I mention, it's getting old)?

    Why is your little sect now calling Darkpaw staff out of touch? It's really the other way around. Do you think for a second that your IP isn't logged when you create all these forum accounts? Even if you're clever enough to use a VPN to browse the forums, they can still tell where it's coming from and who the account potentially belong to.

    You're just a small group of kids trying to make a lot of noise.

    They said no, now move on.
  13. Sikkun Augur

    Hey for a consultation prize they seem to admire your guys effort in the ability to make multiple threads daily asking for the same thing. Soldier on!
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  14. Beep Elder

    You do realize that the head of EQ has the last name "Chan" right? I don't think bigotry is typically allowed on the official forums.
  15. jiri_ Augur

    You know this is a reference to a very, very famous novel, right?
  16. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Did a dev actually say that though? Absor's reply from the AMA says "Well, to be fair only a few people are asking for it, they are just doing so with an admirable frequency." Was there some other quote where a dev claimed "no one" was asking for FV TLP?

    More importantly, while we could debate whether the actual amount of FV TLP proponents is "none" or "a few" or "a lot", there was a much more important answer given to this question in the AMA by niente:

    "An FV ruleset TLP would be great, and players definitely have a lot of interest in one. Currently this type of ruleset invites a lot of fraud and CS intervention, which we can't support at this time."

    So here we have a dev acknowledging there is significant interest in FV TLP (sorry about your 1984 conspiracy theories!) but also stating a very concrete reason why they aren't going to do one any time soon. It's not because they are sweeping the interest under the rug like some corrupt government hushing a whistleblower. It's simply because they don't have the CS resources to dedicate to it.
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  17. Rarecandy Journeyman

    You're right, it's common sense for people that have actually tried
    different things in this game, it's apparently not common sense for devs that don't play the game or players who have not server hopped very much and have limited perspective.

    FV is by far the most casual sever, but the current decision makers as we all know originally called Selo, of all servers, a casual server. And people want to defend this stance by saying "numbers", okay...

    No I don't have an argument against idiocy, all you can do is facepalm, insult them as they deserve, and move on.
  18. Rarecandy Journeyman

    Yes because people paying krono for loot rights daily on Mangler is somehow less risky than using a trade window.
  19. enclee Augur

    I can’t follow their reasoning on a limited demand for FV style TLP, when they’ve rolled out Agnarr and Miragul.
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  20. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Sure, there's some inherent risk of scamming when people are paying krono for loot rights, I agree with that. But I believe what niente is alluding to here with a free trade server is that it opens up a much more robust market for selling high end raid loots during the most popular eras of a fresh TLP. There's a lot of money out there to be made on a fresh TLP. A free trade type of market would be an even greater incentive for cheaters to keep finding ways to circumvent Truebox, use scripted characters, etc. The handful of groups doing that stuff on Mangler could easily turn into dozens of groups, hundreds of groups on a free trade server. They're already pretty terrible at policing such behavior on Mangler, and yes as you've mentioned there's already cheaters selling loot rights every day. Opening up a free trade TLP would just be an ideal playground for the cheating/botting crowd paying their rent with EQ pixels.
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