I'd anguish in OOW far too easy?

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  1. Kiaro Augur

    This content has seen 15 years of scaling, bug fixes (50% of the challenge back in the day was figuring out how to beat bosses that were bugged to high hell), and Player character power increases (skill wise we're 10-15 levels higher than in 2004, which makes a HUGE difference)

    OoW was also when you saw the difficulty scale get somewhat pulled back, Gates of Discord caused quite a problem, it was poorly released for various reasons, and afaik Tunat was the only end boss to survive to a level cap increase, mostly because he was bugged. If you compare their damage output, excluding OOM, bosses in anguish do less damage overall than bosses in Tacvi.

    As for Fippy/Vulak having issues with GoD, that was largely because of the short amount of gearing available to guilds in general, top guilds dominated, and without that large infusion of time gear and being able to compete in Txevu (which was open world, I'll remind folks) a single guild could (and did iirc) block access to tacvi by just keeping the gladiator pit bugged and unavailable.
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  2. Machen Augur

    Not exactly. Attempts were made, but a second guild made it into Tacvi less than two weeks after the first, and a third guild a month later. Records were spotty toward the end of GoD, that was when the original kill board stopped being updated and before I started a new one, so not sure beyond that. I vaguely recall at least one or two others being in Tacvi. Txevu was where the real blocking took place, because everyone was always trying to farm it for BiC pieces.
  3. Machen Augur

    We did that, on Phinny. Tacvi with ~20 toons total was a challenge. It would have been completely unthinkable to try that five years ago. No one would have come close.

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