How tips the best for ports might suprise you!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Eyepk, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Eyepk Lorekeeper

    Title supposed to be WHO whoops!

    Luckily my name here is different than my in-game name so hopefully this won't "ruin" my porting tipsl. But every morning before work and every night before I log off I try to spend about 30 minutes in Greater Faydark zephyr people because it makes me feel good to help out the community. In my OOC I do not ask for tips just simply state I'm here porting people, when they get to me I just sow zephyr and sit back down.

    This is kind of how it plays out the lower levels 1 to 30 usually tip very little to nothing and send me a tell how they don't have any money oh well lol the people 31 to 49 usually over tip in my opinion compared to what I assume is their total net worth based on gear, and the level 50 people I find it hilarious it almost comes down to the better the gear and more prestigious guild tag they get the tips are almost non existent but the level 50s still in basic gear raw hide and bronze pieces are always shelling out about 50 plat.

    Not a rant just a simple observation over the past week and half must be the elites feel that they deserve to be ported and that the person doing the porting is lucky enough to have clicked on them lol. Oh well my lunch break is over wondering if any other porters see this same correlation or if it's just me.
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  2. MaxTheLion Augur

    Not about "feeling like they deserve it", but more like you're doing it because you want so why would they? Even if you say it's not a rant, the fact that you posted this makes it seem like you're offended that not everybody wants to give you money for doing something you "feel good" doing. Every time I port/C somebody and they offer me money, I decline the trade because I don't care about the money. I'm doing it because it's not difficult and it helps them.
  3. Eyepk Lorekeeper

    Not at all I was at work needed my EQ fix and that's what was on my mind!
  4. Urshulgi Augur

    I port specifically for donations, few freebies, and my experience with level 50 people is that they either tip like utter cheapskates, or they give 30pp. It's kind of hit or miss.

    One thing that kind of annoys me is if i travel to meet them to port, like picking them up from Oggok, for example, and they show up as a level 20 twink dual-wielding yaks, and then they tip 5pp for a port. Guess they spent all their money on gear.
  5. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    The way I did it was pretty simple, Levels 1-20 was free (if I'm in the zone), Levels 20+ was 25p flatrate if you come to me, and if I am picking you up somewhere there's a convenience fee (depended on just how far into BFE you were).

    It works as long as there aren't a horde of level 30 druids desperately trying to port people for peanuts because they spent all their money on spells.
  6. Eyepk Lorekeeper

    Isn't that the worst when they want lavastorm ZOMG!
  7. Kahna Augur

    I'm not a porter, so it doesn't really effect me and I shouldn't be annoyed but all the people /oocing for a port to Lavastorm from the commonlands need to be less lazy. Seriously people, it's 2 freaking zones!
  8. C3lowz Augur

    Does not asks for tips. But goes on to the forum and addresses his biased opinion on how people tip.

    Well for one, you don't ask for tips. And now here you are making a fairly offensive post towards people and how they tip.

    Well from now on when someone is offering ports and does not ask for a tip directly, i'll throw them a few copper in your honor.
  9. Finley Augur

    On Agnarr I will sit in Gfay and offer explicitly free ports for hours on end (I do this while I play Hearthstone). In my experience despite offering them for free, almost every single person tips. Also in my experience there is nothing about a person's level, gear, or guildtag that can help you predict how much they will give. I've had level 1s in no armor give me 20pp (presumably they sold a Krono, got money from a friend, or are an alt) and I've had level 50s in full planar tip me 1pp (which is in my opinion worse than nothing).

    What really grinds me gears is when people say "Porting for donations"; even someone in this thread said it. That's just a fee. If you are exchanging a good or service for currency there is no donating involved.
  10. Phantom Ghost Augur

    I think this is more or less a general statement...

    Go back to phinny, the most needy people always make a donation an insult. You know, the ones playing 4 characters all with pets, fully twinked, asking for temp on all 4 characters and pets. Then they hand you 8 gold.
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  11. Atabishi Augur

    Not sure if you've ever worked any type of job that is based off tips but you'll see pretty much the same thing wherever you go. The poor people will stiff you most of the time and on the rare occasion surprise you with an insane tip. Middle class people tip the best on average. Rich people tip low on average. It's like the saying goes, "rich people don't stay rich by being stupid with their money."
  12. Risiko Augur

    Back when I ran a druid on both Ragefire and Phinigel, I found my experiences to be very similar to the original poster's above. The ultra elite tended to tip the least. It averaged out over time though because there was always someone that would come along and tip a lot, and that made up for those who didn't tip at all or very little.

    No matter what I got tipped though, I always treated everybody with kindness. I always made sure to invis evil people before porting them to druid rings, and I usually threw in a sow if people waited long enough after the ports.

    There were a number of times that people would comment on how nice it was to have a porter that actually buffed and casted invis on them. I found that odd because to me it just seemed like the right thing to do. I guess some porters just hit the button, and are like "good luck!"

    Overall, I made a great deal of plat porting people around from Classic through Velious. That being said, I spent a lot of time sitting around doing just ports. I think that's why I decided not to play a druid this time around on Agnarr.
  13. jdillma2 New Member

    I tip 5pp and I honestly thought that was a fair tip. Been doing that since lvl 10. Guess I need to up my amount.
  14. Xanathol Augur

    Are folks really complaining if they get <30 plat for casting two spells (pick-up & delivery)?
  15. Boosi Lorekeeper

    I'm guilty of asking for commons to lava port lol.

    I tipped 15 p most recently for the port (1 way, no pick-up) and thought it was fair. Was it? I figured 15p for 30 seconds and 400 Mana was a good deal, considering i could kill a hand in lower guk and sell an adamantite band for 20p which takes 30 minutes to respawn and more mana.
  16. Montag Augur

    Nah it's more like those who are focused enough to be super elite already are like min-maxxers who aren't going to give up .00001% of any advantage they if they don't have to. "If i tip this guy 50p I will only have 25,550 plat instead of 26,000". Same as old money people in real life, they are more likely to be cheapskates, but the "nouveau riche" are flashy and like being seen dropping those benjamins.

    Generalities of course, though. Plenty of exceptions.
  17. crag79 Augur

    As a porter the only time I actually expect pp is when I take someone to Sky or Hate and I am providing the stone. If they hand me a stone then that is their fee and away we go. And most times when heading to those two places people will hand me 100pp. Even now in PoP, I still get 30-50 per port from PoK or PoTranq. Some less, some more. It really doesn't matter- mana is free.
  18. Risiko Augur

    Tipping is relative to the person tipping. There is no strict standard to follow.

    In my experience, I had the following groups of tips:
    • Nothing or a /hug /bow etc
    • Under 10p - low level characters
    • 50p - was my average usually
    • Over 100p - Happened more often then you would think
    On some rare occassions, I got upwars of 1k or more. These were special requests. For instance, I got a request from a boxer to move his characters from Antonica to Kunark. He paid me 1200p, and I made a few trips to get all of his characters over there. This was after the Kunark expansion opened on Phinigel.
    The point is, tip what you feel comfortable tipping and can afford. It's all indiviual.
  19. Rauven Augur

    Its easy.

    Port Cost = Level of person * number of zones you have to traverse to pick them up + hazard pay

    So if a level 3 in Nektulos wants a port an you're in Commonlands. Its 6pp.
    While a 50 in the Hole (and you're in Commonlands) is 250-350 (100 to 200 for hazard) or more depending on camp.
  20. Accipiter Old Timer

    I don't see it as a dichotomy. Besides, he said it's simply an observation.

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