How hard will it to find a group on Rizlona with the potential that most people will be boxing?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by TonyT, May 20, 2020.

  1. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Rizlona's only hope for this to not be the case is if the server is basically dead. Otherwise you will get exactly what went on with RF/LJ. Except now the people doing it have 2020 PCs instead of 2015 PCs.
  2. Pawtato Augur

    Except, there's going to be a ton more picks available.
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  3. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    And every single money camp will still be taken in even single pick.
  4. Pawtato Augur

    Ok but more people will have a chance at the camp, because they’ll be spawning picks. This will lower the down the value of the money camps.
  5. Lacka New Member

    This just shows how many people don’t understand. The kronolords will be on aradune. We get it, you don’t like boxers. Go put on your police hat and make a monk on aradune.

    And yes, I box. And no I won’t be grouping with you. That’s how I play Everquest
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  6. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    No, you don't understand the "Kronolords" will be on any server with a decent sized population. The Kronolords on Rizlona will be able to bring massive armies to take your stuff, that's how the rules of Rizlona are.

    But don't listen to me, listen to all the people that said Selo was gonna be the RMT server not Mangler.

    How did that one turn out? Was i right last go around?
  7. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Not really. It's all relative to population size and serverwide demand for the items. Rizlona's only real hope is that it's dead and only has 2 guilds or so on it.
  8. tryieq Journeyman

    I agree the "Kronolords" will be were the money is, which is likely to be Arudune this time round.

    I was also right about the selo/mangler but sit on the other side this time.

    Will there be a Krono market on Rizlona, of course there one on every server. People who only 1,2 or 3 box and cant get what they want or people with more money than time.

    but for some if they want an item they will go get it and if its camped they will force a pick and if they cant do it alone they will ask a few friends/guildies and it will be easy.

    If you can get a 6 man group to go to guk, on Riz that could easily be 36 and you have a pick.

    More desired loot in circulation = less demand = less price = less krono earning potential = back to Arudune!

    People keep referencing RF/LJ but what they are not taking into account is AOC and picks! that is whats going to make the difference here.
  9. Lacka New Member

    They were both Truebox for 1, which you conveniently forgot about. And the only real hope for aradune will be if the GMs police the boxers there. On rizlona normal boxers will be able to fend for themselves if needed. If there isn’t any GM intervention - they will go to aradune because the masses won’t have access to the programs that they use.

    If you are selling something - you always go where there is the least amount of competition and the higher amount of demand. And that will be aradune
  10. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Try again bud. Either Rizlona will be dead or the money will be on both servers. The Kronolords can use Voldemort to Bot multiple camps while 2 boxing on Aradune. They aren't gonna pick one they're gonna pick both.
  11. tryieq Journeyman

    I already agreed there would be a market on both servers and they will very well bot multiple camps on rizlona but if people have easy access to that loot anyway they will soon get bored.

    Also if you believe they are going to 2 box only on Arudune even with the so called "GM enforcement" I have a friend who happens to be a Nigerian Prince who wants to talk to you.
  12. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    So you're arguing the guy paying for 6 accounts is totally gonna buy less or the same amount of gear as the guy paying for 1. Also the guy paying for 6 is totally gonna wanna legitimately spend his time camping GEB for 5 or 6 toons. Then do the same for every piece of gear that he needs? But the guy that playing one is totally gonna just buy all his?
  13. Pawtato Augur

    Yes, the single player or dual boxer is going to be more likely to drop some cash.
  14. Xanadas Augur

    For the first few weeks and months it should not be that hard to find groups, I would think.
  15. tryieq Journeyman


    Its called diminishing returns.

    A single account player must make his char the best it can be! so he is willing to spend multiple pp/krono! to achieve this he needs gear so he is willing to spend.

    A boxer looks at what he needs and picks a choice
    -buy them (im sure it happens)
    -camp them
    -funk it, boom use that 5 krono to make a Enc box and 9 int is not important

    or you have no sow and cant run fast! you can

    -buy ancient cyclops rings for Krono
    -funk it make a bard and your whole group runs plenty fast

    gear (at least for a long time) is crap and will not replace a single (bad)box even if you leave them naked.

    Keep you gebs I will use the Krono that ppl would spend on them to run a naked rogue and Im going to guess they will be more useful and do more dmg than 9 wis/int.

    This is why Rizlona will not be the market for Krono as no item in the game is worth a Krono! you may as well just box a char in and be better off.

    Ah I think I have had an epiphany as to why truebox code exists.
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  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    People spend krono on banded in early tlp.

    Early lesson in retail is to stop pricing things as if you're the only buyer.
  17. Lumiens Augur

    I think you are forgetting about all the epic and key mob related items that people are going to be able to lock down and sell loot rights for regardless if you can box your own bard and run fast or not.
  18. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    You know man, that's a nice theory but every single player i've played with on every single server always spends their Krono on boxes/Alts. Every single main in any raid guild is gonna be passing up on raid loot to the point that pretty much any good Raid guild has a "Second main" status because so much good loot is straight up rotting. You know who isn't swimming in loot? those FoTM boxes that change every expansion and need to be equipped with bazaar gear and need to actually buy spells on the open market, Mains/seconds are just being given their spells from the guild bank/raids.
  19. Dominate Elder

    Yeah, the people arguing with you are making me rofl. The vast majority of the time people seek gear for their boxes. The people that don't are the farmers RMTing krono. You can tell by the high elf toons with random cloth pieces, or nothing at all.

    Almost everyone who plays this game loves their chars, and boxing makes them be able to have more than one to love. Playing the box and using it to accomplish stuff (i.e. kill mobs, do quests, get loot) is easier and more fun when your char has better gear. I box and have boxed. I gear my chars. It is fun. People will do it.

    This nonsense about supply and demand being lower on Rizlona because of boxing is a pipe dream. Almost universally a 1 to 1 char ratio creates item demand. Again, if it doesn't it is because the RMTer sells everything they come across into krono for $$$ because it is their real life job.
  20. mark Augur

    so a long time ago pop opened on a server where i was 12 boxing i logged my toons on spoke in guild and said need 5 people to lvl with cothed them to my camp and other guildies for different areas,i think i went 18 hours straith we got a few lvl for a lot of guildies alwqys with 11 of my charecters out of group,i did that in omens also and down the track once everyone was flagged and lvl then i would play my boxes because there would be less people online late at night and early in the morning,myself and an 18 boxer in the guild helped a lot of people do their epics also many a time i would be somwere and someone would send me a tell if i could help to kill such and such a mob and i helped,have fun in the game its like real life you cant get everything you want but you can still have fun.
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