High riposte/strikethrough dmg

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by shorril, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. shorril New Member

    I am making my way back through older progression COTF/TDS on my monk and now i seem to be taking a crazy high amount of damage from mobs in these zones. I am level 110 with some ROS raid gear and working through progression last week was much easier. I tried logging in with my ranger, again 110 all ROS/some TBL raid gear and ended up taking 90k damage in 6 seconds from a light blue mob all from riposte damage. Seems like something is not quite right with this? Anyone else notice this?
  2. Dewey Augur

    My warrior is taking lots more damage from light blue mobs. It's like everything now has strike through. This new thing will really mess up the progression servers. Collecting shinies is past content just got harder for all.

    I believe this was to nerf the monks who got over 100 on avoidance with heroic dex. However; it seems to effect all classes, and it totally is a horrible change. Everything gets strikethrough, YAY that totally makes sense. When it was current, it didn't strike through at all, but now that we are all level 110, let's make them have an easier time hitting you. I totally get it.

    Anyways, back to killing light blue's for shinies. Now thou the kill rate just got slower. YAY for time sinks.
  3. Dewey Augur

    I downloaded gamparse and will start comparing the damage now compared to before the patch on a warrior. It might all be in my head. However; from my initial thought I am curious on why they would nerf the group warrior in this way. Not all of us raid. mobs that used to strike through now have strikethrough. Totally doesn't seem like a good direction to go.
  4. Dewey Augur

    So it looks like there are 2 different types of strikethrough. Normal and heroic. The strikethrough added to "every mob" is heroic. Therefore, all group tanks need to once again change their augs. No more heroic dex as it is now a useless stat for a tank. If say go heroic agility, but the gains are very little.

    It will come out in about 3 to 4 months what group tanks should focus on. Honestly sounds like we'll go back to canned food and shot guns.

    Seriously, I understand that raider monks were "immune"; however I honestly don't think you fixed the problem, and I am sad to be forced to change and camp new augs once again.

    The Devs giving all mobs strikethrough is the same as them just removing the effect from heroic dex.

    So can we at least hope to see a heroic stat change/fix to fix this new nerf.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    Thanks for doing some analysis of this. Do you have any data you could share to give me some comfort before I go dump my currency in hAgi?
  6. shorril New Member

    I can't say i'm not disappointed in the change. I save old content for when i can't find groups and go back and work through progression. Now it seems that at 110 I have to tank content from expansions that are 5/6 expansions old one mob at a time and now its going to be just as much of a time sink as everything else.
  7. Quill Augur

    Sounds like a legit change, if true, though.

    Tanks should have been going hAGI or hSTA for raids all along. Now they face a choice on a general basis. Do more damage but take more(hDEX), or do less damage and take less(hAGI), or gear for AE (hSTA).

    And if you're melee dps, you should be worried about the mob flipping. If you aren't, that aint Everquest. And if its not flipping, the change shouldn't effect your damage.

    If true, Please send all hate mail for this change to Drogba iirc(he's the one that lobbied for this change... the game was just Too Easy. <3 you bro)! Not sure we'll be seeing any more mass slaughter of current content by that guy if the change is true. But then, its Drogba… i'm sure he'll find way to put the ball in the back of the net.
  8. svann Augur

    Huh, I went through TT one more time just to check if I got any xp and did not notice any difference at all in how hard they were hitting. Seemed exactly the same.
  9. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    I have a couple of samples of TT farming (light and dark blues) with my SK (hSTA focused, so nowhere near the hDEX cap). Same gear, similar buffs.

    This is from a couple days before patch:
    Damage: 145915789
    Avg hit: 3956
    Attempts: 93773
    Riposted: 20430/93773 [21.79%]
    Parried: 10952/73343 [14.93%]
    Dodged: 6520/62391 [10.45%]
    Blocked: 62/55871 [0.11%]
    Defended: 37964/93773 [40.49%]
    Missed: 18921/55809 [33.9%]
    Hits: 36888/55809 [66.1%]
    Mob Strikethroughs: 21226 [22.6%]

    And this is after the patch:
    Damage: 9057890
    Avg hit: 4257
    Attempts: 5517
    Riposted: 1210/5517 [21.93%]
    Parried: 635/4307 [14.74%]
    Dodged: 356/3672 [9.69%]
    Defended: 2201/5517 [39.89%]
    Missed: 1188/3316 [35.83%]
    Hits: 2128/3316 [64.17%]
    Mob Strikethroughs: 1324 [24.0%]

    Percents seem pretty much identical, so I'm not seeing any difference in the relative number of strikethroughs. I had to search for the Strikethroughs as they weren't calculated automatically, so the percents may not be correct. However, the total number should be and the percents are close enough that I trust them to be fairly accurate.

    Also, a global change to strikethrough would have basically the same effect on hAGI as hDEX. And, my understanding of the change is that they simply capped avoidance at 95%. I think you're probably just seeing a bit of confirmation bias.
  10. Quill Augur

    Well... you're pretty much fully raid geared, though. So what you lose in hDex you may make up for in hAGI? You're at like 1500/2000.

    In this case you'd be talking about taking more hits that you wouldn't have before, so hitting 'more often' not 'hitting harder'.

    But in all likelihood, from the way its sounding this falls into the 'one guy's subjective view' and isn't showing itself via parse.
  11. Tappin Elder

    I just do not understand the dev's "vision" of this game. Can we not leave old content alone? This isn't any different than when they buffed HA's with RoS style mobs. No one cares if changes are being made to current content, but when nerf the old content you take away from someone who's not maxed with current AAs, Gears, Levels, and so on.
  12. Bidaum_TR Journeyman

    Would this change also be seen in ripostes vs a charmed PC? Because a patch or two before the recent one, I started noticing that not only were mobs damaging me more, even with Wurmy and the Skull; I just brushed it off as DDs I had no real defense against other than warrior dicho but even that I can't run all the time... Like the Dots in RoS you couldn't do anything about.
    Anyway, I often play with a ranger friend, who is totally group geared. One day we were picking on Ondines for collects and the ritual faction repair and we are fighting a triloun and I get charmed. Then, "Bidaum has been slain by Bidaum!" The ranger she is laughing at me, "Haaha now you know how it feels!" Because she dies charm attacking me all the time; I actually got in the habit of looking for charmed PCs and turning my front away from them to keep from killing them. A few pulls later, POW! - the same thing. I'm like WTF? The Only time Ive ever been killed while charmed was from a PC who did it on purpose, or a zerker was going thru their AE burn thing and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time...
    I don't parse, never have - never will. I'm of the mindset: We (or most of us) lived and it died; then that's a Win. My job: Keep the mob mad at me while the real DPS kills it and Survive. Now the Survive part just got harder with no warning or reason. I have nothing against those who parse; it's a valuable tool, but it's not my cup of tea. But I would like to ask you parse masters if you can to investigate encounters two and three patches ago to try to narrow down when this hDex/strikethrough thing happened...

  13. Dewey Augur

    The darkened sea mobs had strike through prior to the patch. Therefore you should see no change in them. I was referring to the eok mobs like in lcea, gates, etc...

    The change is noticeable without parsing. I am curious on how it looks in tbl since I'm still shiny hunting.
  14. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Hmm, I know mobs have had strikethrough for a few expansions. I can't imagine them having strikethrough on TBL mobs then not on EoK mobs.
  15. svann Augur

    You meant TDS right?
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  16. Riou Augur

    Every mob like uf+ has heroic strikethrough, and pretty much every modern mob for many expansions now has some kind of regular strikethrough
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  17. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Yeah, sorry. Too many acronyms in the brain
  18. Dewey Augur

    Maybe I'm only noticing it now. However; it sure feels like I am tanking less mobs then before. I do not remember seeing this strikethrough message so often except in Arxs Menwhatever that zone was called.
  19. Natal Augur

    Probably it is because people are seeing the strikethrough message after the reporting changes whereas before they didn't. When you see something you did not notice before, suddenly it changes your perspective and you start imagining that you are taking new damage.
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  20. Brohg Augur

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