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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Risiko Augur

    Seeing as TLP servers have proven just how popular the old Everquest circa 1999 to 2002 game engine is, here's a crazy idea...

    Get your billion dollar parent company to put a measly 5 million in to making a NEW MMORPG using the Phinigel/Agnarr TLP server/client game engine.

    1. The server tech already exist
    2. The client already exist
    3. The game rules already exist
    All you need to spend money on is creating...
    1. New zones
    2. New monsters
    3. New lore
    4. New gear
    Keep the same character classes, levels, AAs, spells, etc.
    Hell put it up as a Kickstarter with a 2 million dollar goal, and add stretch goals of the following...
    1. New character models
    2. New gear models
    3. New playable race
    4. New playable race/class combination
    You have the formula for success already made. It's lasted 18 freaking years. You know how many MMORPGs have come and gone in that time?! The fact that people still play Everquest to this day on the TLP servers means something, and it isn't that people are insane lol.

    Stop chasing the EQ2/WoW game model for new MMORPGs. They don't work. WoW was an anomaly based on many factors and timing. All of the failed WoW-clones over the past decade and half are proof of that.

    There has never been a true EQ-clone. Make one. YOU OWN THE IP FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!!

    Just saying...
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  2. Lumiens Augur

    I can only imagine how much all the Live server babies would cry if something like this were to happen even though I'm pretty sure about 90% of them don't pay a sub anyways and the TLPs generate more revenue.
  3. Phrovo1 Augur

    >implying they're willing to spend the resources to make enough new content to make you guys happy

    that's funny
  4. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    An expansion that targets the era the TLP crowd seems to enjoy? I could see that being a money maker.

    We do not have access to the numbers Daybreak does but I seriously doubt they are churning out expansions and making significant changes to the "live" stuff because it makes them feel good. F2P is at higher levels.
  5. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    This is just an expansion targeted at the TLP level range? If it makes money, go for it, but they are already expanding the game by making new stuff based on old stuff so it is known people will pay for it. An expansion like this could have appeal outside of the TLP crowd too. I cannot see splitting off into another game just to do a graphics and/or gear update. The graphics stuff is talked about a lot but I doubt anyone has information on how this really factors in to people playing/not playing the game.

    The current model TLP cash cow still has a lot of milk I'm betting.
  6. snailish Augur

    Honestly they could just make an expac: "Return to the Lost dungeons" in which they revamp the existing 8 entrances (over 4 themes) as follows:

    -1 entrance for each theme is the level 20-65 LDoN era flagged dungeon. Doing an exploration quest in these dungeons maxes out your adventure stone augment to the LDoN era max.
    -located in these dungeons are some open-world raid encounters, as well as access points for the instance raids. The best LDoN era loot (drops and what was previously adventure merchant vendor) is dispersed among all of these NPC.

    -Marauder Mire (from the legends server) is given the same revamp treatment but goes level 65-70. Opens up for OoW on progression. Upgrades the adventure stone.

    -2nd entrance of each theme goes level 65-85 as per the revamp model. Opens for SoD on progression with that era-style loot.

    NEW Lost Dungeons:

    -Aviak Island off South Karana Adventure Camp. You get ported to the ocean surrounded zone that is a nesting cliff. You fight your way up the outside of the cliff. At various points up the cliff tunnels take you into the depths (sort of a riff on Runnyeye). This could be a level 30-50 zone in classic progression, itemized as such. Revamps to level 100+ for live.

    -Aqua Goblin Warrens off Dagnor's Cauldron Adventure Camp. Portions like the underwater entrance to Dalnir, but more of a Veksar meets Sol A or B. This could be level 40-60 that goes live with Kunark on progression, itemized as such. Revamps to level 100+ for live.

    -Pirate Gnomes Gone Bad off of Iceclad Adventure Camp. Think Abysmal Sea meets Hate's Fury. A really big ship-dungeon. Progression gets it with Velious...

    -Further Depths of Tak'Hish (however it is spelt) from one of the Ro adventure camps. A full ruined city under the sand would be good. More Indiana Jones feel to it. Give it to progression with Luclin...

    -Hordes of the North Mountains. Above Halas are the wayward hordes of Barbarians. Snake your way through their mountain passes and secret routes to plunder the burial mounds of the ancestral barbarians!
  7. Prathun Developer

    Make sure to add some time / cash to the budget for training! Months and months of training.
    There are only a handful of people in the world that know how to work on modern EverQuest and it takes quite a while to get up to speed. :eek:
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  8. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    PVP: Enabled
  9. MaxTheLion Augur

    Psh. This Prathun "Developer" guy talking as if he knows about the stuff. The experts on the forums know all changes only require the flip of a switch.
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  10. MaestroM Augur

    Kickstarter for some overtime for you guys! Lets go!
  11. Absor Developer

    All you need to spend money on is creating...
    1. New zones
    2. New monsters
    3. New lore
    4. New gear
    You are describing an expansion...
  12. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    As opposed to the TLP crybabies? LOL
  13. Thorondor Augur

    Yes, theyre describing a "Retroactive" expansion that is inserted into the middle of the progression arc, instead of an add-on expansion. The star wars franchise did it with their movies. Stephen king did it with his dark tower series. It has proven success in the entertainment industry.
  14. snailish Augur

    I dunno, the user posts range from inflammatory-ish demanding to pie-in-the-sky dreamerish (including mine that is in the mix... it's probably towards dreamerish)...

    So I was amused by both dev responses and think they were on point. Glad to see them reading the thread.
  15. MaxTheLion Augur

    The entertainment industry appeals to the general public as a form of entertainment. The general public doesn't usually care about certain things as long as it's semi-entertaining. The fans, however, are extremely critical of and picky of almost everything.

    Everquest has a small / medium fan following and lacks appeal to the general public. This number becomes even smaller when you start excluding part of the player base. If anybody takes a minute to read the titles of many threads, they'll notice many EQ players (in particular, the "retro / we want classic EQ crowd") will and moan about anything and everything. There isn't much incentive to create content for that limited crowd.

    Whether people want to accept it or not, not all players on TLPs are hyped to replay Classic - PoP over and over. Phinigel's population is high and past the "prime" EQ expansions that all the naysayers always harp on. Agnarr had an initial population explosion which may or may not taper off as people become complacent or bored. A decent portion of that initial population was also players hitting the high value farm targets to fund their accounts on other servers. Many of us returned to play the expansions we missed due to real life circumstances. The future gameplay is what many still look forward to
  16. Absor Developer

    I didn't get that from his post. I understood that he was asking for a new MMO, just like EQ, apparently using the same engine, races, classes, lore, etc. But with new models, a class and a race. What he doesn't realize is that if you keep the engine then you're not going to get "new" models, if by new he means high rez modern models.

    So what he's really asking for is an entire MMO, but just like EQ. Which I'm pretty sure that, once built, wouldn't be all that popular. I assume you all like EQ and that it's not because you need high rez graphics.

    Someone mentioned it before, let's see if Pantheon happens and if people like it. Oh, and 5 million isn't nearly enough cash to remake EQ. Not close.

  17. Thorondor Augur

    After 20+ add on expansions its not outlandish to ask for 1 retroactively inserted expansion. Especially after the proven success of the past 3 roubds of TLP. Obviously, theres a market for it.
  18. Cleaver Augur

    Add a 0 maybe more.
  19. Thorondor Augur

    If i had to vote for where to insert the expansion i would say you make an expansion that bridges SOL and POP. It's no big secret that SOL was released with a large amount of lore hinting at further delving into the shadow story. There was supposed to be more zones after vex thal, and POP was a huge leap in the logic of the lore SOL left open ended.
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  20. Auedar Elder

    The fact that the time, love, and effort has been put into making this game continue to live, breathe, and expand, as well as updating a games infrastructure that's 18 years old, on top of maintaining a fairly solid TLP experience, is like juggling a ton of balls at once and knowing that if you drop one you are going to have a bad time. All of this is being done with a fairly small team.

    The fact that this team has put the effort into making a TLP experience is awesome, and because it's so awesome we as a player base naturally want to build on that awesomeness, with new ideas being thrown out every few posts.

    It would be awesome if we had the SAME feel of classic everquest. Where you had no idea what the heck was going on, and it was a blast, and you were genuinely afraid, and curious, about exploring the world. Basically, what people want is to explore a new world with the same game. Basically if we had world building tools, a few individuals could do it.

    But basically you are describing pantheon. Or a EQ on steroids.

    If you are looking for major differences, you are going to have to look elsewhere, or crazy, try doing it yourself. This team is doing an awesome job with what they do now, and expecting them to do more is.......being really ungrateful for the sheer amount of work that they already put in honestly.

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