Great job to the Aradune community with SG bots

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    I don't understand why after all these years they can't improve their detection tools. Everyone has to spend all their free time policing a video game because the owners of said game are unwilling to enforce their own rules and it is crazy. Clearly people like me that leave due to the rampant botting are not outweighing the bot accounts, or they would take this issue more seriously. I come back to the forums hoping that maybe someday something will change, but I guess I should know better by now.

    Why allow accounts to be started with just a Krono and not tied to a real credit card? Why aren't the GMs actively visiting known botter locations every day at random times? Why do I need to come up with solutions to their problem that I know they won't read? Loving this game is just so difficult sometimes.
  2. Stix Man Elder

    Looks like sol a is their lvl 20-30ish zone. Might be another zone but these seem to be the majority of them when you look at achievements.

    1-20 Paludal Caverns
    20-30ish Sol a
    30-45ish guk
    45-55ish velks
    55+ chardok/seb/sirens grotto
  3. Doop New Member

    Hey guy,

    You are not helping this conversation with your misinformed comments.

    You are just here slangin' personal attacks and being an edgelord which is the last thing anyone wants or needs in a discussion about trying to get rid of hackers from a game we all love enough to be here after 22 years.

    YOU are just getting in the way, so if you really do "care", please go record and report all the bots present in the zones list by Stix Man above ( someone who is actually helping A LOT here ).
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  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    Doesn't matter how you see them.
  6. Accipiter Old Timer

    Why do you suppose that is?
  7. Triconix Augur

    Coming from the person who got suspended for training. That's rich.

    I'm not "slinging personal attacks." I'm informing people that running around like batman isn't going to help the situation. Do it properly and don't defend people violating the rules for taking action against people violating the rules.

    Please point out where I made a misinformed comment. I'd love to see it.

    Yes, let's all be like Stix Man, who cares for one set of cheaters/hackers, but not the other. That's really a good example to follow. If I come across botters, I report them, regardless of who they are. I'm not going to go out of my way on some weird, deranged witch hunt. I have better things to do than running around for hours chasing botters to different zones. That's borderline harassment. And guess what, that violates the EULA as well.
  8. Stix Man Elder

    I am just a realist. It's been this hard to get people banned who have pok achievements and bot for 14 days straight.

    I would be fine if they enforced the rules evenly. I just do not think it's realistic to expect them to enforce overboxing in a zone where the toons don't have to move 1 inch. GM's already cannot tell that 100 people in SG for 14 days straight is botting when they warp and you can clearly see the mac and cheese quest working. You think they're going to be able to 100% tell that the people in the deep are playing more than 2? You and I both know that this company relies too much on proof.

    I think reporting people for 3boxing at this point is just pointless. I think the bots are the ones that we should focus on and make afraid here. If we can successfully get rid of the mass botting, then the rest can be worked on too. Customer Service is already struggling, I just prefer them to focus on the biggest offenders. Like, if a cop has a choice between going after a drug dealer or the source of the drugs... he's going to pick the source. We would like it if he could just get both... but that isn't how it always goes.

    They BARELY get rid of a small portion of the bots after how long. 1 person running 70 bots all automatic and warping and you think they're going to be able to "100% prove" that the overboxing in the deep is actual overboxing.

    You know it. I know it. But we also knew the sirens grotto bots were 1,2 or 3 people playing 50-70 toons each and using active hacks. Meanwhile, in the deep, you have 6 characters not moving an inch, while 1 person goes and pulls. As obvious as it is to US... we also knew what was going on in sirens grotto months ago.
  9. Stix Man Elder

    Just got word. 2 new bot groups leveling in Paludal Caverns.

    Level 10 and level 16. Far north and far south part of zone.

    All 12 toons just standing still doing nothing for 30 minutes after they notice they're being watched.

    Right after they were caught far-taunting mobs. Meaning their tank warps to the mob, taunts it, and warps back. If you're curious what the bots look like, go take a look.

    It's the weekend now so I bet most of their bots are out and about by now. If there are 2 groups under level 20 botting, There are probably 6-7 groups above lvl 20 out there leveling 30-50+ right this minute.
  10. Stix Man Elder

    Paludal Caverns temporarily clear. No training necessary. They tried picking and warping across the zone to hide. Then picked again and 1 by 1 zoned out + origined.

    I'm sure they'll be back in an hour or 2 when they think it's clear. Will watch the zone. Not hard to see 6-12 anon people zone into somewhere.
  11. Lejaun Augur

    That a thousand times over. Some people spend more time playing the Report / Petition / Forumwarrior game than they do actually playing the game.

    Some of the people out there are letting the botters live rent-free in their heads.
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  12. HekkHekkHekk Elder

    I've yet to see these bots.
  13. Xeris Augur

    Hey I have no problem with white knights trying to take on the mass botters. It makes the forums entertaining to read. Why doesn't someone with lvl 60 chars just catch these dudes leveling up their next crew in PC or whatever and just kill the zone. Can't level up a new crew if they can't get xp. Seems fun.

    And frankly at this point, if you're actively playing on Aradune you're probably 60 with aas and raid gear and bored out of your mind. Messing with botters seems more entertaining than grinding Cells or AOE deep for AAs tbh.

    Keep goinnn
  14. Paladin42069 New Member

    Ah so you are just an egotistical pansy
  15. Lienberg New Member

    How goes the reporting?

    PS: I've seen more people get banned for botting on Changyou's Shadowbane on Steam than from DPG..

    As a member of the community it's starting to... seem odd.... that these guys can run hundreds of accounts and get away with it for years...
  16. yerm Augur

    You act all indignant about me suggesting you go after human nature of paying to win, and want me to reconsider and instead, what, try to change human nature of BASIC economics of supply and demand?

    What if the top raiding guilds refused to allow members in their ranks if those members paid krono piles for bot-earned loot? What if you went to 3rd party sites and sleuthed up who was purchasing the piles of krono being sold cheap there and reported the people buying? What if you went to the AOCs where people inside were selling loot and identified who was turning up to grab that "WTS Bloodfrenzy X krono Noc's book Y krono, SSRA DZ" buyer and see who is going in for it and humiliate them or whatever that isn't literal rulebreaking?

    The krono farmers running bot armies are not really hurt by trains. They're botting. The xp is recovered regardless, or other botted toons take their place while they get caught up. All your trains REALLY hurt is yourself if you get banned. So after you've done what you can WITHIN THE RULES to stop the sellers by petitioning and videoing and whatever... maybe it's time to turn your attention to the source of the actual problem and apply some of that creative energy to getting the people funding the whole operation either shamed off the server or, if they broke rules in obtained those kronos, into serious trouble. You best believe the GMs are happy to ban someone if they can catch them with a big ol pile of krono they obtained from a 3rd party. That's a HUGE score for a CSR there!
  17. Gnothappening Augur

    I think it is a balancing act. I think if they ban too many people, it is bad for the bottom line. If they go after the KR directly, it runs the risk of casting too broad a net and making krono sales go down. Getting the people doing the botting is beneficial. Getting anyone involved in the krono chain is harmful. TBH, the only reason I even complain about the people boxing more than two is the fact that it is Aradune. If they were on any other server I would give them the benefit of the doubt that they are actually playing each on a different computer. With craigslist and facebook marketplace you can get a lot of cheap computers to run EQ so that part isn't hard to believe. That being said, I do despise the afk farmers as well, no matter what server. If all they did was log in for a regular play session, be that 1-16 hours, and then logged off, I wouldn't care what they are doing. But no, they have to get greedy and log in 24/7 automated, only logging off on patch days.

    To sum up my stances I guess:

    1. Don't AFK farm.
    2. Don't exceed the number of accounts you can have on a server. For Aradune it is 2.
  18. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Whew lawd. Happy 420.
  19. Aiona Augur

    You still use fraps in 2021? Dayum! I still have my account/premium there but haven't used it in I don't know how long. I have used GeForce Experience to record stuff for years now because fraps hasn't been updated in nearly a decade. I'm surprised it still works! If it works well, I imagine it might use a LOT less resources than GeForce Experience?
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  20. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Do you go to your job in your free time for an hour or two here or there to make sure the server is running or the shelves are stocked properly or that the oil in the deep fryer is clean or go to the office in the middle of the night to make sure those TPS reports have their cover letters?

    The GMs are likely paid minimum wage or close to it and alot seem to barely understand the game at all and you think they should log in on their time off for free out of the goodness of their hearts?
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