Great job to the Aradune community with SG bots

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  1. Stix Man Elder

    Although I do not think this is close to the end of it and I do not think there has been a ban wave on them specifically. They are just extremely upset at being in the spotlight and are scared and hiding.They're still keeping 20 level 1s in SG, so that means they do have plans to go back. They disbanded 99% of their 3 bot guilds and the leader is upset at the community for not minding their own business. I guess he really dislikes all of the people who are walking up to their bot groups to watch them. It makes him angry and that should bring joy to everyone else.

    They're losing 40+ krono a day when they can't AFK farm 6-7 picks of sirens grotto. It's not hard to imagine them making 6+ krono per 24 hours at 1 of those camps. Times that by 6 or 7, and there you go. These are the people you are competing with to buy krono with your platinum. The guy buying 40-50 krono per day with platinum. Now he is scrambling because he consumes 100+ krono per month. This guy is making enough to sit 20+ level 1s in sirens grotto 24/7. We haven't seen the last of him.

    I think the true test will be this weekend. Can the big boy botter ignore all the haters and perform at the highest level while under this extreme miscroscope? Or, will he chicken out and hide like the Grot Bots?

    Feel free to call out botter zones to get some attention on them if you see them from this day forward. Save your complaints about which guild uses maps more or which guild has the most 3 boxers. That is not what this is about. Everyone knows what we're looking for. They're not on any of our sides. It's us versus them.

    This is difficult if only a few people care. These people have gotten away with this for too long. There is not even a need to train them. Just be suspicious. If you're willing to complain about some guy manually playing 4-5 toons at someones raid, then you should be complaining about these people botting 70+ toons and leaving 12 toons at 6-7 different camps. All it takes is walking up to them. They assume everyone is recording and they turn their programs off. They either leave or they end up manually pulling and wiping themselves. It's quite hilarious watching them try to play manually for a few minutes. If you just keep watching, they end up failing or leaving.

    Besides a bunch of lvl 1s in sirens grotto, it's empty from active bots. Has anyone seen them in any other zones since yesterday? Are they in chardok or velks or griegs end? Anyone hearing whispers of where they are farming. They have too many krono to consume, they won't stop for long.
  2. Lejaun Augur

    They aren't losing anything. They just aren't making what they were.
  3. Rhythar Elder

    You can find a bunch of these cheaters still in Freeport, Neriak, Cabilis, Qeynos, Oggok, and Halas. I see fewer than I used to though.
  4. Gnothappening Augur

    Curious, what they are doing in newbie towns?
  5. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Whenever the controller wants to get outta dodge they instant gate all the characters out of SG back to default bind position which is typically in whatever newbie yard the race is. I imagine there's a handful of level 60 monks standing outside cabilis with near-identical gear if they aren't already back in SG.
  6. Stix Man Elder

    For whatever reason, it's hard or annoying for them to log toons off and back on. So they just leave their 100 toons afk across the game even when not afk botting camps.

    It makes no sense why you would leave your pok achievement toons afk for 24 hours in cabilis while afk kick is still on.

    Nothing they do makes much sense.

    Theres a necro across the water from the bank in cabilis that basically chain casts arch lich and clicks it off every 30 seconds. Been there an entire 24 hours lol. Also clicks fungal staff the second it wears off.

    What kind of idiot leaves their macaroni quest going while afk in cabilis for 24 hours doing nothing but casting arch lich all day. And this is a guy running at least 70 toons. Is it stupidity or just so used to nothing being done for years.

    It must be extremely difficult for them to log off and on or else they wouldn't be this stupid about leaving toons in home cities for 24+ hours at a time.
  7. Fiyero Augur

    They're still around, they just moved to another zone. And they're still selling all the loot they farmed in SG. You can see items like Drums of the Beast/Lute of the Howler on the Bazaar being sold by them.
  8. Doop New Member

    Just saw this ticket. Thanks for posting it Stix Man

    I collected a crapload of evidence on exactly 40 individual "bots" ( couldn't get em all as I couldn't find all of them but I did visit a handful of the starter cities to get other info on them ) but I at least had the names of pretty much all the other bots I missed.

    You are correct they seemed to flee and try to hide by removing their guild tags and pretending like they were all just some normal players ( tooootally not robots at all ). They did try to resume their operations in Siren's Grotto last night and this morning.

    As of this afternoon PST, every single one of their characters is gone. Some originally vanished in the first "wave" but a good chunk there's not a single name I have on my list logged into Aradune. Take it as you may, but some of these characters had been online 24/7 for at least a week during my ....week long observations so its highly likely they had been online even longer than its a safe bet that they got pwned.

    Either way, it goes to show that if we work together as a community, it's pretty trivial to get rid of this crap. And I do mean trivial, I'd tried to make some noise publicly to get people aware but the time it took me in-game to get the evidence needed was a whopping 3 hours over two days. I was being overly thorough too. Ping me in-game if you want any tips to help out :) don't wanna broadcast here as that will just cause a philosophical argument.

    We should be very elated even in the worst case scenario as it means they are afraid of getting banned. If they were not, they wouldn't have run away in the first place.

  9. Ramathorn New Member

    I still don’t understand why the devs responded to all the threads about the AA controversy, but refuse to even acknowledge the botting. What’s the deal there.
  10. Thez69 Lorekeeper

    fwiw its been responded too in the discord

    and the last post claims their chars were just banned

    what stronger acknowledgement do you want than a ban wave
  11. chuddaradune New Member

    I'm kind of upset that all the botters are gone from SG. It was really inconvenient that I wasn't able to pick through it yesterday. Bring the botters back please so I can pick through the zone.
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  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    "You have gotten worse at Trolling (-100)"
  13. chuddaradune New Member

    wasn't meant to be a troll. just annoying not to be able to pick across the zone.
  14. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Box a Druid or Wizard and evac.
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  15. Stix Man Elder

    Feel free to pay me 40 krono a day and I'll evac anyone, anytime they want.
  16. Hdizzle Augur

  17. Lejaun Augur

    Trolling or not, I agree. I go to Western Wastes for tradeskill materials, and to TOV to gear up alts, etc. I enjoyed just being able to pick across at will.
  18. Silver-Crow Augur

    Nice work, i really appreciate the work your doing here.
  19. TLP Addict Augur

    RIP cheap inks and distillates
  20. a_librarian Augur

    Inks haven't been cheap since Velious when real players were hunting in the zone and driving the price down. Since Luclin launch the price has mostly been held at 35p. I remember them being 10p at most on Coirnav. I guess at some point the permanent SG farmers realized they controlled the supply and just bought out any undercutters.

    The SG bots got taken out during velious for about a week, I think as a result of being lazy and failing an AFK check. I would guess we see them return in a week, so you'll be able to pick across soon enough. Would be happy to be wrong