Goodbye Classic Everquest

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Frenzic, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Frenzic Augur

    The Classic era of Ragefire is now behind us and it comes with some sadness. I for one love the classic Everquest era and really had a blast these past few months. I've captured my grinning face just after the Kunark launch. Frozen in time, an ogre of beauty! Classic Frenzic!

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  2. taliefer Augur

    Wait for it
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  3. Frenzic Augur

  4. Endtime Elder

    Wait for it....
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  5. Iila Augur

    This is gonna be good.
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  6. Pellucid New Member

    its coming, i cant wait, literally its killing me...
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  7. Frenzic Augur

    What are you guys going on about?
  8. Lotusfly Elder

    lol noob only has 2 bags.
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  9. Pellucid New Member

    Lotus, you fail, i was hoping for something more!
  10. Endtime Elder

    Any minute now, this post is on my tracker list!
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  11. Pellucid New Member

    this post is soaked in gasoline, surely someone has a match :)
  12. Eliseus Augur

  13. Cantrell New Member

    If Ragefire opened on May 22nd the answer is about 90,000pp per day. What do I win?
  14. Cantrell New Member

    On a serious note, agree on your feelings for classic. Looking forward to Kunark as well though.
  15. Lotusfly Elder

    Like what? That Efreeti pays more?

  16. captnstudy Lorekeeper

    6million plat...seems totally legit
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  17. Pellucid New Member

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  18. Darth Augur

    You can watch him stream his gameplay to see it's totally legit. I'm sure Frenzic will post his stream so people can see he's totally legit as well.
  19. Pellucid New Member

    and it beginsssss....
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  20. Lotusfly Elder

    not yet!!!!!