Extremely disappointed in the new TLP servers announcement...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ltldogg, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Ltldogg Augur


    I'm extremely disappointed in the announcement today on the 2 new 20th Anniversary servers. Your team seemed to have put minimum effort and thought into these 2 new upcoming servers for such an important anniversary. You could have done so much better to pay homage to what was an amazing game, but you didn't. I'm not surprised. I was hopeful you would go back to the roots of what made the Classic game great, but you are not. I'll continue to play on the P99 server, which is doing it right.

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  2. practicalnurse Lorekeeper

    DGB is reviewing our concerns and will hopefully act accordingly.
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  3. dmccollum Elder

    Me too. A Velious or Luclin locked with close to original release time between expansions would have been much better for the hardcore server.
  4. Gronns Lorekeeper

    It is almost like they do not read any feedback submitted.
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  5. Tesen New Member

    There were only a few tweaks and coding they could change in a realistic time-frame. It is pretty sad when the majority of the coding will be devoted to BLOCKING FOCUS EFFECTS ON MANGLER UNTIL LUCLIN. That was a complete left field. Zero reason to roll a dps caster now. Overall a well played caster was only marginally better than the melee dps leading up to luclin and then the casters fall off.
  6. Evade Augur

    Really? Got a link?
  7. practicalnurse Lorekeeper

  8. Barton The Mischievous

    Just hit the staff post tracker Roxxlyy made two comments on 2 threads
  9. Evade Augur

    nice thanks!
  10. Umul Augur

    My initial reaction was to play on Selo. Now that I've digested everything, I think Mangler is best for me and I kinda like No Focus Effects. Casters will have a harder time soloing but so what? Its not enough though.

    If they are sincerely reviewing our concerns I hope they either go full casual with Mangler and extend the unlocks and pad the exp for the countless reasons that have been echo'd all evening. Or go further with the difficulty. Slow XP is lazy and adds nothing. Maybe no truebox??
  11. Haeldar New Member

    I'm really excited about Selo's and will definitely be playing there. Mangler's ruleset does nothing for me.
  12. Kywen Elder

    I love pre-POP EQ but I can only play three or five random days a month because of work, thus I have never raided in 17 years of playing. I was hoping somehow to be a pick-up raider on one of these servers in classic, but I can see it will not be Selo... I’ll get left behind the first month. Mangler has the more casual friendly unlocks, but the slow xp will probably drive many casuals away. Both rule sets are baffling to me.
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  13. Tesen New Member

    The other rules bother me... but just to take a sneak peak at the unlocks:

    Selos: Two week vacation? Congratulations! You are now half an expansion behind /guildremove Vacationgirl01
    Mangler: Two week move? Congratulations, you are now behind on leveling /guildremove NewHouseguy02
    Selos: Six week paternity/maternity leave? Congratulations! You are nearing two expansions behind /guildremove babylover03; /ignore babylover03
    Mangler: Six week leave for surgery? Way to go! You are now need to grind your face off /guildremove shoulderhurts04; /ignore shoulderhurts04
  14. Sethiroth Augur

    For me they actually have everything spot on, bar the one month unlocks on selos. I’m actually mind blown by this. How are casual players (or even super hardcore players) supposed to get anything done inside one month? Even with faster exp, this server is just going to be a head fu ck.

    I was planning playing on the casual server because I anticipated faster exp, but I’m not sure I can deal with one month unlocks, I also can’t deal with slow exp, so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now. I might just have to stick with ffxiv for a while instead.

    I’m not sure how they have managed to get this so close to being perfect, but then screw it up completely in the same paragraph.
  15. Vladd Wunderslash New Member

    Well Project 99 Green is launching today 25th of Oct... Going to be a real classic like TLP's should have been. Can't wait, hope to see you there.
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If someone really is interested in classic EQ then Green99 really will be the absolute closest thing ever. That staff has put in a ton of effort and they really monitor the community and keep the game as close to classic EQ as you can get.
  17. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Stop necroing threads, lordy.
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  18. That0neguy Augur

    LOL. Vladd pushing that p99 green hard. You on that sick commission plan?
  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Green99 really is the best tlp to date, all things considered.
  20. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Threads being locked due to necro.
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