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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Risiko, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Risiko Augur

    Mangler "hardcore" server rules:
    1. Starts in Classic
    2. Truebox
    3. 12 weeks between unlocks
    4. Slower experience rate than any other TLP server
    5. More experience loss per death
    6. Basically the same Raid ruleset as Coirnav
    • Starts in classic
    • 12 week unlocks
    • Coirnav raid rules
    • Slower experience rate than any other TLP server
    • Higher experience loss per death
    Nobody will play on this server. The experience rate on Coirnav was horrible. The experience rate on Phinigel was horrible. They would have a hard time getting anyone to play on this server if it had Coirnav or Phinigel's starting experience rates, but this server is actually going to have WORSE experience rates then them.

    This is truly the most mind boggling decision ever to be made about a TLP server. You are not going to sell more experience potions because quite literally no one will play on this server due to the insanely low experience rate. It's that simple. This is a dead server before it even starts.


    Selo "casual" server rules:
    1. Starts in Shadows of Luclin
    2. Truebox
    3. 1 month unlocks
    4. Fast experience rate
    5. Higher rare spawn rate
    6. Faster faction gains (and losses?)
    7. Shorter raid instance lock outs
    • Fast expeirence rate
    • Higher rare spawn rate
    • faster faction changes
    • Shorter raid instance lock outs
    • Vah Shir playable race at start
    • Beastlord playable class at start
    • No Classic era
    • No Kunark era
    • No Velious era
    • 1 month unlocks per expansion
    This truly misses the mark of why people come back to play TLP servers. There is no day one classic era as Classic, Kunark, Velious, and Shadows of Luclin will be live on the server on day one. There's something truly special about playing day one of classic EverQuest, and this TLP server will not have it.

    Also, this server will be opening expansions so fast that it will be impossible for any casual player to keep up with the current era. One month unlocks is anti-casual by far. If anything, this is a hardcore server rather than a casual server.

    And, Let's not forget that with the accelerated expansion unlocks, that means that in exactly one year from this server opening, the server will be in the Seeds of Destruction expansion which brings mercenaries to the game.

    This server literally will be through the best expansions of the game's history in half a year.
    1. March 16th = Classic, Kunark, Velious, Shadows of Luclin
    2. April = Planes of Power
    3. May = Legacy of Ykesha
    4. June = Lost Dungeons of Norrath
    5. July = Gates of Discord
    6. August = Omens of War
    7. September = Dragons of Norrath
    8. October = Depths of Darkhollow
    9. November = Prophecy of Ro
    10. December = The Serpents Spine
    11. January 2020 = The Buried Sea
    12. February 2020 = Secrets of Faydwer
    13. March 2020 = Seeds of Destruction
    I predict that most people will be done playing on this server by the end of August.


    I'm sorry DBG, but I just can't imagine any hardcore player being even close to satisfied with the Mangler server's ruleset nor can I imagine any casual being truly satisfied with the Selo server's ruleset. There are major issues with both of the rulesets that make it to where most people are just going to pass. It's a shame, and I hope you consider making changes.
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  2. Yawgmoth. Journeyman

    LOL yea right

  3. Gremin Augur

    Gotta admit Daybreak you screwed the pooch again.
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  4. Barathrum Augur

    ROFL Bro you really over think everything!

    You give both servers FV rules and add 1 month lock out to selo and bam you print $$$$$$$$$$
  5. Ermok Lorekeeper

    Here's another thought about Mangler. PoSky raids will never be a thing.

    Tanks taking 0% resses on DTs... then having to make that exp back? Good luck keeping people in that role.
  6. Owch Journeyman

    Mangler will be DOA.
  7. topplelv New Member

    Agreed with OP.

    Classic start for Selo’s and 2 month unlocks? Best server ever~
    Or even 1 month past server content cleared. Best server ever~

    As it stands right now, once OOW is done players will fall behind on gear and AA required to clear current content as it unlocks. Better not take a two week vacation or your raid tank might be useless until the server reaches live.
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  8. Kruggan_Darkblood Lorekeeper

    Barathrum is right. Adding FV style looting and have 2-2.5month lockouts on Selo's and it's going to solve 95% of the issues.
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  9. Yawgmoth. Journeyman

    2 months way too long

    mangler is 12 week lockouts if u enjoy longer unlocks
  10. yerm Augur

    1 month unlocks are NOT a con. There is a good reason why the tlp with this timetable made it to live and then to #1 serverwide while tlps since reach a limping point. Longer unlocks have been a terrible mistake and going back to the combine timetable is great - do NOT let these haters slow it down!

    The only con on the selos list should be vah shir in at start.
  11. Boze Augur

    Unlock times for Selo will make the 70s a lot more bearable. 4 months at 70 instead of the 9 we got in Phinny. Honestly the timeline won't be that rough until SoF+ when the AA grind gets rough.
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  12. FIsh Lips Augur

    Yes. Mostly.

    No, that's why Krono farmers come back. That's why you come back. I notice you disappear in Velious just about every TLP.

    I am perfectly happy with SoL start, it is the first "good" expansion and one of the best I've played.

    Yes. Definitely.

    I don't think I care about this one way or another.

    The major problem I have with Selo's is the unlock rate vs. game dynamic. There is no way to play this server casually, and keep up. I could handle 1 month unlocks with complete loot pinata raid mobs, and no keying. But all other factors remaining equal 1 month unlocks and faster raid mob unlocks means a very non-casual server.
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  13. Hawer Lorekeeper

    I agree with this. I am a casual player so today has been a huge disappointment, but give Selo a Classic (even Kunark or Velious) start and 2 month unlocks (I would prefer 2 months after content beat, but that's probably asking too much). and I would be happy to resub. (I wouldn't be able to keep pace even at 2 months, but would be close enough to still have fun for at a least year at that rate)

    Or better yet just scrap the Mangler server that has 0% support that I have seen and make that the casual server (Clearly Selo is not casual).
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  14. chumpy New Member

    I like the fast unlocks on Selo. Just please, please, please add FV loot rules and perfect !
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  15. Risiko Augur

    I just can't understand what they are thinking with the casual server ruleset. It's just mind boggling.

    There literally is no benefit to a casual player for starting on the Selo server as opposed to starting on a Live server today. The accelerated expansion unlock schedule negates any benefit of having a higher rare spawn rate because you will be so far behind the curve on the server that getting that uber drop wont matter. Who cares if you got uber leet weapon #001 when you're so far behind the curve that said weapon is five or more expansions behind the current unlocked expansion on the server. At that point, you would be just as good playing on a Live server.
  16. Risiko Augur

    Also, it just occurred to me that there is no need for the Epics at all if you start in Shadows of Luclin. Quite literally the most "epic" thing about early EverQuest was the epic weapons, and that is completely useless on a server that starts in Shadows of Luclin. Wow... just... wow....

    Holy crap...
    • No dark elf masks
    • No mana robes
    • No Circlet of Shadow
    • No Fungus Staff
    • No Sceptre of Destruction
    • No gnome illusion mask
    • No monk robes from Sleeper
    This is truly worse than I originally thought.

    This is a Live server that starts in Luclin era. It loses all the benefits of a TLP server.

    In fact, this is not a TLP server. This is an Event server.
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  17. Jalen007 Journeyman

    Reading through the guesses for the new rulesets, I saw FV loot rules (free trade) on just about every post. I was very surprised not to see this option on either server.
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  18. Bolten_DA Augur

    yea, they were so close on the casual server. It would have been nice to have 2 month unlocks. That is just about the time were I get tiered of the current expansion. I dont think I am alone in this feeling either. People who made the decisions would understand this if they actually played the game. In the insane amount of posts I never saw anyone ask for one month unlocks.
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  19. taliefer Augur

    thats how i've decided to treat it. just with no quarm style reward. cause that would entail work on their part
  20. AgentofChange Augur

    Selo is the almost the perfect server. You just need to remove the truebox component.

    You should not even bother launching Mangler. Mangler is a mistake.
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