Fixed Internally Essence of the Dragon - unable to grant award

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by enchanterkeiby, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. enchanterkeiby New Member

    If you complete the Methods of Sarnak Destruction , which grants you the Essence of the Dragon AA ability, after you have been autogranted it, your accept award window will continue to have this award available but unable to collect, which is highly annoying.
    Please can this be fixed.
  2. minimind The Village Idiot

    Completed the quest on my alt shaman last night and got the same result.
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  3. etv2k New Member

    Also having the same problem. Been days and unable to collect since I was autogranted, and pops back up every time I log on the chars.
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  4. Fenthen aka Rath

    Is there any update to this? Any plans for March patch?
  5. Ratalthor Developer

    We are having trouble reproducing this. Are there any consistent reproduction steps anybody can share with us?
  6. minimind The Village Idiot

    It's hard for a player to reproduce because the reward is granted at the near-end of an expansion's quest progression which requires the completion of...
    1. Concerned Citizens
    2. Contacting the Leadership
    3. Disappearing Dragons
    4. Sneaky Sarnak
    5. Digging Yourself Deeper
    6. The Last Grove
    7. Where is Burning Woods?
    8. On Nobody's Side
    9. Pentalateral Negotiations
    10. Informal Diplomacy
    11. Rocks Boom for Twigslam
    12. Sarnak Among Us
    13. Probing the Fortress
    14. Their Own Medicine
    15. Destabilizing Chardok
    16. Corrupt Before the Fal
    17. Purifying the Purified
    18. Corrupting the Corrupt
    19. Pure Success
    20. Rebellion of the Pure
    21. Preparations for Forward Action I
    22. Preparations for Forward Action II
    23. Preparations for Forward Action III
    24. Investigating the Mysterious Sarnak <-- Essence of the Dragon I granted.
    Also, this only occurred for me AFTER CoV launched and EoK AAs were autogranted (including Essence of the Dragon I & II). Since EoTD I is already granted, the reward system is saying that it can't grant it again and it just sits there in the window.

    1. Create a level 115 character
    2. Turn on AA Autogrant and zone to get all AAs.
    3. Grant completion credit for all EOK quests up to but NOT including Kor-Sha Laboratories.
    4. Complete the Kor-Sha Laboratory Mercenary Quests.
    5. Complete the Kor-Sha Laboratory Mission.
    6. Complete the Kor-Sha Laboratory Partisan quest "Investigating the Mysterious Sarnak"
    7. Complete the Kor-Sha Laboratory Partisan quest "Methods of Sarnak Destruction"
    8. Be granted reward "Essence of the Dragon I" and try to accept reward.
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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I think to reproduce it you need the following steps.

    A. Have a player at level 105+ that has not completed the questline which grants Essence of the Dragon as a reward

    B. Have a server which does not have CoV activated

    C. Activate CoV on the server

    D. Complete the Quest on a Character that already has Essence of the Dragon from autogrant.

    E. Observe Quest reward window on subsequent log ins
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  8. Slide New Member

    Same issue here. Every time I login I have the reward I can't claim.
  9. Blastoff Augur

    All 6 of my toons finished EOK progression a couple days ago. Every time I try to claim the Essence of the Dragon I (Group) it says "The system is currently unable to grant your reward for Essence of the Dragon I(Group). Please try again later. It has been this way for a few days and I'm assuming it got messed up because of it being given away for free.

    None of my accounts have COV, they do have TOV though. I completed the entire EoK progression quest chain over the course of the last couple weeks.
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  10. minimind The Village Idiot

    Switched to confirmed! Wooo!
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  11. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I was just explaining to my friends how we need to finish the EoK progression before we move on to RoS content, for this AA. Had no idea it was auto-granted. That would have been a funny surprise when we got to the last step.
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  12. ozpunk New Member

    Got this same issue on my toons tonight. Wasn't playing back when EoK was current content and the AA was auto-granted so now we can't claim the reward after finishing the mission.
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  13. Thunderkiks Augur

    Just did this myself for some new characters I made and they have the same issue.
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  14. Monkfish New Member

    Why not just add the ability to decline a reward?
  15. Jaylnn Gnomish Bog Jogger

    I spent the weekend doing some old progression for some alts. All of them are now locked with a permanent unclaimable quest. Overall i can ignore it, but using overseers is where i notice it the most. Everytime you claim a reward it jumps back to the first one, which is the locked.
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  16. Chaffe Journeyman

    Please fix this issue. It is extremely frustrating trying to play with this reward window popping up and no way to decline it or remove it. It was reported in Feb, confirmed in April. It is making it not fun to log in.
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  17. Fenthen aka Rath

    Where are we at with this bug?
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  18. Malbro Augur

    As of now, it needs a petition filed.
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  19. Chaffe Journeyman

    I put in 6 petitions for this, with links to this bug report post. I was told CS has no recourse to fix it and they gave me a link to bug report it.
  20. enchanterkeiby New Member

    This is ridiculous - Bug Confimed and at least three patches have gone by. If this were any other company we could raise this to the community manager.
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