Enc pet is too weak

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fian, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Fian Augur

    Max Companion fortification AA. Comparing to TBL, I could molo mobs with my pet and a cleric merc. Sometimes pet got behind in healing, and I would have to stun mob. 2 mercs, and my pet was pretty much golden. In TOV, even with 2 mercs, my pet doesn't last long in TOFS. It isn't uncommon to see pets upgraded after a new expansion, and it is apparently needed for this one as well.
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  2. Siraj Journeyman

    Enchanter pets were never meant to tank. If you want a tank, charm one. Lol
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  3. Kimbella Master

    I can't remember the last time I even bothered with making an "animation" pet... In regards to using it as a tank with a healer merc, sure, its doable (I used to try doing that too) as long as you want to cast nothing else except chain rune on it the entire fight and never have a chance to stop and cast a dmg spell. But on a named, forget it, pet will die before you even have a chance to get ur first cast off.

    Then again... I never tried 2 healer mercs. But at that point I would probably use one of the mercs as a tank merc.
  4. kizant Augur

    Not every zone has something you can charm and the animations have actually been pretty good for the past three expansions. They've still been bad tanks but there's no reason they should die instantly if they have good healing and/or stuns if they're tanking a single tier 1 trash mob. If that is happening then they have some more tuning to do.
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  5. Abrax New Member

    The pets have been made worthless, even with buffs and defensive things going in the group along with being runed they still die to trash.
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  6. Elayana New Member

    Hello, I've have mained an enchanter since 2001 with a 3 year break between HoT and VoA. Since I've come back I have run the gambit of being able to tank NAMED myself, to moving to the pet tanking in EoK. It has absolutely been a viable tank since then, if not before hand as I was tanking myself up to that point. This expansion it has become completely non viable for tier 2 ToV zones.

    RK 2 pet with up to lvl 114 max enchanter available pet AA's
    Full mage RoS or better Pet gear
    Fortification cast on it when available
    Full current expansion buffs
    RK2 runic aura running
    AA rune the pet each time it pops
    Keeping minion and NET on it
    2-3 max AA healer mercs with current gear on reactive.
    Oh and btw a (113 with max AA up to TBL) full defensive running Bard box.

    And it dies on a single floor one ToFS trash mob 60% of the time.

    There is very, very little available to charm. I sent in a bug report on this during beta as I was concerned. I spoke to a few GM's that could not answer what the deal was other then that the Dev in charge of pets was still working on them. It is clear this is not exactly a nerf, but a lack of upgrade to current content.

    Having more then 5 minutes of maining this class as experience I can definitively say this is something that REALLY needs to be adjusted. My husband and I have been going through content together for 10 years now with the combo of Enchanter (pet or enchanter tanking) Wizard and 2 mercs and three years ago adding the bard box and a DPS merc.

    It is literally impossible for us to continue in this manner without the pet being updated properly. I cannot and will not box another account. And other Enchanters whom have played this class well for a long time and commented here and many other places about this are rational folks who actually are making valid points.

    Our class has dwindled as Mains due to the recent nerfs over the last few years, which ok fine, can be dealt with if you REALLY love the class, which I do. But this is about no longer being able to actually play the current content without having to shell out more money to create a FOURTH acct of which I'd not be able to box anyway without enhancement.

    Please.. PLEASE consider the voices of your experienced Enchanter mains and adjust this summoned pet to be viable again as a tank.
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  7. Vespyre New Member

    Wizard spam pets are better tanks than Enc pets at the moment.
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  8. Ghubuk Augur

    There does seem something off on the enchanter pets. It is dying a lot.
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  9. Kimbella Master

    Animation pet aside, I would really love for our dire charm to be a perma charm up to the same lvl that our animation pet currently is. At the very least, I would like the dire charm to remain active until the AA can be refreshed. I think the current 6 min limit of our dire charm is long overdue for a time extension, as I'm sure other enchanters would agree. Even our charm spell could use a time extension tbh. Seven or 8 minutes with a chance of it breaking beforehand is just awful.

    As others have stated, our animation pet obviously still needs to be tuned so that it is useful in situations where there are no charmable mobs, however I still think it would really help in the zones that we can charm in to have a sort of "set it and forget it" charmed pet to use for an extended length of time (and might even make me actually want to put in the effort to start charming again). I really want to be excited again about our animation pets and charming, but as is, I tend to not even want to bother with either.

    Sorry if I hijacked this thread to talk about charmed pets instead of animation pets lol. I do agree that animation pets need to be much less squishy than they currently are.
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  10. Elayana New Member

    The beauty of charming pets is the risk vs reward. You will have an incredibly powerful pet as dps or tank depending on what you charm, but you risk the possibility of being taken out or even your whole group wiping. Perma DC was so powerful back in the day that they didn't upgrade it for over 15 years.. That should tell you something lol Perma charms take out the risk vs reward. They will never do that, though it would be very cool.
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  11. smash Augur

    Enchanter pet were too powerful, now they down to more level and you now also got DC which should make up for it.
  12. Fian Augur

    Smash, is enc your main? If not, then you really have nothing to say here. For ROS/TBL, a max AA'd enc pet could tank trash mobs, although on the edge of its abilities. For TOV, the power of the pet versus the mobs is much less. Unless that is intentional by DB, it is a bug.

    If you look at bug fixes for ROS and TBL expansions, you will see they often upgrade pets the first series of bug fixes after an expansion release. TOV appears to be in the same category.
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  13. Cragzop Augur

    Where's your parses?

    It should be fairly obvious to see what the difference is between TBL and ToV by looking at the tanking parse of your pet and the healing it takes. Maybe the pet is fine and the healing mercs are what the issue is. Dunno … but at least provide some easy to get data to actually help the devs see what is different.

    Don't pull that bull... You posted in the Bug Reports forum … any community member can comment on what you are saying. I've played an enchanter longer than you...does that make your opinion less than mine? Of course it does not.

    Last, why are all your healing mercs on the same stance?
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  14. Cragzop Augur

    This is the absolute worst idea ever in the history of the Everquest forums...at this time.

    You want enchanters to lock down a mob permanently in current content. Without any risk.

    If I have to explain why this is a horrible idea, then it's probably just not going to matter to you and the folks that liked your post.
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  15. Abrax New Member

    Very little to charm in places you would want to anyhow.
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  16. smash Augur

    Do you really think a chanter pet should be able to tank as well as a real pet owners pet ? If so, then I am afraid I got some bad news, they are not!

    Second this is bug section, which defines it should be buggged, like it does not something or will not attack or something like that.
    I do not see that this has any existence in being in this part of the forum at all. And I expect a dev to move it to caster part of forum instead.
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  17. Elayana New Member

    M'kay, well anyway. Not going to get into a back and forth social media debate as the comment/request was made to the game developers, not exactly to the player base. Post whatever opinion you like, in the end the only thing that matters is what the dev decides. And to repeat myself TO the dev in charge of this.. our pet has been viable as a moderate tank that can indeed handle names for a minimum of 3 expansions, maybe more as I tanked them myself previous to that. Shaman pets were upgraded so I see no reason that ours were not sufficiently. Very much appreciate your time and I'll be around to chat again soon. :)
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  18. kizant Augur

    Companions Fortification: 157/160
    Test NPC: Level 112 cold skeleton

    I didn't test for too long but I spammed pets until I had around 500 hits to look at and I rarely look at melee stuff so I'm just picking what I think is interesting.

    Level 106 Rank 2 Pet:
    Missed Percent: 18.5%
    Max Hit For: 31642
    Percent of Hits that were Max Hits: 19%

    Level 111 Rank 2 Pet:
    Missed Percent: 19%
    Max Hit For: 42358
    Percent of Hits that were Max Hits: 12%
    Percent of Hits that were at least 31642 (max of old pet): 32.7%

    This looks to me that the chance of being hit is similar between both pets. The max it will get hit for is way higher if using the new pet. However, the number of max hits seems to be a lot lower with the new pet so maybe that's supposed to be an improvement? But considering the new pet is getting hit far more often for amounts larger than the max value that the old pet would get hit for it works out to be a detriment.
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  19. Sancus Augur

    What was the minimum hit (DI 1) on the pet?

    Max hits shouldn't vary between the two pets. More or less AC would change the hit distribution, but a different max hit likely means the old pets have some version of Cloak of Enhancement, whereas the new pets do not. They likely neither have the shielding Mod2 maxed, nor the Innate Defense mitigation buff on the cloak.

    I don't know much about non-EM pets, but if they used to come with Cloak of Enhancements (or some comparable item) and now they don't, that's probably a bug.
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  20. kizant Augur

    The DI 1 value would be 6596 for the old pet and 9830 for the new one.
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