Enc pet is too weak

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fian, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Sancus Augur

    Cool, thanks.

    That makes the damage interval for the RoS pet ~1318 ((31642 - 6596) / 19 = 1318.21). The damage interval for the ToV pet is 1712 ((42358 - 9830) / 19 = 1712). The damage base for the RoS pet is therefore ~5278 (6596 - 1318 = 5278). The damage base for the ToV pet is 8118 (9830 - 1712 = 8118).

    The Shielding Mod2 with a Cloak of Enhancement would be 35%, which mitigates the damage base value. Applying 35% shielding to the ToV pet's damage base value would yield ~5277 (8118 - (8118 * 35%) = ~5277). That's essentially the same as the RoS pet's damage base, meaning the new pet has 0 shielding.

    The Innate Defense worn modifier applies to the DI portion of the roll. If we assume the RoS pet has Cloak of Enhancement XXIII (which applies Innate Defense XXIII), it would have a 23% reduction in DI value. The ToV pet's damage interval was 1712; applying a 23% reduction gets you to ~1318 (1712 * 77% = ~1318).

    TL;DR: The ToV pet is missing a Cloak of Enhancement and is therefore taking significantly more incoming damage. Cloak of Enhancement XXIII or higher should put it in line with the RoS pet (the HP on the new pet is quite good, and it looks like the AC is an upgrade as well).
  2. kizant Augur

  3. Ghubuk Augur

    It wouldn't surprise me if sk and shm pets are experiencing the same issue.
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  4. Ninelder Augur

    I would of expected you and kizant to know that Non-Pet-Pet classes(Shamu,SK,chanter) cannot use an EM focus earring. The EM focus on the earring is what creates the cloak that gets put on the pet. Chanters, SKs, and Shamu cannot use an EM focus even if they are capable of equipping an EM item(http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=52692.)

    Conclusion: No Enchanter pet has been born with an EM cloak... Ever... It cannot be missing something it has never had.

    If I am wrong(mind you that has never happened before,) you are among the few that would make me question my forethought beliefs. Are you ignorant about non-pet-pet class pets or do you know something I don't?
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  5. Sancus Augur

    You're relating the Cloak of Enhancement and Enhanced Minion focuses too closely; I never stated/suggested that Enhanced Minion items worked for Enchanters. All Enhanced Minion items do is determine the pet template that is summoned when a pet is cast. That pet template has whatever items the developer added to that template, which normally includes a corresponding Cloak of Enhancement. Enc/Shd/Shm pet spells also choose NPC templates when cast, and there's no reason those templates can't have whatever items Aristo added to them. In fact, the unfocused (i.e. those summoned with no EM item equipped) Mag/Bst/Nec ToV pets actually come summoned with Cloak of Enhancement XIX, which was a change Aristo made during beta.

    I don't have a high level enchanter, SK, or Shaman, and even if I did there's no way to conclusively show what the pet has equipped. That said, the math I provided is very clear; the RoS Enchanter animation had 35% shielding and 23% SPA 168 melee mitigation, and the ToV pet doesn't. It's entirely possible that the Enchanter animation version of the cloak has a different name than Cloak of Enhancement, but the particular one from kizant's parse had the attributes provided by Cloak of Enhancement XXIII. The new one is absolutely missing that or an equivalent item, and that's why it's underperforming.
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  6. Inga Elder

    It doesn't make sense level 106 spell non-EM pet gains Cloak of Enhancement XXIII when EM pet classes are struggling to get EM 19 Earring.
    I've never read about non-EM pet getting innate defensive effect, but if non-EM pet gains it, EM pet classes should get much higher rank.

    If unfocused ToV Mag/Bst/Nec pets gain cloak equivalent to EM19, it is probably a relief for casual players as there is no EM item available for them right now except for ToV T1 because of GMM HA nerf or bug.

    It is totally fine non-EM pet comes with mod2 mitigations item such as heroic sta +35.
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  7. Ghubuk Augur

    It totally makes sense if they are designed around having the cloak, because all of a sudden not having it makes them far weaker than was expected. Just because em pets and non em pets might both have them has no bearing on what the end result of the pet is and em pets are likely designed with much better stats even without the cloak.
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  8. Kaenneth Augur

    I think enc pets are better tanks than tank mercs.
  9. PhantasmaRathe Journeyman

    Im not sure if you ever played a an Enchanter at low levels... when they were first created... but if you did, you would have been familar with letting a mob hit you and then your pet would attack and you would stand back and cast while your pet tanked the mob... it had tank and dps capabilities at the start
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  10. PhantasmaRathe Journeyman

    The one thing that i have seen happen with our pets both summoned and charmed throughout the years is that they have been constantly changed over and over. Its hard to say what is bugged because there is no written information saying this is exactly how its supposed to work. I'm going to say the summoned pet is bugged only because of all the other evidence provided by daybreak. Daybreak has given out summoned pets the ability to taunt which reasons they would be tanking. Daybreak has given our pets a pet buff to increase ac and other stats, which again makes one think the pet will be tanking. Our summoned pets have been able to tank trash mobs easily, with fully invested aa's (only attained after alot of hard work on the pet's owners part), in the last several if not more expansions. Daybreak released a new summoned pet for the TOV expansion which would seem to mean they had improved upon the previous summoned pet from TBL expansion, but there is no visible improvement. The pet doesn't appear to dps more or have the SAME or better tanking ability it has had. So it only seems to reason that Daybreak intended to improve upon the previous pet by putting a new one in the current content but its not performing as what would be expected... so its bugged. Please fix it, or give it some sort of improvement that is useful.
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  11. RPoo Augur

    Another thing to bring up is when any kind of pet is summoned whether making an animation or hitting that doppelganger or phantasmal opponent aa, the pets come to life at only 56% health and start attacking the mob, that's half of the survival they are supposed to have to help a situation!
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  12. Fian Augur

    Bumping this thread as it is still unresolved.

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