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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Tarrin, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Iila Augur

    Some other summary stuff that was missed

    <Guado> Few more ranks of Extended Wild Growth?
    <@Elidroth> Extended Wild Growth can get a bit more

    <narknon> I know you said you wanted to keep crit chance where it is, but what about a group/tgbable crit chance mod on the same slot as bard epic? Caster groups dont get bards often on raids, and that way they couldnt stack
    <@Elidroth> so after me saying and you acknowledging I don't want to increase crit chance.. you ask me for more crit chance?

    <illa> But the important part [Spirit of Bear] was another rank of bear to bring the hps up
    <@Elidroth> can do that
  2. FawnTemplar Augur

    I was pretty disappointed with the no on our healing totem. I was messing around with it and found that it only boosts your HP regen to ~610... I always knew it was crappy, I just had no idea it was THAT crappy. I mean, I know they don't want it to replace "real" healing but as Lila said "in the range of noticeable would be nice" (BTW I honestly LOL'd when I read that). I hope they do make upgrades to our AA lines that give HPs (like Spirit of the Bear) I love that AA but 10k hps is nothing when raid mobs like Kanteer and Gailenth hit for upwards of 50K.

    One thing I hope they fix that was not mentioned is the stacking issue (it isn't really a stacking issue I suppose but that is what I will call it) with the necro's scintillating bones line. For some reason even after their dot has worn off and the mob is no longer undead, skin to seedlings still sees the mob as undead and we can not put that debuff back on it. I just assume not having to yell at my necros all the time lol.
  3. guado Augur

    This also annoys me *a lot.* I have /bug reported it several times. I'm guessing there's some kind of code issue. It's not like they can add a Doom effect to Scintillating Bones that would revert the NPC back to it's original state... right? (Not being sarcastic, I genuinely see problems with that solution, and can't think of another viable alternative.)
  4. FawnTemplar Augur

    I am thinking it has to be a coding issue within the skin to seedlings line. The reason is that from what I have been told nothing that is geared toward the undead lands (or fully lands) after it has worn off. We have clerics that have made triggers that tell them if a mob has been turned so that they can pop their turn undead on it but they say that if they don't get it in that six second window it will not land. Similarly, necro's tell me that they are unable to slow to mob after it has worn off. This leads me to believe that the mob is reverting back to "living" status but that seedlings is not recognizing it. Also, it makes me think that it is fixable since some spells already can recognize the difference. Makes me wonder if maybe instead of reverting back to "living," the mob is being changed to another status that seedlings will not effect like say "summoned." I don't know... just a thought.
  5. tinywolf1 Journeyman

    If Season's Wrath was intended to be a sort of a replacement for our 2.0 then what is up with the very limited spells types affected? The description says that elemental spells are affected, so it was surprising that Tectonic Trembler (Earth) and Katabtic Roar/Whirlwind (Air) didn't get any bonus. Yeah, I get their magic resist, but what does that have to do them not being considered elemental spells for the purposes of Season's Wrath. How about Careless Lightning? There's nothing magical about a lightning bolt. They hit and burn people every day, but I've never seen someone create a ball of fire out of thin air.

    I hope that the name of the AA is changed and/or that the AA is modified to make it a weaker descendant of it's namesake - Season's Fury, and not the twisted unrecognizable thing that it is now. The boost to dots is worthless and inexplicable, and the restrictions on spell types is infuriating as this seems to be simply a dev's decision to make the AA quite useless, while dressing it up as a kind of 2.01.

    I don't get this, since it's effectiveness is perhaps a quarter of the 2.0 if it had allowed all spell types, and if even that is too powerful, just add a max hit counter or something. What also grinds my gears is the mention of elemental spells as being included rather than making it clear that only spells with resists against fire or cold get the bonus, because there is no "COLD" element in EQ or anywhere. Since cold spells are so rarely used, it might have just been a throw-away addition so that the AA wasn't limited to one spell type - fire - which would have made it a very short duration/long recast version of seedlings - a seedlings which provides about 2.5X the bonus to fire as compared to the normal seedlings, but also a seedlings which can only be used once every 300 seconds, for a max of 24 seconds - or 8% of the time. So, it's worthless, or if not worthless, the incremental DPS from this is so small it will be irrelevant to the outcome of a raid.

    I have an issue with the way that this AA was and is framed. The name of the AA is virtually the same as the effect from the 2.0, while almost everything else that made the 2.0 the 2.0, has been ripped out in the AA. The addition of a bonus to dots appears more shady than anything as this seems like a shiny nice feature - wow it also includes dots? - which is not really worth much. You're not going get any kind of decent incremental DPS from dots, when all spell damage is boosted, compared to what can be done with this by casters on a burn. Then again, with only fire affected, many of the casters' spells wont get a bonus.

    I find this to be a pretty deceptive bait and switch. If you don't want to give us back the 2.0, simply don't give it back. There's no need for this kind of pretense. It's gimmicky, it makes people excited which increases their disappointment when they find out that the great new AA is actually just another worthless AA the devs made up for the sake of making up worthless AAs. It's late in game and I'm not interested in tinsel. I doubt that anything powerful, and completely new will emerge at this point and Nature's Blessing is a good example of that.

    It's usable a maximum of 30 seconds every half hour (1800s) so less than 2% of the time. The buff is good, as long as it lasts but it's not great as we're still limited by the relatively slow cast times, and recast times on group and fast heals, respectively. In fact, critical heals aren't a major conern, but the recast timers, lousy range on Survival and group heal, and the lack of HoTs, the slow group heal, the inability to heal while curing, the inability to do anything effective to mitigate damage - 10k rune on adrenaline? 10k? if it always proc'd when casting adrenaline it might not be totally worthless, but as is......So, regarding Nature's Blessing, why is this buff not allowed more often? 1 minute every 10 minutes is my suggestion, maybe even 1 minute every 5 minutes. The buff is ok and effectively increases crit heal chance by what 40-45%? That's pretty good, so 1 minute every 10 minutes seems more balanced and the mana penalty might be increased by several hundred percent. I would use that AA situationally - as opposed to the one currently. 30 seconds every 30 minutes? Come on - please do or do not give us something useful. This sort of preview of something that one day might be useful, unlikely but possible, is strange. Is this some marketing scheme or do the devs really believe that all these useless AAs still have some value. If that's the case, they're probably right - I mean even melee guard AA can save some health.

    Druids are less than half a cleric and they are less than half a wizard. Sure, it depends on the druid, the cleric and the wizard, but if all three players have a lot of skill there's no point comparing a druid to a cleric when comparing healing classes. The cleric has so many tools to improve survivability in its group, while the druid has...her heals? her ATK debuffs? her....umm luck? The gap between clerics and everyone else is so big that it's not even worthwhile discussing who's the second best class at healing. Need a good healer? Get a good cleric. You can't raid current content without clerics, no matter how many druids you have to heal. When a raid leader is building his raid, he doesn't start with 2 or 4 or 6 druids. Not if he can get 1 or 2 or 3 wizards and clerics instead.
  6. guado Augur

    No one will believe me when I say this, but I know it works:

    Season's Wrath and Season's Fury stack, and I swear the degradation on our 2.0 is not as significant as the "-5% per spell cap"

    Test it out on a dummy or named fight, cast both and nuke your heart out; you will see record numbers.
  7. Iila Augur

    You made me waste time checking that.

    Fire nuke 12539 (41644) 98dmg/ per a 1% boost, 348 on crit

    With epic
    12539 (41644)

    With SW and epic

    Fire (45123) [10%], (49994)[24%], 13519[10%], (49298)[22%], (48254)[19%], (46167)[13%], (48950) [21%]
  8. Iila Augur

    A couple changes in the test spell file look like answers to things we asked for:

    38074] Diminshing Blows
    Target: Single
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Magic
    Resist: Magic, Min Resist Chance: 10%, Max Resist Chance: 30%
    Reflectable: No
    Casting: 0s, Recast: 1.5s
    Duration: 2m (20 ticks), Dispelable: Yes, Allow Fast Regen: No
    1: Decrease ATK by 100
    1: Decrease ATK by 150

    [40847] Storm Strike
    Classes: DRU/254
    Skill: Evocation
    Target: Single
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Magic
    Resist: Magic, Min Resist Chance: 10%, Max Resist Chance: 20%
    Reflectable: No
    Casting: 0.5s
    1: Decrease Current HP by 23500
    2: Decrease Current HP by 11000 (If HP Above 75 Percent)
    Text: You unleash a destructive strike.
  9. guado Augur

    Assuming that stacks with all other attack debuffs, cool.

    PS. Sorry about Season's Fury. I swear I saw a difference. I was wrong.
  10. Iila Augur

    Slot 1 is mostly NPC debuffs, and reptile.

    So it stacks with everything that matters.
  11. Mugsie Elder

    Storm Strike adjusted to fit proposed adjustments to agro management yet? It really is a great cool down ability that adds a huge chunk of DPS, but will die awfully without hate adjustment.
  12. Tarrin Augur

    But..but..but..I love making tanks mad :(

    The agro magnet aspect of it isn't that bad as long as you aren't hitting it on inc. Shouldn't be at least.
  13. Iila Augur

    NWW, Storm Strike, Roar, BoR, then Hailstorm.

    Gotta keep tanks on their toes, can't let them slack off.
  14. guado Augur

    In PoWar i add in Whilwind of the Stormborn or whatever. I claim its to help stuns, but really just to mess with tanks :p
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  15. Beimeith Augur

    Any spell level 95+ will not get a bonus from your epic click.

    Even if you cast a lower level spell, they still won't stack. That mod does not stack with itself, the highest version takes effect.
  16. Dubbo New Member

    I think I know why Elidroth was seemingly against many of the changes requested. Illa, after reviewing your magelo profile, I don't think your skill at begging was high enough for maximum effectiveness on Elidroth. :p
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  17. Xanumbik Augur

    Someone earlier was comparing Druids to a Hybrid class, Druids are not Hybrids. they are one of 3 forms of priest Class not a cleric hybrid. IMO Druids should resemble what a Chloromancer is in Rift, Mostly healing via damage.
  18. Iila Augur

    Druids are probably the most hybrid class in Eq now. All of the real hybrids have more specialization into their niche. While calling druids a wiz/CLR hybrid is a pretty accurate summation of our abilities and roles. Our parent classes are even much better in their roles than we can be. We can burst heal and burst nuke, but we're not allowed to combine the two to have a niche of our own?
  19. Tarrin Augur

    The lack of a druid niche, the lack of any hope things will change soon..is causing a lack of caring Which has translated into a lack of gold status. Which has translated into a lack of pre-ordering the next expansion.

    I dealt with a family tragedy, then personal injury. It took me away from EQ for a while. When I was able to come back...I just haven't felt the urge..need...desire. The habit of logging in for the sake of logging in has passed. If druids become "fixed", I know I'd re-up. Until then I am having a blast playing console based games at the moment.

    I don't see the point in a class existing, when it has no way to play on equal footing (in comparison to others doing the same job). I am not asking or want a druid to heal the same as a cleric, or nuke the same as a wizard. I just don't want to feel like a liability when trying to do anything druid-like...unless the content is trivial.

    After reading the spells and AA incoming for the next expansion, I just give up. You've won. Here is me waving my white flag. Just can't fight it anymore.
  20. malfurionn Elder

    I ended up just making a hotkey that combined the two over that hidden cheetah since its useless with the invis tied to the runspeed
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