Do not raise level cap

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Jun 26, 2019.

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  1. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Uh, yes!

    What do you mean? Every expansion behind us we've gone back and beaten for achievements.

    Yes. And so is every other guild. Top guilds at the top. Mid-tiers at the middle. Casuals enjoying themselves at their own pace and ability.

    No problem here!
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  2. Lubianx Augur

    You will find that there are likely as many people who want a level increase as there are that don't. Saying that they don't listen to the community doesn't really cut it in this case. I want to see a level increase, as do quite a few of the people I play with, they just don't post on the boards

    The Tears of Alaris quest line will still give the drops, only the mobs won't count towards XP.

    The only downside to a level increase I see is what Sancus said in relation to class development (although TBL was a no level increase and we got very little in this regard, and not many AAs either)

    As Jhenna said, there are more advantages to a level increase than not.
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  3. Cragzop Augur

    The last time the devs decided to do a level increase and then went back on it, Gates of Discord happened. I'm not sure anyone wants that.

    Remember, TBL was a no-level increase and we got *zero* new aa abilities, *zero* new spell lines (and they couldn't even give pallies and the priests covenant upgrades). I guess the new levels force them to do more...maybe...
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  4. gotwar Augur

    • No longer hear complaints about eyes of life and decay (mostly)
    • New level cap always gives a brief window of electronic phallus waving over those who haven't yet reached 115
    • Opportunity for some niche improvements to spell lines that may be needed, small chance for innovation in spell creation with five whole new levels!
    • Powerful new content scaled to the level cap, with areas that will offer something of a challenge on the first run through
    • Have to grind to 115. Can't complete all expac progression in 8 hrs with friends then afk for next 11 months.
    • Hearing people get way too hyped about hitting level cap (again) for months on end
    • All spells will be the same. There will be no innovation in spell creation with five whole new levels
    • Community outcry over expansion difficulty will inevitably come, spawning hordes of forum threads rioting for nerfs
    I'm pretty ambivalent, tbh. I just hope next expansions robes don't look like hot garbage like the last two expansions have.
  5. tyrantula Elder

    Sounds like you want it to be great but you're not expecting much. Got any room on that boat?
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  6. Proximoe Journeyman

    Please make another Triune God Event to go with the level upgrade. Skill events!
  7. Mossaa New Member

    +1 for new levels each expansion. Main is maxed. All solo and group stuff done. Two alts maxed. Alts just miss a few group achivements. Just missing meratas win, then raids done. I want lev 116 per
  8. Mossaa New Member

    Should be 116 pet on previous post
  9. Yinla Augur

    I'd rather have more content than a level increase.

    Fears for a level increase
    1. Same old spells, not enough spell srolls/runes dropping (way too few raid dropped runes in RoS). As a caster upgrading around 10 ish spells a level is not fun, I wish they would cut back on the number of spells per level.
    2. Lack of AA lines, we had very few AAs last time so I hope they have allocated enough time to do them properly this time or a level increase is going to stink! Lost hope of new AA lines.
    3. Older content going obsolete and not enough new content to replace it.
    4. Lack of fresh new content.TBL was great, I fear we will get a lot of revamped zones next time.
    5. A larger gap between group and raid players.

    Those are my fears for the next expansion. The biggest one being number 2. Lots of AAs didn't get upgraded last time round, just about every AA is going to need an increase with us going to 115, which means zero chance of any new AA lines.
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  10. Andarriel Augur

    Im all for a level increase probably the only people that don't want a level increase are the raiders and there 20 alts!

  11. Whulfgar Augur

    There.. fixed your quote..
  12. Fadyena New Member

    I would rather see an AA enhancement rather than a lvl increase... there was little to no effort put into AA last expansion... how about fixing/ dealing with that first..
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  13. Whulfgar Augur

    I am all about a level increase.

    Hope the AA are better then last expansion too.
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  14. Nennius Augur

    Indeed. As much as I do not oppose a level cap increase, the stagnation in AA's is downright appalling and needs to have significant attention paid to it.
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  15. Allayna Augur

    I’m for more content. My main has been max AA, max evolving gear, progression etc for months. A level cap increase makes older raids easier for mid tier raiders...with the foci already scaling to 115 (smart move dbg), the raids from TBL will not be obsolete to mid tier.

    The real issue I think people are having is that their easy FM solo zone will be terrible they didn’t add an xp farm with GMM.

    I will agree that adequate time and effort should be given to class/spell/aa/itemization/quest/mission/raid/ts development or you’ll see the same disgruntled players over a lackluster release.

    I think beta should be 2 weeks longer as well, allowing more time to fine tune so that we release a more polished product on opening day.

    PS: debuff limit revamp and I’m still waiting on my evict button o_O
  16. Yinla Augur

    It's not just FM, it is 3 expansions of level 105 zones. Level 115 seems to be an expansion too early.
  17. Tappin Augur

    Not having a level change during EoK was huge mistake. TDS level content was made to easy and the community wanted nothing to do with older content tuned up. Too many AAs made content a nightmare for casuals to molo. They have no choice.
  18. Dewey Augur

    I've always enjoyed level increases. Especially for people who are trying to catch up. Makes it easier on them. It also gives those at max something to do; rather than to just get a few items.
  19. roth Augur

    I see a number of people in this thread, and I remember a number of people in previous years’ threads, against a level cap increase because it obsoletes too many zones.

    I got news for such people ... the more expansions between level cap increases, the more zones there are to obsolete when one occurs. My reaction, if I were affiliated with DBG, would be ‘Ok, we’re doing a level cap increase with each expansion to minimize the number of zones obsoleted with the level cap increases.”

    Be glad, with your logic, that we have as many expansions between level cap increasing expansions that we do. The other reasonable reaction would be to freeze levels where they are now, without any more level cap increases, but as time goes on that obsoletes older expansions at 110 in other ways. There’s only so much you can do with a horizontal progression (which isn’t really progression at all IMO) before you have to add some verticality to it.
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  20. Silver-Crow Augur

    Maybe this is for the long awaited necro dot revamp. Obsolete all the old dots, and give some new ones instead :D
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