Dexterity, wt*?

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  1. p2aa Augur

    You are doing it wrong imo. Because of this, perfectly said by yepmetoo.
  2. Aurastrider Augur

    I am not exactly splitting my primary focus is on HAgil but if my next rank of avoidance is say 40 HAgil away and I get a HDex aug that will bump my HDex mod2 up a level I will equip it in favor of less HAgil as long as I don't move down ranks in avoidance by doing so. I will also keep the HAgil item on my toon and swap it back in if I gain enough HAgil via other means to where the item would bump me into the next rank of avoidance. I could be mistaken on the ranks and what they actually reflect. If your avoidance shows 40 and you are some place between obtaining that rank and avoidance 41 is there actually a % granted while in this bubble for example avoidance 40.68%? If this is the case than I agree splitting never really makes sense. If this is not the case I will stand behind my method since it is giving me the most out of my stats and gear based on what I have while also being mindful of what I have on the bench when I get closer to those avoidance benchmarks.
  3. Kurage_of_Luclin Elder

    Ok , one of the easiest ways to solve this issue, is to decide when you get enough of a Heroic stat. As a ranger, my DPS is most affected based on HDex and Spell Damage. So I did swap out AUGs and ran long parses on a guild hall red con dummy to see what the differences were. Not all of my AUGs are H Dex most are. I post very good parses near the top of my class. I have AC in every AUG slot except my bow. With my high AC and HDex, I can tank ROS Named Mobs and Raid mobs when needed, not just 20 seconds.

    In a nut shell , run a long parse and see what your return is for each change that you make, its the only way to see the true out come.

  4. Makaha New Member

    Not a smart raid tank. Can you specify % for Hsta, Hdex, Hagi to be best tank in game please then qualify with algorithms.

    So> Hsta 100%? Hdex ?%? Hagi ?%?

    Most in Hsta then rest in Hdex and Hagi?
  5. akomode New Member

    The simple answer if your looking at the Old content / leveling until you get into Heroics then your right Dex will have little impact.

    To start out you focus on 2 stats as a melee that is Stam. and Str.

    Stam will give you more HP and Str will add more to you DPS depending on what you are after.

    Once you get to the level of Heroics then you can switch to DEX.
  6. akomode New Member

    It depends on what tank.

    War / Pal tend to go more for Hagi
    Sk because of the proc rate for their skills are better off for HDex.

    If you don't have enuff hp to live until the healer can heal you then Hstam may be an option but it not the best unless your just trying to make your HP look hi on magelo
  7. p2aa Augur

    There is no perfect formula. At the end, whatever heroic stat you retain, it won't be what makes any difference. What will make a real difference between tanks in raid content is how well and how often they use their abilities / AA.
    Here is what I do though.
    I value Hsta here as primary stat, followed by Hagi, and lastly Hdex.
    All my type 5 augs are towards Hsta favored (draconic resilience + conflagrant resilience + scaled touched resilience augs)
    For type 7/8 augs, I use an own formula that allows me to evaluate which augs I will use. I assign a value to AC, HP, Hsta, Hagi and Hdex, then convert the stats of augs with this formula and I obtain a number.
    I then take the highest numbers. I will end with a few Hagi / Dex augs of RoS that can be better than some Hsta augs of EoK. I won't keep at all cost a type 7/8 aug with Hsta.
    If you are a raid tank, I would advice you to value these heroics in this order :
    1) Hsta 2) Hagi 3) Hdex
  8. Peltier Lorekeeper

    So i see aint nobody have a real verifiable clue still as to what dex does.. Got it!
  9. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    Of course I do. It makes the numbers next to Combat Effects and Accuracy get bigger. :)

    Please note that those values are after I clicked all my self buffs. Its interesting to see that although my Heroic Dex increased, only my Accuracy increased when compared to my earlier post.

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