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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Srslynotimpressed, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. code-zero Augur

    All this is doing is asking that Daybreak exchange something for which they've already been paid for something else that they would otherwise be paid for. What is Daybreak Cash before it's purchased? It's nothing at all, it's effectively created upon the payment by the buyer. Where are Krono before they are purchased? They don't exist until there's a transaction.

    Daybreak gets absolutely nothing at all for converting Krono into Daybreak Cash, absolutely nothing at all. It's just moving money from one column in the financial report to another.

    Again, it's not Daybreaks problem if silly people horded Krono that they can never possibly redeem and can only trade in game for stuff that they don't need
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  2. Derd Augur

    This thread makes me wonder did people hoard krono hoping someday they would be changed? I've never saw anything that made me think they were worth anything but 30 day sub time.
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  3. --Voodoo-- Augur

    You could say exactly the same thing about the current use for kronos.

    I'm not sure where you're getting that this would be for people who've hoarded krono. It would, in theory, increase the value of them which would mean Daybreak would sell more of them.
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  4. code-zero Augur

    If I want daybreak cash I have to buy it with real money now

    If I want Krono I have to buy it with real money now

    In both cases real money goes to Daybreak

    If I can cash in Krono for Daybreak cash they they get nothing other than the original Krono money which they then have to move from the Krono column of the ledger to the Daybreak cash side of the ledger

    They actually get less than nothing from this sort of exchange as it will require a bit of bookkeeping time to balance things

    What sort of total moron, thinking that he wanted some Daybreak cash exchange a Krono for it? I'll tell you, one who already has a huge stash of Krono he can't liquidate or someone who intends to buy illegal cheap Krono from 3rd party.

    One Krono is a transferable piece of 30 day subscription time and once more the only people I can even comprehend wanting to have this sort of arrangements are the silly suckers who use to post threads here bragging about how rich they'd gotten and are now stuck with Krono that they can't move

    Several years back SOE stopped the practice of selling sub time for Station Cash because people were hoarding game cards to redeem on double and triple bonus weekends and thus cutting the price of the subs substantially. This is the same thing essentially just flip 180 degrees with a desire to turn game time into cash
  5. Sokki Augur

    Because you're looking at it as buying the krono yourself for real money. Let's go back and visit why krono's were made in the first place and how they work, I'll give you a hypothetical scenario. Let's say You buy a krono cause you're mister money bags over here, but you don't actually want the krono I.E. the 30 day sub or as we're suggesting the 1500 DBC, but you do want lots of in game plat since you're poor as in game and can't farm any. Now I'm over here loaded with in game plat that I have nothing to do with, but I'm poor in RL so I'l trade you my in game plat for your Krono for the sub or DBC. Starting to make more sense yet?
  6. Sokki Augur

  7. code-zero Augur

    Not really, if you really are broke IRL and have tons of plat in game you can buy Krono with that to keep your subscription going. Then you'll get 500 Daybreak cash every month for being a subscriber, there's your Daybreak cash.

    It does Daybreak absolutely no good to make any sort of exchange at all between the two types of currency
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  8. Jaerlyn Augur

    I would happily support a completely new item, tradable in game, that could be turned in for daybreak cash but not game time. (Provided it didn't take enough coding to take away from the actual game itself.)

    But Kronos? No thank you.
  9. --Voodoo-- Augur

    I assume you're worried that this idea would further inflate the plat cost of Kronos. I can understand that. An in-game tradeable game card is a reasonable alternative.

    Um...if you want Krono you do not have to buy it with real money. In fact, I would say the only people that actually want a Krono to use for game time buy them for plat. It would make no sense for someone to buy a krono from DBG in order to use it.

    The logic for using Krono for DBC is exactly the same as using them for sub time. I would even go a step further and make them usable to buy expansions as well. If you increase the usefulness of something, you increase the demand for it. Plat price goes up, which entices more people to buy them from DBG.
  10. code-zero Augur

    And once again, this hurts Daybreak by taking money they've already earned for game time and moving it to another column in the financial report.

    Daybreak really doesn't care a lot about the plat supply at all since plat is effectively generated directly from game play. Daybreak wants to see all the Krono used to pay for game time, not for anything else and what your post does is verify my assertion that the real reason for this silly idea is to help the idiots who horded Krono dump it for something other than plat as they already have more play than they can use as well
  11. --Voodoo-- Augur

    You're wrong. Maybe in the short-term as already existing krono are used up, but eventually that supply would run out.

    People hoarding krono, I would imagine, are doing so as a means of limiting the supply, thus raising the plat price. Basically the exact opposite of what you seem to think.

    But at this point I guess we should just agree to disagree.
  12. Sokki Augur

    You're still missing the point, maybe my account is already payed up for a while but I want to use my plat to buy the krono for more DBC not 30 days sub. The only thing this change would do is make krono's act more like actual game cards were you can pick 30 day sub or 1500 DBC, that would make krono more desirable from people like me with lots of plat, which helps use up some of the krono's that are on the books.
  13. Stune Elder

    as long as nobody can "reprint krono's" and the money goes back to development i am ok with that. When it turns out someone had ripped off others accounts to stockpile kronos i would have a problem with DBG and the security of it all.

    Otherwise its fair game to me... I just hope the ones that stockpiled them at 250,000 and resold them for 2 million plat get a laugh out of it all :)
  14. code-zero Augur

    Just because you would really like something doesn't mean it makes any sense at all for Daybreak to do. They do not want to have the debacle that resulted when you could purchase game time with Station Cash.

    Now if you're asking for a way to gift or trade station cash that's an entirely different matter and if in game someone would trade a hypothetical DBC token for a Krono that'd be something that Daybreak might actually get behind.

    You cannot deny that there are lots of people who rather stupidly accumulated way too many Krono and are effectively stuck with them if they aren't having to use them to field a 40 mage army
  15. Sokki Augur

    Gifting DBC is the same exact matter as adding DBC to Kronos.... the only difference is we would now have 2 different items to trade instead of just using the one we already have. I'm still failing to see how this would not benefit DBC, your afraid the Krono hoarders will screw it up? people will hoard what ever they feel will go up in value or what they can sell for RL money, adding DBC to krono's isn't going to change there behavior.
  16. code-zero Augur

    It doesn't help Daybreak at all to convert Krono to anything else at all in game. Why don't you want a tradeable DBC token? My suspicion is that the reason for ths is so that you either purchase black market Krono off of 3rd party sites or you have access to one of the huge stockpiles of Kronos that are well known to exist and DBC would be a good way of liquidating them without your ever having to pay Daybreak anything.

    They probably have good reasons to not make DBC tradeable and that would hold doubly to allowing Krono to be exchanged straight up for it.

    Krono= 30 days of game time, that's all it's really worth and that's all it's ever going to be worth. Live with it

    The whole thread is disingenuous. If you want some way to trade DBC then why wasn't that asked for? That's an easy question to answer, Krono horders haven't personally had to pay a dime for anything in game and they never intend to pay a dime for anything if they can get away with it
  17. Rhodz Augur

    Last I looked kronos could easily be sold for RL cash although below retail value.
    So they do have value outside of the sub cost as long as demand is present.
    Freeing up the strictures on DB Cash is something we would all like to see and might even spur some additional demand for the thing.
    I detest bringing RL cash into the game outside the sub price and refuse to buy it but if indeed DBG must have these sales to operate then do it intelligently and hire someone that understands how markets function and free things up.
  18. Sokki Augur

    I never said I didn't want a tradeable DBC token. By all means add a 2nd token that's only good for DBC. The reason I suggested just adding it to Krono is it makes more sense to do it that way. Why would DB want to keep track of 2 seperate in game items that people have to buy with RL money. It would be easier to just add that capability to the already existing item.
  19. Crayon123 Augur

    Good idea, support it +1
  20. code-zero Augur

    Why would they want to screw with Krono at all? They put Krono in to replace the old ability to buy game time with station/daybreak cash.

    If you've ever bought a Krono in game you know that you open the Marketplace to purchase Krono through a secure site. You'd know that you purchase daybreak cash in an identical fashion or if you have cards you can redeem the codes on the secure site.

    What you are asking for is a total ground up overhaul of both of those mechanism and the only possible beneficiaries would be the idiots who've horded Krono and now have so many that they'll never be able to unload them all.

    This doesn't help Daybreak make a single dime, it only benefits horders

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