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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Srslynotimpressed, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    This idea wouldn't be game breaking, but I can see it benefiting both DBG and players. The idea is fairly simple; Have 'Krono' be redeemable for Daybreak Cash the way the old Game Cards could be used. I have a feeling more people would be consuming their kronos, stopping the ever increasing rise in them that is far outpacing peoples subscriptions, as well as likely selling more of them due to their increased viability. Many people used to buy game cards for plat - (this is common knowledge) and often these would be used to get Station Cash. Of course the system was sub-optimal compared to the nature of kronos; being directly linked and much harder to scam people with.

    Just food for thought. Flame away. Agree. Whatever; I just know this idea has quite a bit of traction among those I've spoken to !
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  2. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    Also, to continue the favoring of purchasing kronos at a higher value than the subscription, these would be redeemable preferably at 1500; it keeps the krono value steady, as well as not diminishing the value of the purchasing of kronos from DBG.
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  3. Reht Augur

    I think it's a good idea, Rift does something like this with REX (Rift exchange).
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  4. Rhodz Augur

    So a Krono sink of sorts.
    Not a bad idea at all really though given past decisions they will see it as a threat to krono sales/ DB Cash sales.
    Sometimes the harder one tries to hang onto a cash cow the sooner it is milked dry.
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  5. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    I can see the argument that they may at first assume that it may be a threat to krono / DBCash - however, upon further reflection, it adds incentive to those who may not typically purchase krono for account related things, to purchase them for the ability to pick either/or. 1500DBC or 14.99/mo, the equivalence of the current Krono model would of course need to be consistent. On that premise, they could actually increase revenue streams via krono; as people would be spending the 17.99$ (originally, anyways...) for what only turned into a $15 equivalent purchase. As it stands now, 2000 DBC still = $20.00, etc.

    I'm currently watching the bottom of the Krono market drop on the server I play right now - they've decreased in value 30-40% due to the volume on the server. This means players have them readily available, and as such may be less inclined to spend actual dollars. If there was - as perfectly stated above - a "Krono sink", it should help counterbalance and retain the value of Krono; for both the players purchasing items with them, to the individuals having the assumption it's worthwhile to buy them only though the DB store.

    Again, merely food for thought, and an idea that would likely be welcomed by a large number of the player base - unless of course the people I have chatted with are total outliers; however I do not believe this is the case.
  6. Derd Augur

    Why would anyone pay 17.99 for 15 dollars worth of DBC?

    I understand your point, your looking for more ways that consume a Krono to drive up your value for the one's left over. But all that does is make them more profitable to you, not to DBG. And for those on the purchasing with plat side it makes them less attractive, as you've now drove up the price for them.
  7. Rhodz Augur

    DBG loses if the market is over flooded with krono, they only make money off the new krono sales and therefore those sold must be used in some fashion.
    More uses means more demand more sales for everyone involved given the demand from the TLP must be flagging by now. Freer the market the better.
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  8. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    I have no horse in the race in terms of necessarily having krono at a higher or lower platinum price point. I'm more advocating for what Rhodz up there has mentioned, and concisely noted. DBG is going to start losing sales of kronos once they accumulate enough to be basically a secondary bartering tool; not so much even used for the actual ability to maintain accounts. DBG also hurts in the effect where kronos become so plentiful, they become the object of r.m.t. and thus gets cut out entirely. There needs to be another option for Krono other than account subs, otherwise it will eventually just fall off.
  9. Iila Augur

    Why would someone pay $18 for $12 worth of subscription time?
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  10. Vdidar Augur

    Couldn't someone be using plat to buy these and redeem for the dbc? I might not be following clearly. I've been up for 26 hours.
  11. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    That was indeed the idea I was trying to convey. It's a way for kronos to continue to be bought and sold(for plat, items, etc), but offers an alternative option for what consuming them provides.
  12. EnchFWO Augur

    Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. As long as Krono remain cash only purchases and provide something of value less than the $17.99 cost, it remains a source of revenue and would probably make more people happy.
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  13. Derd Augur

    I just hope those that are holding krono enjoy whatever games Dbg have out when Eq stops :)
  14. Rhodz Augur

    Wonder what the price would go down to should that happen... all those krono hitting all at once ...

  15. Sokki Augur

    I wouldn't mind having Krono's offer an option for DBC. There's been plenty of times a sale has gone on that I didn't have the RL money to spend for it but would have gladly consumed a krono in game to use.
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  16. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    I know many people who feel the exact same way. It would be a welcome add on that would technically increase DBG revenue due to Krono sales. Seems like a pretty solid win-win. More options = more krono consumption = more krono sales from the source = DBG gets paid while players also benefit.
  17. code-zero Augur

    Why would I buy a Krono to turn around and trade in game for daybreak cash?

    This wouldn't drive Krono sales at all. If I want daybreak cash then I would buy it directly. This idea only benefits people who for whatever reason horded huge amounts of Krono and now don't need plat, items or anything else in game and are stuck sitting on thousands of dollars worth of game time that they may never be able to redeem.

    Daybreak isn't liable to help rectify poor judgement on the part of some players
  18. Zoso Journeyman

    It seems like a lot of people don't understand how Kronos are used
    Obviously, the Krono is first sold for platinum by the original buyer, then redeemed somewhere down the road for station cash by another party.
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  19. Stune Elder

    your idea was sound when SOE first brought out krono's however today this idea is taxing the system so much so, your taking 1 or more employee's off of their jobs to make this happen.

    How much of this has been going on with pulling the team away to add something else?
    -enough, because isn't you guys that said these last two addons have been designed pretty weak?
  20. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    Dev time is absolutely more important than this. I however was thinking due to the system that was previously in place for game cards, something of that nature could be stuck back in for consuming a Krono.

    And yes, Zoso is entirely correct in what his reading was. Someone that purchases these (from DBG) will sell them to another player for platinum. That player then uses an 18$ item, for $15 worth of DBC; as they do with their account subscriptions.
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