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  1. Tacoheals Journeyman

    appreciate the feedback - ill see what i can do for future to make it easier to read
  2. zoycite New Member

    For Sparkly Shinies the best way to get these is go kill the paebala rats in the Zlandicar mission in the big room with 6 entrances/exits the respawn is very fast. if after a couple hours you do not have the collect you need reget the mission and repeat.

    Webber's Dictionary is kind of rare off of the phase spiders in the entrance half of the zone. I have had the best luck getting these near the door right before the rats/hallway to the 2nd part of the zone and just pulling all the spiders I can.

    The other 2 are just ground spawns and can be difficult to get due to see-SOS mobs.
  3. Tacoheals Journeyman

    spot on info right their - sorry been busy in RL lol
  4. Beonono Journeyman

    If you read my original post, it has nothing to do with the mission collectibles or the phase spider collectibles. I have both of those done. My point is that on Bertox at least, there are NO ground spawns anywhere, up top, in the caves, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, none. Furthermore I have not been able to find anyone else on the server who has them. I filed a petition, they couldn't reset the zone. I filed a bug report. Will see what happens next. I expect I will have to wait until the next patch when they bounce the servers.
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  5. dwish Augur

    Can anyone give me a bit more information on useless tools collection set? Supposedly it drops from "the call" mission in sleepers, but I am not seeing anything but the bosses on track when I zone in and it appears the rest of the zone is locked off. Do you have to beat the mission and then other areas in the instance open or something?
  6. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    The mobs are up top ... need evac or there's a /camp thing in the water where it will kick you to a safe part of the zone (don't ask me more ... I evac). Most folks kill the two golems then the wyvern room and ramp (wyverns instead of spectres on first ramp) and then either reget or keep plowing on. Drop rate is probably a little better than other missions ... averaged about 4 per 26 mobs killed (2 golems, 24 wyvern).
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  7. dwish Augur

    Oh, I see. Thanks for the help!
  8. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    From January test patch:
    - The Call (Mission) - The worried golem will now send PCs back up to access the rest of the tomb, if they wish.

    So it looks like everyone will be able to pop up after January patch.

    Also from test patch:
    - Zlandicar Reborn (Mission) - Trash NPCs will not respawn within the event, and will no longer con higher than they should.

    So the DN mission collects will be IMO a little harder to get after the patch (as you could find a good spot for you and farm for up to 6 hours in the same instance).
  9. dwish Augur

    Ok, that makes sense. I just went back into the mission today to try to warp to the other parts of the zone to work on the collection set, and all the teleports/warps are just warping me back to mission start spot. Im guessing you have to beat the mission as of right now before you can warp to other parts of zone, unless im missing something.
  10. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Thanks for this.

    I'm having a lot of trouble in Western Wastes, though. I'm not seeing groundspawns anywhere for Fauna of the Wastes. Any tips on where to look? I'm checking ice formations, rocks, and even the dragon nests (but thats where the dragon egg collection spawns.) I haven't seen a single one.
  11. Tacoheals Journeyman

    Basically around the lower half of the zone is better luck for me, the more north you go the more eggs you get, check around ice rocks, the small tower looking things, in the ditches on hills by DN, turn off your advanced lighting in ALT O - Advanced - and click off advanced lighting it will help.
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