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  1. Tacoheals Journeyman

    **First time ever doing anything like this so bare with Taco!**
    Figured this year id try to do something that would help everyone in EQ. As in this scenario it would be collections in COV ! I have been working on this since the release and this is the finished product that is up to my current knowledge. I hope people use it and comes in handy for folks! Couldn't have done it without Xegony.Cadira and Xegony.Nadirah ! The 3 of us worked our tails off to figure this out!

    Claw Of Veeshan Collections

    Cobalt Scar:
    1. Restless Ice Fishing: Ground spawn in field / under water
    2. Dont be a Guppy: Dropped Ulthorks
    3. Unclutched Pearls: Dropped Sirens
    4. Life Aquatic: Ground spawn inside water tunnel by WW ZI.

    The Western Wastes:
    1. Lost Dragon Eggs: Ground spawns throughout zone
    2. Fauna of the Wastes: Ground spawns throughout zone
    3. Kromzek Equipment: Dropped off Giants on middle East wall
    4. Lost Draconic Tomes: Dropped off Dracholiches / Wurms by TOV zone

    The Temple of Veeshan:
    1. Ethereal Relics: Ground Spawns in East side / South side of zone
    2. Lost Journals: Ground Spawns on West side / North side of zone
    3. Dragonkin Hunting: Dropped random mobs throughout East side of zone
    4. Flame-Licked Clothing: Dropped in mission – Aaryonar

    Dragon Necropolis:
    1. Sparkly Shinies: Dropped in mission – Zlandicar Reborn
    2. Ancient Fractures: Ground Spawns above caves
    3. Webber’s Dictionary: Dropped off Spiders
    4. Even Grand Bone Dragons Fight: Ground Spawns in caves

    1. Drake Scales: Ground Spawns on floor 1 & 2
    2. Crystallized Anatomy: Ground Spawns on floor 3
    3. More Lost Journals: Dropped in mission (Drakes) – The Crusaders
    4. Draconic Artifacts: Dropped off Drakes/Wurms/Wyvern

    The Sleeper’s Tomb:
    1. Frosted Fakes: Ground Spawn more toward beginning of zone
    2. Scales of Justice: Ground Spawns more toward end of zone
    3. Altered Velium: Dropped off Golems / Gargoyles
    4. Usless Tools: Dropped in mission – Vulak’Aerr

    Designed by:
    Xegony.Tacoheals (Realm of Insanity)

    Main Help:
    Xegony.Cadira (Machin Shin)
    Xegony.Nadirah (Machin Shin)
  2. OldCa61 Augur

    Thanks Taco and RoI/MS.
    Much Appreciated.
    Happy New Year !!!
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  3. Bigstomp Augur

    Much appreciated.
    In the past this information has been really hard to find.
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  4. Nniki Augur

    Lost Draconic Tomes can also drop from the relocated wyverns roaming the zone.
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  5. Yendar Augur

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  6. Cadira Augur

    Believe it!

    Funny story. She retired 6 years ago and came back to game recently. A year after she retired, I main changed to a cleric for my guild and named myself after my best eq friend ever in her honor. And now she's back!
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  7. Tacoheals Journeyman

    Good to know! Thank you, they’re so common off dracholiche and wurms so that’s all we explored to kill
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  8. Tacoheals Journeyman

    Glad she came back to! Cadira Nadirah and Tacoheals the trio of clerics conquering the world of norrath lmao
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  9. Nadirah New Member

    Yendar, you're not the first person to have thought that. However, my oobies are FAR superior to Cadira's.

    Taco, Cadira - Love you guys! I'm glad to be back. =)
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  10. Geniveive New Member

    Good Job Taco!! That's my Boi right there <3
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  11. dwish Augur

    Thanks for putting this together. I have been working on the collections for the last week and this will be extremely helpful. Cheers!!
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  12. Adaire Lorekeeper

    Is there a trick to finding the WW Fauna!? I been running around there for days in picks and normal zone and have like....3. The spots marked on goods maps some have literally never had any collections at them. Beginning to think it’s more than crap RNG
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  13. Hekaton Augur

    Most of the ones I came across were on the giant restless ice crystals making them not so easy to see
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  14. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    same here, and I have like 3...
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  15. Tacoheals Journeyman

    I've noticed that its more of the southern zone area of TOV more south more and more over by DN and south of that - check around like the ice pillar things and around trees is where I'm getting lucky, it is one of the more pita sets
  16. Tacoheals Journeyman

    turn off advanced lighting in ALT O, advanced tab, and check off allow 2.0 pixel shadows
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  17. Beonono Journeyman

    I am on Bertox and can't find any shinies as ground spawn in DN. Has anyone on any other server found these? I have heard that one collection also drops from the lava guys but I can't recall which one it was.
  18. Tacoheals Journeyman

    They're 100% on xegony in those locations, should be their as well. the zlandicar mission drops 1 set - then 2 are ground spawns. 1 in the caves with a bunch of SI and other outside the caves, check on rocks. in the rooms / around dracoliche caves and 1 is always behind the rock by ZI
  19. zoycite New Member

    The font is a bit difficult to read in the original post due to font, but the information is useful. Mostly just looks like the bullet points might be italic as well?
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  20. Beonono Journeyman

    Thanks for the confirmation. Unfortunately they do not appear to be on Bertox. I know of no one who has any of these items. These are my last 2 collections, the ground spawns, I mean. I just finished the Sparkly Shinies in the mission and of course have the ones from the spiders. Hopefully they come back with a server reset.

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