Coldain Ring #8

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  1. Sarepean Journeyman

    Turned in to Gloradin, she gave me experience, walked away to tell the Dain and... Garadain never showed up for the war. I've got a head and no NPC to turn it in to. Apparently the Coldain got bored and went back home while the giants and orcs stuck around to kill random passerbys.

    This mob spawns basically once a day outside of picks. What's the deal here, DBG? I can't prove this is a bug because I have no idea what happened here. GMs have a hands off policy that is apparently like a bad on-again-off-again girlfriend since they wouldn't do anything in Kunark for epics but suddenly found it within themselves to hand out the tools for Coldain Shawls and now won't help with what seems like a real issue. I have no idea if I turn this head in to someone else's spawned Garadain if it screws them up and really don't relish the thought of sitting around waiting for this mob -again- after I've sunk days in to it already.

    Anyone have any experience with this quest that can comment?
    EDIT: Nevermind, apparently I'm just going to have to wait. Devs never confirmed the bug, so I'll need to piggyback on someone else's turn-in. Bug is here:
  2. Miena Elder

    What can happen, not saying this is what happened in your case, but it sounds likely is someone with a chief head from a previously spawned event can walk up to Garadain while you are still fighting chief and getting your head from the spawned event. What then happens iirc is Garadain gives out the 8th ring to the other person who brought an outside chief head and despawns. Breaks the event and the person who spawned the event and now has a chief head with no turn-in possible has basically two choices. Either they snipe someone elses turn-in or redo the whole quest and hope no one snipes it next time.

    The easiest fix I can see for this is either allowing normal non-event spawned Garadain to hand out 8th rings to people with chief heads. Or letting the Garadain in the event hand out multiple 8th rings to people with heads. Unfortunately they have so far refused to change the event further to prevent abuses and turn-in stealing. They added the * to chief which helps some, but it's not enough.

    Also further note if you make it past 8th ring. Do not do the peffin script in a pick it bugs out frequently and they refuse to restore quest items.
  3. Sarepean Journeyman

    So in this case, I actually killed the chief before the Chief's adds popped, way before Garadain would have given his speech to the other dwarves. I actually watched someone else turn in to Gloradin today, his Garadain spawned appropriately, he did the same thing I did, and we both turned in our heads without issue.

    Still, super annoying to have to re-camp a mob with this kind of timer because of a broken script. @DBG, just fix the dang thing.
  4. Baldur Augur

    I thought they changed it so Garadain no longer despawns when you give him the chief's head, so multiple people can do the turn in if you get stuck like this.

    I've seen lots of people complain about this.

    You need to like the first post in that bug thread you linked if you want them to fix it.