Char Screen freeze w/ "It took XX seconds to load your characters"

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tuco, May 16, 2020.

  1. Tuco Elder

    Ran into this issue this morning. Stuff was working OK last night, though I did have a windows update that forced me to reinstall sound drivers a couple days ago.

    When attempting to log in I got these two screens:

    In both cases the eqgame client was frozen and had to be shut down with the task manager / powershell.

    Stuff I tried:
    • Logging into account from other PC: worked OK, was able to log into a character on that account
    • Restarting PC: No change
    • Deleting all my config files: No change
    • Reinstalling EQ: No change
    • Reinstalling Graphics driver for GTX 1080ti: fixed problem
    Related bug reports:

    My guess is that certain driver issues with NVIDIA cards caused by windows update can present as being unable to properly render the engine, causing a delay that triggers a warning about missing characters followed by the engine being unable to render and the EQ client freezing.
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  2. Tuco Elder

    Napharious, I'm quoting this instead of bumping your thread because it was locked and your issue was not resolved, I hope it is helpful to you.
  3. Ruikezril New Member

    Similar issue here--game freezes at server select screen. I never get to the message about how long it took my characters to load though. After updating NVIDIA drivers and making sure Windows was up to date and all that, the thing that fixed it?

    Disable your sound card. Something with the sound is fighting with EQ. Additionally, if I am in game, and enable the sound card, the game instantly freezes until I disable it again. This only came up within the last week or two with a Windows update. I thought a friend of mine had it fixed--he reinstalled the sound drivers and did some other stuff and it worked--but after about a week, same issue, same fix.
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  4. Tinycornnugget New Member

    Was there ever a solution provided for this? Running into this same error since Aradune came back online.
    This happens when I log into ever server.
  5. Tinycornnugget New Member

  6. MR1470 New Member

    i got a new computer and it wasnt working. Just like the guy previously mentioned, I fixed it by disabling sound. but i didn't disable the sound card, i just disabled the sound setting in eqclient.ini


    Hope this helps for now.
  7. landario New Member

    So there is no fix for this yet ?
    Have exactly the same problem, can only play with Sound=False.

    It's a joke this has been unadressed for such a long time
  8. landario New Member

  9. landario New Member

    After further investigation. On my second gaming rig EQ works on Windows 10 and the only major difference is that is has only onboard Sound and no Soundblaster Soundcard.

    So i guess since the Game works on my main PC(with Soundblaster G6) ONLY when i use the SOUND=FALSE setting in the EQClient.INI, it seems obvious that we need a fix for a dedicated sound card like the Soundblaster G6.

    I hope we can get a fix for this because playing EQ without Sound is kind of meh.


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