Changes to the Necromancer Epic 2.0 in the August 2020 Update

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  1. Marton Augur

    If it's so easy how come there are so many people playing necros who don't even come close to what the average necro dps is.
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  2. Szilent Augur

    nothing this month, year or decade "led to" the epic nerf. It's been pending for 16 years
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  3. Antasirras New Member

    If they want to be oom constantly, sure. It takes a ton of mana to DoT up a new mob every 30 seconds, even if we're only using our biggest two - as those are the most expensive by far.

    Losing the crit% chance sucks, but the bigger issue is that our spells all cost wayyyy too much mana. They quadrupled the mana cost of our biggest DoT, and it only lasts 30 seconds. Yes, it does a ton of damage, but if we're expected to cast it on every mob every 30 seconds, guess what? We have massive mana issues. Most people should've noticed that on raids and even in groups by now. With over 200k mana, even our big mana regen AA doesn't do much anymore.
  4. RPoo Augur

    wow.. makes my mana regen buff of 188 look like less than nothing but that's what the rest of us are working with that don't have lich.
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  5. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    hi, welcome to being literally every class that's had their dots revamped. deal with it. come back in 3 months when they nerf the hell out of your combined dot DMG but don't adjust the mana accordingly.
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  6. u4aora New Member

    I'm wishing I hadn't renewed for a year last week. I've played a solo necro for 18 years and guess it's time to move on after I max out AAs and see how well the revamped compares to current damage. I wish DB would do more about nerfing the boxers using .
  7. Zerker1231 Lorekeeper

    Welcome to mana management where you can't blow your load every mob or you will idk run out ? Be real though how much dps is your best dot ? 150k ? 200k ? More ?
  8. svann Augur

    Half of all players are below average. Thats just math science.
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  9. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    from what everyone's said, if you actually play the class well your dps will be a net positive with the epic + revamp changes. as a solo w/o raid gear you would likely face mana issues just like shamans/chanters did before they "figured it out". it'll take more thought than "put every dot you can possibly put on it" if you don't want to med every other mob.
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  10. birdsong_pawn Augur

    Half of all players are below the median, not the average.

    Sorry, hehe.
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  11. Silu New Member

    Your statement is incorrect. His particular situation (solo necro) will be hit the hardest. True, his named burn for the first 54s will not be affected, but his extended burn and sustained will go down more than one additional proc will offset. Raid necros in guilds with lots of rangers will be the least impacted.

    Edit: Saw you added '+ revamp'. There it is hard to say, as 2x damage at 1/4 the efficiency for the solo necro doesn't allow endless damage unless you are root rot chaining with wounds, in which case you have 0 benefit from the revamp and only the loss from the epic nerf.
  12. svann Augur

    Thats true, but assuming bell curve they are the same point.
  13. Jaxxon New Member

    I box necros and when I first saw this I was 'Oh here we go again' When they made the spell changes a while back I sat down with my nec's and, after a lot of trials and testing, I found the best set of spells that allowed the least down to DPS and I'm happy with it now. After reading all the posts, yeah we knew this was coming, but a little more warning would of been nice, but I did not start playing a necro because it was 'easy', I started playing one for the challenge. I'm now looking at this as another challenge and I'll work with it and make it work.
    As for any necro that is going to quit over this.....yeah, thanks, bye! Go play a druid
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  14. kizant Augur

    It's not hard to say at all. Necros have plenty of mana. They just never needed to try before. Get crystal mana potions, the skill mod type 7 augs, and mem mind erosion for the first time ever. You know. Just do the basics that everyone has been used to doing for years. It'll be fine.
  15. Andarriel Augur

    lol or a sk til they nerf there epic. i dont have to worry bout mine it was pretty useless even when it was new.

  16. Bobokin Augur

    Right, ... but aren't epic weapons, by definition, supposed to be ... EPIC?

    I am a casual player, so I have not done my epics anyway, but I don't understand your logic on this one.

    Why didn't you go the other way and make Epic 2.0 weapons for all other classes more useful later?

    Yeah, but is it the players' fault that 18 expansions later there is no Epic 3.0, 4.0, ...?

    Everquest has all kinds of cookie cutter templated weapons now. They are not much fun compared to the old days, which I guess ended 18 expansions ago.
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  17. Lannin Elder

    In the history of EQ I'm pretty sure the necromancer class is the all-time leading class for volume of nerfs

    Enchanters have this honor.
  18. Sambenx New Member

    Necro dot crit rate from a current ToV raid over the last week:


    10 of the non-crits are from Gathering Dusk, which is unable to crit. This gives an effective dot crit rate of 2280 / 2293 or ~99.43% over 901s. Basically, with proper ADPS, Necros are currently around 100% dot crit rate over 15+ minutes.

    Much of this time is spent far above 100% crit because Necro passive crit rate is currently so high (~80%). This change drops passive crit down to around 62%. New crit % values will look something like: Auspice = 95%; Bard Epic + FE = 89%, Spire + IoG = 100%; Spire + Glyph = 102%; IotR (everyone has this now) = 112%; Robe = 102%.

    Now, importantly, Necros have multiple options to hit 99-100% crit during burns, either by themselves (Spire + Glyph OR IoTR OR Robe), or with the help of others (Spire + literally anything else that mods dot crit).

    Altogether, this will probably drop sustained crit rate down to around low to mid 90s in raids with good ADPS support. Necros will need more help from others to maintain decent crit rates; the raid as a whole will need to manage ADPS mods more efficiently; Necros may have to box their own bard if their RL is a ****. Also, send your rangers free beer (@Findictive prefers Zima or Smirnoff Ice). By no means is this the end of the world.

    This change does, however, hurt Necros in raids with poor ADPS support, in sustained situations in groups where ADPS mods are in short supply, or when soloing.
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  19. Kase Elder

    After making a few posts yesterday then coming back this morning and catching up on new posts I still see there's not alot of helpful info being shared. Just bickering. The majority of the posts are it seems, from "raiders" who some feel that necros outshine in raids. As I mentioned before they may, and they may need to be toned down...I seem to get the feeling most agree with that judging by the posts. I agree if that's so, but I cant comment I don't raid. Toning down an epic may or may not improve the discrepancy.
    But, there is very little said by the other half of EQ, the casual, non-raiders who frankly may not care about whos the best in a raid situation dps-wise. That all seems very petty to me, no offense to any raiders... I mentioned before I just rolled a necro weeks ago for the first time in 20 years and am loving the class. I can actually solo! I mentioned also that EPICS are just that EPIC, and they should be a 'forever' item for every class....they should have been all updated to todays era.
    Everything posted and the general attitude by developers to just take away instead of advance is prevalent, My point to all this is I feel it's all being looked at the wrong way.
    Move forward and upgrade all epics to todays era or create an epic for classes that can be a truly "forever" item. I see it as Little Johnny has a faster bike then Little Billy and Billy is upset and wants to be fast also...don't take little Johnny's bike from him, no upgrade Billy's so it would be evened out.
  20. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    Thank you for repeating what I said 50 posts ago. The issue is a few months from now despite this nerf he’s going to go back and take like 45% of the damage back to solve the issue he created. So after 6 months of dot revamps necromancers will have lost their epic, will still have 15 dots to use and do about the same damage they did prior to anything but for 3-4 times the mana expenditure. So group will still be lower than peers, solo will suddenly be way lower and raids fully supported juggling 15 dots and 10 other things will result in auto attack and three button level dps.

    How about those berserker critical rates for the same raids? Or any warrior focused on hdex at this stage. 97-99% as well for guilds who have even a few rangers who know how to play. A high critical rate is not a problem if handled properly.
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