Changes to the Necromancer Epic 2.0 in the August 2020 Update

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  1. Silu Journeyman

    I was under the impression that DoT crit rate boosts from spells/abilities don't stack even if they are in different slots... whatever has the highest mod to crit rate wins. For example, bard stuff: FE gives 15%, Bard Epic gives 12%, so you only get 15% from those together, not the 27% you have listed above. Similarly, Spire increases crit rate 25%, IoG 13%, and Glyph 15%. Stacking those, you will still only get Spire's 25%. I think post-change, the only ways to be at 100% will be Robe (40%) and IotR (50%). Epic stacks because it is a worn effect. If I'm incorrect, I would actually love to know.
  2. Ibudin Augur

    I think its cute you just made a necro for grouping a couple weeks and your happy about it, congrats. Keep in mind, many of us who have played necros for 18+ years, needed a raid force to even get an epic to begin with. It took a player, to earn his spot on a guild roster, and then earn his fellow companions time to help him raid for the epic. Today, its mostly soloable, so its easy for you as a "grouper" to dismiss the raiders complaints. Epics are not needed anymore, and if they were put in the game again, you would most likely need that raid force to get that one item you needed to upgrade it, and all the groupers would be here complaining they cant complete the quest.

    In the end you wont find anything useful on this thread because its all wasted time, what's done is done.
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  3. Kase Elder

    Yep I went through all the raiding back when the epics started. I get it. I'm not dismissing anyone or any group just pointing out most of the posts only show the raiders viewpoint, Im not that way...I respect everyone's opinion. Not a grouper here I box...cept for this necro which I see as a solo class , I always have. Its fun to go thru the content solo for me (with exception to some content which needs a group).
    I disagree though on epics arent needed... well needed is the wrong word maybe. I believe they can be helpful/fun/breathe new life into EQ, just look at this whole debate. If everyones epics were still meaningful as the necros then there wouldnt be this debate to begin with.
    As for epic in game now-a-days(new ones or upgrading)...sure raids would be needed and I did it in the past without being in a raid guild through friends and my casual its possible. So I have little sympathy for any "grouper" complaining about not being able to get an epic now-a-days if introduced/or upgraded. it may not happen quickly for them but it can be done.
  4. Forcallen Augur

    Fine with losing the epic but it should have come with some more aa crit ranks so it was a self contained change. Dot revamps need a ton of walk back eventually if only it was clearly explained what would happen so we could have avoided lots of wasted time and effort.
  5. StiTch.ed Journeyman

    Hey folks. Returning vet, this is one of the articles I created an account to pitch in on.

    The direction that this game has taken is honestly embarrassing for the legacy this game has. I understand that the epic may be considered OP because the other epics have been nerfed - but the question I have to ask is why bring everything down instead of pushing it forwards and upwards?

    There is a massive sense of laziness throughout all the development that results in this "gear whitewash". We used to have armour sets comprising unique pieces from all over our travels, and a truly epic quest for a powerful tool. Now it's just..."grab the defiant set/equivalent for your level and go hit stuff".

    This may have been acceptable if this were a true F2P game, but I'm seeing monetisation everywhere I look and refuse to believe the devs aren't pulling in enough to justify the lack of effort compared to what the game used to receive. There used to be GM events, unique expansion concepts and proper quest development. Every piece of gear and every task just feels like a clone of one another, and now the most meaningful and exciting quest for each of us is being made redundant at a level you can start a bought new character at.

    TL;DR: If the nec epic is considered OP because everyone elses' epics are useless by your 80s, stop making everyone else's epics useless by the 80s? It's our damn "epic" man, the one thing y'all coulda put effort into.

    This game has a character no other game will match, but I'm not putting in a penny again until Daybreak can prove it plans to do something meaningful with it.
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  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Clickie effects are expected to be used long after they were introduced, focus effects are not, all focus effects degrade over time this one didn't & now it does, it was brought in line.
    Most focus effects are replaced, this one likely will not be.
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  7. StiTch.ed Journeyman

    That's fine when we're talking x piece of defiant gear that becomes redundant by your next set because it will have the upgraded version of what you're after.

    Our epics are a one-off, iconic piece. Why do they have to degrade over time?
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  8. RangerGuy Elder

    I do not believe melee focus effects degrade. Ferocity, cleave and sharpshooting all work forever.
  9. Cicelee Augur

    Forgive my ignorance, never played a necromancer before, but I want to ask about something that was brought up earlier.

    Few posters above said that base crit chance for necros is 80%, so that with their epic it increased to 98% of the time without any sort of ADPS involved.

    So if this is true, a necromancer would have basically had a critical hit on every dot on every tick? And if so, not one necromancer ever considered a permanent minimum 98% crit rate to be a wee bit over powered?

    I know as a magician I am able to get to 100% at various times during a raid. But permanently? Is there any class that has a permanent minimum 98% crit chance as well?

    You all can be mad, that is cool. But to sit there and say (if all of this is really true) a baseline minimum 98% crit chance is acceptable is rather silly IMHO...
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  10. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    The infinite hamster wheel.
    Epic 1.0 are still relevant? No & were not still being equipped over ten years later, they didn't last beyond Kunark even, except maybe situational / temporary use.
  11. Kase Elder

    Finally someone who agrees.... been posting since yesterday take over the fight please.
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  12. Sancus Augur

    Passively Necros receive 61% DoT crit chance from Critical Affliction and an additional 1% from DoN. The epic adds 18%, bringing the total passive crit chance with the epic to 80%.

    There are other classes that can achieve crit rates near or at 100% for various forms of damage passively, and a few others that can achieve crit rates near or at 100% for various forms of damage in perpetuity given sufficient support.
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  13. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Correct but those have been stagnated & carried the same effect onto each successive expansion;s gear so clearly they are intended to be worn by melee, if they were not part of the design then the gear would no longer carry those effects.

    Spell foci are simply designed differently to melee ones.
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  14. kizant Augur

    That was changed around 5 years ago. They all stack unless they're in the same slot.
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  15. Coas Lorekeeper

    I'm good with the necro epic change. We were in dire need of a revamp, and we are in the process of getting it.

    That being said, I knew we would have to compensate somewhere, either with extremely high mana costs and/or the epic being made obsolete. Looks like we get both, but that's how it goes. Now I get to have one of those giant sticks wizards and mages are always running around with!
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  16. Evil.Iguana Elder

    This is a fair criticism. I'm not necro but I daresay we have all had instances where a bit more heads up on a big change would have been greatly appreciated. Giving credit where credit is due, DPG has made improvements to communication recently, so perhaps in the future they could provide a bit more lead time for players to make play-style adjustments in similar situations.
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  17. smash Augur

    You can kind of compare melee cleave/ferocity/sharpshooting to caster spell focuses(poison/cold/fire/...).

    Melee get these 2 types of focuses, but do not get updates anymore.

    Casters are for cold/fire... and more but stil are upgrades. In fact group focuses are now up to what raid focuses for what they were when Melee stopped get upgraded,

    Atm, the items caster focuses are now +5 levels, so no longer will they be worse when new levels are introduced
    So for that matter, casters got the long line, while melee got the short end.

    Devs can ofc make so the 3 melee focuses degenerate, when new levels are introduced, but then so should caster/priests focuses so no more overlap. For the things to be fair.

    The question is, do we want that.

    It would make less code for devs if there were no focuses at all. All upgrades in dps/healing would come from AA/spells/weapons.
    It would give devs big job in rebalancing the things too.

    Oh and dont forget block/dodge/parry
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  18. feigntrain Elder

    LOL necromancers were ok with having 2-3x higher dps than every other class? really? who wouldn't be ok with that? This has nothing to do with people being "OK" with it.
  19. minimind The Village Idiot

    Not to mention the flurry nerf in SoF (?) and the epic nerf (the click it used to re-proc itself).
  20. minimind The Village Idiot

    I'm one of those zerks that is often at the top of his raid DPS (raid alliance, just got into TBL). I've loved having necros top the parse for a while because I think every DPS class should get some over-power time. It's fun to be in the spotlight and who in the world wouldn't want their fellow raiders to do more DPS? If they do more DPS, I get a better chance at a win. I've been captain of the Necro Cheer Club since the revamp for that very reason.

    But it has been a very long time since I've seen wizards top a raid parse. So long that I think we have maybe 1 or 2 (if any) frequenting the raids anymore.

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