Changes coming in next patch that will affect TLPs

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Coirnav, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Coirnav Augur

    I love this game:

    - The "Voice of *" NPCs in Veeshan's Peak are no longer charmable.

    - Melee Classes - Adjusted the bonuses granted by Innate Darkblade, Duelist, Fellstrike, Fury, Holyblade, Innerflame, Natureblade, Rage, and Songblade. Reduced the bonuses granted by these lines for levels 40-80 and increased the bonuses for levels 85-110.

    RIP Melee, RIP Charm pets in VP, RIP Small Guilds ;)
  2. Darkeish New Member

    Frustrating to say the least. Of all of the things that need to be addressed on TLP servers, these are the changes we are seeing. Priorities seem a bit off, lol.
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  3. That One Guy Augur

    All part of RI's plan to steal all the other guilds members! Damn you Vicious! ;)
  4. Kahna Augur

    Charm pets in VP aren't all that. Melee changes are unlikely to be the end of the world, and small guilds will be fine.
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  5. Ronnie New Member

    A change as big as the melee one should be tested for a while not just thrown into the monthly patch without a decent amount of time to be tweaked. They do this kind of thing all they time and then to fix their mistake they have to buff or nerf some other class to compensate when they should of taken more time to test the changes they were trying to make.
    I highly doubt anyone on the test team actually hops into the game and tries their changes out before they implement they simply patch them to live and have the players mass beta test for them and tweak accordingly on the next patch.
  6. That0neguy Augur

    Take away 16% of their melee DPS and the pets are probably closer to 50% of their DPS and you are left with PD no longer being able to be killed with 25 people.
  7. That One Guy Augur

    Yeah, turns out 5 charm pets that hide from AoE the whole fight is pretty good.
  8. Scrax Elder

    I mean there's only 2 guilds that can even get past the autoclickers so who cares about VP.

    The real issue is that this makes velious raids take much longer and require more melee. At a time when Coirnav has a lack of people and a frustrating environment, the velious attrition that occurs the last 2 months of Velious may be too much.

    Coirnav's gonna be dead before PoP. Sweet we can probably get a new server with better exp around 3 months of LDON on Agnarr.

    Perfect timing, the cash grab server has served its purpose get your credit cards ready to buy the bags on the next one!
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  9. That0neguy Augur

    Don't let that piece of sky falling hit you on the head! Run for cover guys, Coirnav is doomed!

    Also why would you bring MORE of something that was nerf'd? Why not bring more of something that still does good dps.

    And lastly. That attrition between PoTime and ..... oh right nothing has to be atrocious. No way it will survive. Good thing no one cares what other servers are doing or not doing.
  10. Krezzy Augur

    "- Ranger - Reduced the base damage of all ranks of Headshot and increased the maximum melee damage cap from 750k to 6m. This should result in critical Headshot attacks dealing significantly more damage than before."

    Probably not a concern on Agnarr, but this also looks likely to affect older TLPs.
  11. RandomStrategy Augur

    Goddammit, Prathun, I'm a paladin....I can't do **** for DPS anyway....leave my Holyblade alone!
  12. Fumi-chan Augur

    Warrior damage going from 40% to 24%. Pretty big nerf. Checking other classes now. Will update.
  13. That One Guy Augur

    Mages already dominated melee classes in the early expansions for damage. This just skews it even more. Melee have a hard time beating a mage pet, let alone adding in the mage nuke. Now they all lose 15-20% of their damage...

    Also, the pet regen makes them tank better than those other DPS classes.

    This change just seems very sudden and extremely odd. Just a blanket nerf to every melee DPS with a 1 week notice?
  14. RandomStrategy Augur

    I wonder if this change now would be enough cause to remove MotM. Mark of the Old Ways stays because pets are still OP as ****, unless they change those as well.

    The whole point of MotM was that player DPS was way too high.
  15. Krezzy Augur

    I love the idea of getting rid of MotM, as well as Presence of the Mighty. Weapon damage properties changing on bosses isn't classic. A boxed bard in every group isn't classic. Pets going nuts because of the Presence dubuff isn't classic.
  16. Fumi-chan Augur

    Looks like it's a flat nerf of 40 to 24% across a few classes I checked. When parsing, white damage oddly isn't reflecting this nerf as much as actual skills are.

    Seems maybe a 7-8% overall nerf for some DPS so nothing too awful.
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  17. Krezzy Augur

    Thanks for testing this out!

    Say, how are you arriving at 7-8%? Wouldn't 1.40x to 1.24x DPS represent an 11% reduction?
  18. taliefer Augur

    this is one nerf id actually say is rightfully justified as a balance change, and i exclusively play melee classes, never could get in to casters.

    this is STILL a flat 24% melee damage increase to all melee classes at level 60. thats pretty big.

    i dont understand making the VP mobs uncharmable tho
  19. Scrax Elder

    Um, because certain bosses basically don't take spell damage. Rogues and monks will still be top dps on certain bosses, and this will greatly lengthen the amount of time it takes to clear ToV.

    If you don't know what you're talking about please stop making **** up on the forums.
  20. Fumi-chan Augur

    Mainly because it doesn't seem that white damage is being effected by much of this nerf, so that lowers the severity of the nerf by a few percent. Classes that depend on skills for damage may see a higher nerf, etc etc.

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