Cases where game masters will not intervene

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Numiko, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Iila Augur

    I think it exemplifies a jaded CS worker who knows he's not gonna have a job much longer.
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  2. cygnet New Member

    Regardless of how access was gained, there was still a theft committed here since it was not authorized by the owner of the toon. I've lived a lot of places that people don't lock the front door, but the police still investigate and attempt to restore the property even if the front door is unlocked. They suggest to better protect by locking the door. But the bad action is really the theft here, and the failure of DBG to investigate in a sufficient manner.

    In order to transfer to the "pawn shop" server FV, the perpetrator's had to add a pre-paid game card to the account to afford the transfer token on this account. In many areas pawn shop owners have to hold the item for 20 days and send a list of bought items to the police because it is risky and might have to be returned as stolen.

    DBG games has a lot more information on the transactions on the account, and the sequence of events and the information on what IPs and accounts were transferred to that benefited from the sale of the items. As well an attempt to change the primary email which was not authorized and helped to tip the real owner off that something bad was happening.The adding of a game card has a transaction as well to allow the character transfer token purchase is a tip off.

    DBG should restore the toon and ban the accounts they find associated with profit from the theft and flag/mark anyone that benefited from this theft to see if there is a pattern of activity. This would send a message theft is not acceptable.
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  3. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    The only way to protect the operating system used for EQ is to run EQ inside its own dedicated VM.
  4. minishot New Member

    well looks like im not getting minishot back gj daybreak im done with this game
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  5. Kaenneth Augur

  6. Tyraxor Augur

    ^ Take a break (all you can do as mmorpg "customer"), and wait if things change in some way...
    it's hopeless with fast solutions here, you might still get a shot at some later point after they (maybe) realized their mistake.
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  7. Fendy Augur

  8. Yinla Augur

    Sorry to hear that.
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  9. Ghubuk Augur

    Furthermore, you may not:

    * Make multiple posts on the same subject for the purpose of getting attention paid to your issue.
    * Post off-topic comments in threads for the purpose of drawing attention to another thread on a different subject.
  10. Triconix Augur

    And again, you use a single example and extrapolate to the point where of ridiculousness. Your arguments are so erroneous that its a wonder that you actually post this. Look at all the famous hackers and how they operated. It's not basic phishing/keylogging.

    Then you ignore 90% of the rest of my post and focus on a single sentence. Shame on you.
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  11. Norathorr Augur

    I think he just likes the sound of his own voice.
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  12. beryon Augur

    See, this is what Daybreak doesn't seem to understand. There won't be a "later point". When a customer has a horrible experience with customer service, that customer is gone, and you can bet all their friends will hear about it too. EQ doesn't advertise, at all; the only new players we get are through word of mouth.

    People like BA, and apparently Daybreak, seem to think that companies offer customer service as a charity. This is not the case at all. CS is an investment in creating loyal customers. Loyal customers are basically the only thing EQ has going for it. There's no large influx of new players; longtime loyal customers are the only thing keeping this game afloat. The absolute last thing they should be doing is telling a loyal customer to piss off & reroll; that customer is gone & will not be replaced. Gutting CS is very penny wise & pound foolish.
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  13. Numiko Augur

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  14. Aghinem Augur

    Or, you can send a reply:

    Greetings CSR,

    I am aware of your unwillingness to work with me on restoring my character to what it was on < insert date last played >. Since you are unwilling to assist a paying customer of whom has had their information compromised, I am going to take this to the next level. It is to my awareness that any online business has a legal obligation to inform a customer or customers if their private information has been potentially compromised. I was not informed. Therefore, unless CSR makes a thoughtful attempt to do what is right and help me recover what was compromised by no action of my own - I will be seeking legal council; for I feel I have been violated and I have every right to be concerned that all my information is in the hands of a unauthorized person beyond the scope of a virtual character & its respective currency and property. It is with great hope that you will reconsider being that the language in your KB DOES NOT suggest or indicate in any way that CSR is incapable of helping those with a compromised account. It suggests CSR will not help those who accidentally make the mistake themselves. Through a simple IP comparison, CSR will discover my complaint is validated to which what has occurred was through no action of my own. It is my request that this response is sent directly to a higher authority within your department. I will eagerly await a reply hoping this can be resolved today. If not, then I will need to explore other avenues that will lead me to a favorable resolution.

    That is what I would write personally. Copy/Paste or spruce it up - you can get your character back.
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  15. Silv Augur

    You haven't really tried till you've petitioned for a week or two, slowly increasing the degree of your sob story or becoming more belligerent. It only takes one sympathetic GM/CS to fix it unless they have completely stripped GMs of almost any power which I doubt. If your character is "lost" you have nothing to lose by pissing them off for repeatedly trying :)
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  16. Benito Augur

    You should also private message or tweet Holly (Windstalker), Roshen, and/or Prathun. It is the weekend so they would have otherwise responded. You might be the first case since the new policy came into effect so you would be helping others as well.

    Actually, Holly encouraged direct contact (email, Tweets) for emergencies during the last webcast.

    I hope other players will PM Holly and the team as well.
  17. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    Well, he isn't the first one who does not get his char back. I know others with the same issue and that was before the daybreak change. Chances that he will get his char restored are pretty low.
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  18. Smellyogres New Member

    Yet another reason why I will not be coming back. I check in from time to time to see if the "mood" of the game has changed. Bad content, bad nerfs, bad CS. No reason to come back. It's sad really because I really loved this game.
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  19. Branntick Elder

    Dumb policy.

    CS was the only thing SOE was ever good at.
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  20. Weverley Augur

    I dont know about that. To me they were good at everything til the last few expansions. Can you expand on what you didnt like about soe(Daybreak) in the past and give specific example between them and other games.

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