Can we please get an explanation of how this is working?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Krasis, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Drakkal Elder

    This can't be good, my latest queue has me at around 68 years. I'm already in my 40's I might need a rez just to play.
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  2. FubarEQ Journeyman

    Launch day failure. I wonder how much money in new business this will cost them.
  3. Lateryn Augur

    It's not working, its been just GMs on selo for the past hour or so.
  4. Meridian Augur

    31722041 minutes. :cool:
  5. Ginix Augur

  6. Pissing-In-Cheerios New Member

    DBG would have to get it working before they could explain how it is working!
  7. Fallfyres Augur

    See that Dos Equis he has on the table? >>>>I've had more than a few cold ones...six and a-half hours just reading my book, watching netflix, vacuuming, giving the pup a bath, working out...and eventually, drinking. NOW when the server comes up, or IF it does, I won't even give a damn lol. Good luck all, I'm just going to go chill. This is beyond even what I thought was going to happen. Disappointing to say the least.
  8. 540Degree_Circles New Member

    A) None
    B) Less than it would cost them to not have these issues

    Pick one. Because those are the possible answers to your question.
  9. waytoomuchcoffee New Member

    What point is the queue if you get past it only to crash out for the 10th time at the character selection screen?