Can we please get an explanation of how this is working?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Krasis, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Krasis New Member

    Is the queue actually working like a queue? Do we need to spam click the button to get in?

    Any sort of guidance on how to get in would be good.
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  2. Krasis New Member

    So how do we get in? Spam click?
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  3. Roxxlyy Augur

    Yes, it is functioning as a queue, although we are letting in players slowly as we raise the server cap to keep things moving and the new servers stable. Clicking "ok" when you get the queue message will not have any affect on your spot in line, and timers will not be accurate.
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  4. Enchi New Member

    If you get a timeout message does this mean you should restart the launcher or you are still in Q?
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  5. Meridian Augur

    except the queue isn't working. I just get the timeout message over and over again.
    Try again.
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  6. Trevalon Augur

    And what about when it "Times out" in the background while the Queues open? I assume this does lose your spot in the que?
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  7. Ayar New Member

    But after you get a timeout message do you have to relog or just sit there and wait?
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  8. Krysanth Elder

    the time out message happens after you hit ok after a few minutes and then you cannot even login to a live server. so yeah, something appears borked
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  9. Meregil New Member

    And how are timeouts affecting the place in the queue. This has been asked quite few times and yet you mysteriously haven't given an answer.
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  10. Marglar New Member

    yes, what happens with the timeout message? does that mean we're in queue and good to wait, or do we need to requeue and wait until we don't see that error / timeout message?
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  11. Coder Joe Journeyman

    DBG people are streaming accounts that are already level 10ish. Maybe when they hit level 30 they'll let a few customer log in.
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  12. yraapt New Member

    they won't talk about the timeout. you don't get to keep your place in the queue
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  13. vylo Augur

    Imagine a monkey trying to have intercourse with a football. It's much less organized and messy than that.
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  14. AeHaze Journeyman

    @Roxxlyy you seem to be the only one on damage control tonight. With that I have to say we appreciate the responses. HOWEVER, You keep giving answers that are beating around the bush to a sense. When you say youre throttling the logins, How often are you letting people in? How many are you letting in? If you answer these questions you will put out a lot of fires before they even start.

    Most of us are upset because we're not getting a DEFINITIVE answer. Just let us know what is going on and what we're looking at time wise so we're not sitting here hours on end, Watching a login screen... Updates, Updates, Updates...
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  15. ZuukP Journeyman

    They refuse to address the timeouts, its maddening
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  16. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    I remember talking to someone about this at a previous launch, it has something to do with the way the character creation system works, that they specifically needed to limit. It's not the amount of people on the server itself, as the server is still only at Medium population.

    But if they didn't limit the amount of people accessing the character creation system at one time, that it would cause nonstop crashes. So it less of a Queue, and more of a choke point, imagine a 6 lane freeway with a tunnel that is only one lane.
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  17. foshiizle New Member

    this boggles my just unprepared?
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  18. DarkerArts Lorekeeper

  19. Krasis New Member

    Lots of questions here that could go with some answers.

    What exactly happens when a timeout occurs? Do I stay put? Exit client and restart?

    Can we please get an explanation of how this is working?
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  20. Meridian Augur

    No. When you timeout, you can't even login to a regular server. The queue is a complete lie.
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