Call the first groups to 50 and vox kills,naggy

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Magepetsrule, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Magepetsrule New Member

    I am guessing sunday night for all 9pm EDT that's about 50 hours right ?
  2. phaeril Lorekeeper

    Vox will be by then. Naggy maybe 12 hours later, lvl 50s shortly after.
  3. Mwapo Augur

    Yeah usually phinny and dragon kills are before level 50. Might be the other way around on this server because of the bonus exp.
  4. Rolento Elder

    It will all depend on if they give the server the Anniversary bonus exp or not. Also people have had 4 TLPs now to work out the fastest path ( even though zone ZEMs have been changed). It is always fast, i assume this one will be no different.

    I dont see the huge push to 50. Classic is a slow and boring. 11 weeks of Plane of Sky... If you can survive that. you can survive anything on these servers
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Those first wdc, bcg, etc are worth big rmt bucks. That's what drives a lot of trailer trash tbh.
  6. Magepetsrule New Member

    most servers open on a wed and by saturday bosses where dead and maybe 1 group of 50 right?
  7. Bobbybick Augur

    Depends how much Mabbu Coirnav pushes his guild to level.
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  8. taliefer Augur

    phinigel opened on dec 9th, and i dont think phinigel in kedge died till the 14th
  9. Magepetsrule New Member

    i am guess sunday night or overnight monday morning Hate /hole sky open
  10. Corgus New Member

    Lol Mabbu is the biggest PoS RMTer to ever exist in EQ. I guarantee he will make a bard so he can be the first to get BCG and all the other loot so he can sell it. His Casino i guarantee will be up and running scamming players from Kronos within the first week
  11. Mwapo Augur

    This server will go considerably faster. I would guess dragons will be dead by Saturday or Sunday.
  12. Farore Journeyman

    mabbu needs his kroner! those drugs aren't gonna pay for themselves lol
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  13. Buds Elder

    That's funny, one week or less to 50. When I started in May 1999 on EMarr, it would take like a month just to get through one hell level lol. All the 5 and 10 levels were like 2x+ the exp needed. You would die and lose days of leveling, there was no full rez exp back then(well no one high enough level). Seeing a train of spectres or Sand giants in oasis was a truly scary experience!! It doesn't seem possible to level that fast, even though the exp is easier to get and people know the game better.

    It's sad, everyone rushes and doesn't enjoy the real reason EQ was so great, which is meeting and adventuring with other people. Why rush on a new server? Have fun and try to experience how EQ was when it started. I guess it's because of money/krono etc., I am assuming. I was thinking about playing EQ again and starting a new toon on the new server, but if it's going to be a bunch of powerlevelers running around at level 50 in a week, then that's not going to be much fun.
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  14. Jenarie Elder

    There WILL be a bunch of power levelers pushing 50 the first week. But if you don't want to be part of that just log in a day late and you will be several zones behind them and never see them. There will also be a lot of people just playing the game slowly at their own pace. The only time the two groups will clash is the first few hours of the server and then several weeks later when the casual levelers start moving into the 40+ camps. You would never see each other anywhere in between. With instanced content you can really have fun your own way. You can even make your own instance of Permafrost and Solwherevernaggyis to xp in once a week on your way up if you aren't in a raid guild that wants to kill those targets.

    I am expecting both dragons to go sometime Sunday and people to be in Hate/Fear either Sunday night or Monday. But it really depends on the xp bonus... the percentage could move that schedule in or out a whole day.
  15. HappyPanda Elder

    They announced 1.5x xp earlier from the 16th to the 31st.
  16. JustPuttinThisHere Lorekeeper

    You can see the kill dates for Agnarr on the progress website. Agnarr was released 3 hours later than Coirnav's schedule, and was plagued by problems on the launch. Assuming the server is 100% playable and doesn't have problems like Agnarr:
    • Phinigel sometime late PST Saturday night -> Sunday when they get around to it.
    • Vox + Naggy on Monday night / earlier Monday if they have enough people on.
    Faceless got Phinny at sometime like 3am pst, so though the history says launch + 2 days, it's not two full days. Nagafen was a day after Vox too, but that's mostly because after Vox it was late and the first vox kill was a huge cluster.**** so it was just called. I think Vox, or Vox+Naggy, may go down Sunday night but not sure how much of an impact the slower exp will have.

    Your move zerglings and hydralisks.
  17. Laronk Augur


    Now the rest of your comment, the major reason why many people took so long to level was a lack of knowledge and lots of "time wasting". Time wasting is good, it's why we play video games. People rush because thats how they enjoy the game.

    If you want to go level slowly by sitting at a terrible camp go ahead play your way.
    If you want to go farm X item at level 8 because it would be good for you to have even though just leveling will give you more power faster go ahead play your way.
    If you want to travel from Butcherblock to Kerra isle to get some cat milk at level 5 on foot go ahead play your way.

    Lots of players have a goal in mind when they log in nowadays and they know how they're going to achieve that goal before they login, it saves a tremendous amount of time.

    There's tons of features that are big time savers in the game now.
    -no corpse runs
    -Lots of spells are more powerful
    -in game maps
    -Global chat channels (this is a real big time saver, you can find a group without running around)
    -The /invite command
    -People know where to level
    -There's a lot less suck, as a result groups are WAY better and WAY more efficient

    When I first started my cleric had to look at his spell book to med, I didn't know where to exp and I didn't read forums or google that stuff and I was from Qeynos. I forget what level I was but blackburrow was all green now and it was for sure time to move on, I did the big field in everfrost some but then someone told me about south karana so I got some directions and traveled there with no in-game map. Once I got there I had to /shout for a group and just hope to find one then using /loc find the gnolls outside splitpaw and join some random guy.
  18. Master Kahleem Elder

    My guild will down Vox LONG before that. You can believe it. I'll tag myself after we do it 8)
  19. Punchu Augur

  20. Protocol Augur

    Phinigel: 56-62 hours
    Lady Vox: 72-80 hours
    Lord Nagafen: 78-85 hours
    Innoruuk: 85-95 hours
    Cazic Thule: 110 hours

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