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  1. So Happy Journeyman

    Can you start at 51/50 or was that just a feature of the event server? Just asking because I have a couple of 51s that were moved from the event server to Brekt.
  2. Yimin Augur

    Sorry that only happened when the server was named Quarm that you could start at lvl 51 with 50 AA , wish it was still the case ! Any 51 toon made on Quarm should be on Brekt

  3. Yimin Augur

    No news from the DBG about free transfers onto Brekt :(

  4. Yimin Augur

    Come join Brekt for old school raids for Hot and Underfoot going on every Sat at 11am and Sun at 7 pm anyone lvl 85 plus is welcome , This Gathering of Banners is brought to you by Free Falling and Continuum Reborn guilds on Brekt ,come get all those ACH for special loot , contact Yoga or Mamawolf and or also join crffopenraids channel for more details ..

  5. Yimin Augur

    Any raid guild that transfer here should know ! You guild members will play for free , cause they'll be selling thier extra raid loot for Krono ... :D

  6. Yimin Augur

    Brekts numbers are up we had 75 in General last night but we need some help from outside forces , this server still needs one raid guild , any guild that has 30-40 members looking to merg with other raids guilds send me a tell you might all end up here , if we get outside help from DBG :)

  7. Judor New Member

    Excellent server to play on. Free Trade means instead of feeding outgrown equipment to the destroy button, it gets passed on. An almost total lack of chat trolls results in a more pleasant experience!

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