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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Tigger, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Phrovo1 Augur

    people still play monks?
  2. fransisco Augur

    I hear they make decent vendors....
  3. Chaosflux Augur

    What's a monk
  4. Splittin New Member

    In a perfect world i should have to self harm,go blind, juggle hit points and hopefully not get tagged by an AE when i activate my ability and go pop just to maximize my dps and on top of relying upon a crap AA that is supposed to pull me to my target if im rooted or blind in order to get back on hitting the mob either or it will ruin my dps on a mob. What other class goes all through that to justify their dps? No one.. Not a single other class.. Oh and dont forget we have to sit in melee range and will get tagged by AE ramp too. So we have to hopefully not get caught with that when we pop bloodfury.
    Oh and if you lag and multiclick it? Dead or near dead.

    But but zerker DPS is soooo unfair, try high end raiding with one before you all complain. We jump through a ton of loopholes to be that good. In fact i have alts in other classes and the easiness of them compared to zerker is laughable. Zerkers should always be on top, some fights we arent pending on the type of fight and that is fine but on a mostly burn fight, there should be no question who comes in top. Rogues are easy and so are wizards.

    Though if DB pulled all the detrimental crap that zerkers deal with, then sure, im ok and most any other zerker would be ok with having to compete for top spot. Hell we will actually live long enough to not have to worry about parsing similar dps as other classes. Though until this perfect world happens, then absolutely not.. No class should be over us on fights, once again, none have the detrimental effects like we do.
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    I think hp's are fine. But the invulnerability phases are kinda annoying artificially prolonging events.
  6. Fistopower New Member

    Splittin nailed it. Frenzied Resolve should be moved back to an ability in addition to what he said. Zerker dps is always hampered by the fact that there is no great agro reduction for a berserker plus, most of our dps discs require harm to the zerker. such as blindness loss of hps and root. In the raid end we have to reduce dps to avoid agro, so it is not simply click a disc and fire away. Necros and Wizards have it much easier, but unlike most I play those toons and don't complain about them. rather than class envy, just play the class. Once again DB goes too far in resolving an issue. I really doubt they know what is best or how to play this game.
  7. Fintank Lorekeeper

    As someone who has played many classes in high end raiding, Berserker is by far one of the easiest to do exceptionally well at. I'd lump it about 10% harder than a wizard making a multi-bind for spells and a hotkey to hit burns spamming 1 and 2. Takes less than an hour to research your disciplines and AA's to find the "secret formula" for high DPS. Should Berserkers have a close to guaranteed spot in the top 5 on raids? Absolutely! Should they win every single thing because hey, berserker? No. I personally think Necromancers, Rogues and Wizards should all have a somewhat equal chance along with Berserkers to top the parse where player ability decides who is number 1 but that's just me.

    Painting an inaccurate picture to try and justify things helps nobody and just makes you seem foolish to people who actually play the class. So you have to drop your HP to 90% to fire some discs? OMG 1 button click maybe 2, my class is so hard! Even though it takes approximately 2 seconds to drop that low and is aided by AoE's in events.
    Rooted? OMG the tank is keeping the mob positioned and I'm rooted?! THIS SUCKS! Wait I have 2 AA's on relatively short refresh timer to get to the mob if it moves slighty? How unfair!
    Blind? Holy crap Batman I was blind for 10 seconds that weren't even consecutive in a fight even though it doesn't matter and takes nothing away if I pay attention, I deserve to be number 1!

    These "loopholes" you have to jump through to "justify" being number 1 no contest always on paper look troubling sure, but when you actually play they're like not tripping over a crack in the ground, some of us may find that easy.

    Using an argument like this to try and justify your spot is even worse than the cry about little utility. Because at least bringing in the little utility you have is a somewhat valid point and can be seen and understood by most everyone. But the utility the other classes who should share the top spot with you have are extremely minimal in raids. Even after this nerf just because of Berserker Dicho you will still be top group content DPS hands down, maybe not on mobs whom are headshottable but everywhere else for sure. I mean we can go over some of them real quick.

    Wizards - Teleport, Runes? (Berserkers can root and snare so no point saying those.)
    So the Wizards can evac on a wipe and send you to the guild hall during raids, super important. Wizards can also take half a round and then get splattered instead of just getting instantly splattered. So Wizards definitely deserve to be lower than Berserkers always like 100% man.
    Rogues - Mez/Blur and SoS? So Rogues can mez and blur like 10% of raid mobs even though about 99% of the Rogue population does this at all. Rogues can also go drag your corpse if you die and still waiting for event to reset. So Rogues have a bunch over berserkers in the way of utility clearly, they should be under pets as far as DPS goes with stuff like this!
    Necromancers - Fears, Punts, Mez, Runes, Pets, Rez? Necros can fear, call the presses! Used in 3% of raids, heck yeah! We can push root, we're the ****! Mez that nobody casts in raids cause pointless, my gods OP! Runes that are worse that wizard ones and don't stack with certain necro abilities, we'll live forever! Pets that do negligible DPS and die often on newer raids, OP as heck probably need another pet nerf! Able to rez the Berserker corpses so they can keep their top spot on parse for little to no effort put in, balls yeah let's party!Necromancers deemed the best utility class on raids ever.

    Agro is another issue that keeps getting brought up. Sure these other classes have better ways to manage it but Berserkers do have things to manage it even if they aren't too great. If you have solid tanks agro is never a problem though, you don't get to use them as an excuse for your class to be dumbed down and incredibly overpowered.

    Defensives are something else as well, there are 4 options for Berserkers. 5 if you don't suck and have Blood Drinker's Coating, even though it sucks it's useful for climbing out of bad situations when you're doing mega deeps. So Uncanny Resilience = 50% mitigation to melee every 3 minutes, lasts 1:30 or until 175k is absorbed. Blood Sustenance = 50% lifetap from weapon dmg for 500 hits or 18 seconds (100k hit = 50k heal). Juggernaut's Resolve = 20% melee mitigation for 2m, 20% hit to weapon skills and frenzy. Battle Focus/Reckless Disc = Full avoid or Riposte depending on choice for 12s. In conclusion Berserkers have some decent ways to get out of bad situations and are not helpless as everyone likes to paint them.
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  8. Reval Augur

  9. Fnyanea Augur

    ^ This x1000
  10. Thralis New Member

    Zerkers, especially the legion of freshly PL'd FOTM zerker alts, could learn much from necro club about keeping their mouths shut and their parses private. They been running around for months waving parses in everyone's faces and laughing. One word comes to mind. Karma.
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    How do zerkers dps now. (Legit question). Ie: How much dps is my raid losing. I'm guessing not enough to matter, but I'm not a dps class so I'm truely curious.
  12. Godwin Journeyman

    Where does this occur? I ask because I have never one came to this sub/forum and seen "I am OP ZERK TOP DPS, CHECK IT OUT". However, I have seen "Zerkers OP" (subtext) - I am a wizard and they should never beat me on parse.
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  13. Thralis New Member

    Occurs quite a bit in game. Most aren't dumb enough to post it on here. And the only class I've seen say they deserve to win EVERY parse is.... zerkers.
  14. doomcasters Augur

    Berserker shouldn't beat every class on every parse.

    Remember when mobs used to be weaker to various abilities?...

    Like when some fights the rogues got top parse? How about when rangers would top parse because it was a range fight although the mob would be fairly resistant to spells? Or how about when damage over time classes would win on parse because the mob couldn't be hit for 30 seconds by any new spell.

    This is the main issue.

    DPS classes should always be higher on the parse. It shouldn't be tanks, and healers.

    Which is what has been occurring lately.
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  15. Godwin Journeyman

    Please, be more specific, if you are talking guild banter, sure it's going to happen, chalk it up to competitiveness. But I play on the highest populated server and have yet to see anyone brag about dps. In the off chance that class discussion even comes up (public channel), its typically another DPS ******** about how OP zerkers are.
  16. fransisco Augur

    Berzerkers being crazy OP was about as secret as water being wet.
  17. Godwin Journeyman

    Agreed. But I've never once seen anyone post parses outside of /rsay and laugh in peoples faces as the previous post mentions....
  18. Broamen New Member

    you guys going about it all wrong it really is simple you take all classes and if you balance their all dps the same be honest what would be the reason to pick zerker as your dps class? Becouse I sure would never pick zerker to use as a dps class if all the classes doing same dps and yes as it is now after 3 zerker nerfs they on pair with everyone else so yea ,my personal choice for dps class that is doing same dps would be ranger probably or a rogue due to their superiois steath abilities but never a zerker that has not much to be proud off that would actually make me consider to play a zerker
  19. Sindaiann Augur

    This requires thought on event creation......don't kill me devs
  20. segap Augur

    An equally skilled zerker is still stronger than an equally skilled rogue, ranger or wizard. Things are more like they were in TBM now. A great rogue or wizard can now beat a good zerker again. Skill comes to play in parce placement. Skill being equal and a raid event being conducive, necros and zerkers are fighting for the top spot.

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