Balancing Enchanter PB Area Effect Stuns

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Beyonka, May 21, 2019.

  1. Beyonka New Member

    On TLP servers a 6 man group with two Enchanters, a wizard and pullers can clear whole pick zones killing 50+ NPCs every few minutes due to the imbalance of PBAE Enchanter stuns. This leaves people unable to experience in a pick due to a single group's ability to take over the whole pick zone. Upper and Lower Guk, Sebilis, Acrylia Caverns, Grimling Forest etc.
    A suggested fix:
    Level 3 Color Flux - PBAE Stun up to level 20.
    Level 20 Color Shift - PBAE Stun up to level 40.
    Level 43 Color Skew - PBAE Stun to level 50.
    Level 52 Color Slant - PBAE Stun to level 55.

    Benefit - Whole zones will not be taken over by 1 group. There will be more content available to other players. The leveling process will be spread out over more classes rather than just the few required to make an Area Effect group. There will be less support tickets complaining of players kill stealing the large area of effect pulls.
  2. Dythan Augur

    How many less?
  3. r0gerthis New Member

    This has been around since classic EQ and is a valid tactic. Plus its fun.
  4. krimmett Lorekeeper

    This wont ever happen. There is literally only 3-4 zones across 4 expansions where aoe happens. Pick over if you don't want to deal with them.

    P.S. all this would accomplish would be instead of 2 enchanters spamming 3 aoe stuns a piece, you would now get 2 with 4 boxes each spamming 1 a piece.
  5. LachiusTZ Journeyman

    You know that thing that ppl have done since forever?

    Well some people enjoy it, but I dont like other ppl enjoying things. So lets remove it.

    We did it with swarming, beaming, and so many other things. Lets just take this out too.

    Then you can sit in PoF pulling the same mobs for days!
  6. a_librarian Augur

    put them all on a shared recast, easy fix. People would probably get around it by boxing 6 enchanters but hey more money for daybreak
  7. Grailer Augur

    They don’t even ban bots . At least the group doing this is most likely not a bot / afk pet team.

    Remember they have to still pull the mobs which you can also do .

    Private instances/server is the solution to your issue not nerfing
  8. Buddi Lorekeeper

    You could just roll an enchanter, along with your friend, and start your own AE group. Enchanters aren't OP, the class just attracts players that want to do more than hit the auto attack button and snooze, or endlessly heal tanks. That we've discovered AE as an alternative to mind numbing grinding, is to our credit, perhaps you should try to find something suitable for your class.

    So quit hating on us, and find another zone if you don't want to roll an enchanter. If not for AE, the deep would be empty. That's where we live. Don;t come there to hate, we won't invite you if you do.
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  9. Beyonka New Member

    Creating a player and group friendly environment is not nerfing. Most of the boxers have their enchanters auto-stunning while they usually pull on the cleric. Players will play other available classes Vs feeling they have to play an Enc, Wiz, Clr or Pally to even get in an AE group.
  10. Grailer Augur

    why not nerf the amount of mobs the AE damage spells can hit ?

    Wouldn’t that be easier and smarter?
  11. Accipiter Augur

    Easier and smarter would be to do nothing.
  12. Nessirfiti Augur

    No. Why are you people hell bent on nerfing everything?

    If the game has too many options for how to kill things for you, WoW is opening up a nice safe, easy server for you soon. No scary AoE groups, No terrifying boxers, and no real options on how to play.
  13. yerm Augur

    I liked the nerf charm pet arguments better.

    Aeing is fun. Try it out.
  14. Beyonka New Member

    In group content having (4) PBAE stuns with separate timers which stun up to level 55 is simply not needed. The reason I did not mention reducing the number of targets b/c sometimes there are bad pulls where 5-6 mobs are in camp and having an PBAE stun can be useful.
  15. Nessirfiti Augur

    This is a good chunk of my issue. Changing things like AoEs to "fix" the stuff that happens in classic to PoP that a few people dislike has consequences beyond that. the game doesn't stop once you all get bored of the newest TLP server, There are raids where you need AoEs, There are raids where stuns are needed.

    If people are so angry about how things happen in classic to PoP stop playing those eras, stop trying to trash entire lines of spells because you dislike how they're used in a few specific zones.

    Hell if you MUST call of things to be changed, at least demand they're changed in either the specific eras you like to play, or just those specific zones.

    I like to Powerlevel new alts on Phinny, the way to do so requires AoEs, in empty zones. I want to be able to change alts when I get bored, or help a guild member who wants to change their main get to 85, well 90 tomorrow, quickly.
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  16. Beyonka New Member

    I have raided all content through PoP as an Enchanter main and have never once needed or was required to PBAE stun. PBAE stun is mainly used to gain massive amounts of experience for a single group and thus disrupts game-play for the many.
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  17. Machentoo Augur

    You realize there is raid content after PoP, right?
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  18. Nessirfiti Augur

    I'd suggest raiding beyond PoP, I personally think the raids get significantly better after that.

    My main concern is when people demand changes that would affect an entire line or multiple lines of spells, or things beyond the era they play in.

    Simply put: I play on Phinny, I don't really want my gameplay changed because someone on Mangler is doing something people don't like, that doesn't happen nearly as much after a certain era.
  19. Xanathol Augur

    I'm all for lowering the pick thresholds so that if someone is doing this, they aren't blocking content from others. But, DBG nerfed things like swarming saying that it created too much server lag, so I can't see this being much better for them. With that in mind, just mix in a number of non-stunnable mobs & that's that.
  20. Nessirfiti Augur

    No more than a raid of players moving around would, really.

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