Fixed Internally Arch Lich Rhag'zadune

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sarepean, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Rogean Journeyman

    Ssra DZ Tonight -

    Went straight to basement and did entire curse cycle.
    Then cleared to both Rhag1 and Rhag2 but did not ever aggro. Split raid force, killed Rhag 1, immediately engaged and killed Rhag 2, AL Spawned. Recombined, cleared quickly to AL, killed.
  2. Siah Elder

    Figured out a fix tonight! Thanks to Dalnoth/Megalixir and all the members or Triality, as well as info from Rampage World Tour.

    Skip Rhag 1, go right to cursed. Do the complete cursed cycle. After cursed cycle, pre clear way to Rhag 2. KIll Rhag 1, followed by Rhag 2 immediately after. We split the raid to get both of them down asap. We think the problem is created when the zone is running more then 1 script at a time, causing AL to bug and not to spawn. Wish you all much success!
  3. Sarepean Journeyman

    We may try the splitting the raid tip, but the kill order is otherwise exactly what several others have reported. I'll report back our results.
  4. Deybreak’m’gud New Member

    How is this a “fix” at all? Seems like random luck to me. Doesn’t even make sense “splitting up the raid” to kill them “immediately” — if that were the case, why not leave just a tank cleric and a few dps @ rhag1 and the other 95% of the raid head to rhag2?
  5. Siah Elder

    This same exact method was done by RWT and provided the same results.
    This was done in multiple dz's and produced the same result, so I highly doubt it was "luck".
    And why on earth would you leave a tank and cleric/few dps at Rhag 1 and then pre clear to Rhag 2... in what universe does that even make sense..

    If you don't want to do it, don't dude. I could honestly care less. But if we were able to produce an AL spawn multiple times with this method, I'm gunna make it known so this can be used as a work around until the full issue is solved.

    Don't get your panties in a bunch now.
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  6. Deybreak’m’gud New Member

    Still makes 0 sense. Firstly, no one said to leave people @ rhag1 while you CLEAR to rhag2, simply to not split the raid half and half, when rhag2 isn’t even up till 1 dies. Also, why would the zone not bug with the Emp script still not triggered, if your logic wasn’t flawed with “the zone thinks we are we Todd did and have multiple scriptz goin at once”? Thanks for your input, but still dumb luck. Maybe if you said “kill rhag2 fast (we had him dead within Xx amount of time after rhag1” I’d be more keen on it not just being a lucky streak.
  7. Baldur Augur

    You do realize that's what they're doing right? By pre-clearing to Rhag2 and splitting the raid force they are killing Rhag2 much faster after Rhag1 dies than they were before and AL is spawning.
  8. Rogean Journeyman

    You're arguing over semantics. Split your raid however you want.. pre clear however you want. The bottom line is just engage and kill Rhag2 right after Rhag1 dies. It's not some elaborate meticulous operation, they are 2-3 groupable mobs.

    It's worked for several guilds at this point. It making 0 sense is irrelevant, we are not Daybreak developers with access to the zone scripts to determine why or why it doesn't make sense. There are a lot of things in EverQuest that don't make sense.
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  9. Siah Elder

    The dude is just a grump lol
  10. Sarepean Journeyman

    OK, following up as promised. No Arch Lich, but I do think I got more insight in to what's going on.

    This appears to be the key. We get a timer sometime after killing Rhag 1 and it appears to be 5-6 minutes after engage. We got our Arch Lich lockout this week while killing Rhag 2, about 10 seconds from his death. I think this is the key that is preventing the AL spawn.

    So, sounds like Devs need to find out what starts the lockout timer. I know for a fact I got this timer without touching Rhag 2 in previous weeks and it would explain why AL isn't spawning.
  11. Siah Elder

    Did you try the steps we posted above?
  12. Viceversa Elder

    Not saying I do not believe this but <Altered Minds> has cleared this DZ 5 times now. and the only time it did spawn for us it was very slow kills in between Rhag 1 and Rhag 2.
  13. Siah Elder

    Yeah man idk it's wonky, regardless I hope everyone gets him to spawn.. I only posted what worked for us and a few others. Not fair to miss out on entire mobs loot table for over 1/3 of the expansion.
  14. Viceversa Elder

    we try a new approach every week and ill try this one out two more times on Monday. see if we can get more data on it, Maybe our first week was a fluke
  15. Suyeong New Member

    Thanks for the tip - this worked for us.
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  16. iTodd New Member

    This sadly did not work for us this past week. We went to the basement first and completed the curse cycle, then pre-cleared for Rhag1 and Rhag2 without engaging. We left a tank and couple of clerics with Rhag1 and pushed the rest of the raid to Rhag2. We killed Rhag2 78 seconds after Rhag1 died with no AL spawn. The uptime for the zone after Rhag2 was killed was 57 minutes I believe.

    We've missed out on every week of spawning AL since day 1 of Luclin due to this bug.
  17. Glooping Elder

    Back in 2016 they were having a similar issue with Cursed cycle in Ssra DZs...
    Ssraeshza Temple -In regards to the Cursed Cycle, only Rhozth Ssravitzh could be found n my instance of Ssraeshza. Given that Rhozth Ssrakezh was absent, the Cursed Cycle could not be completed.
    1) We tested Ssraeshza temple again today, both Rhozoth spawned and the Cursed cycle was completed. Appears that the trigger Rhozoth is intermittently not spawning?”
    Thanks to Aristo, we figured out what was going on. Someone, years ago, "fixed" a thing that I didn't know about. It was easy to correct, hard as heck to figure out. Either way, he should no longer despawn for a randomly huge amount of time in the instance..

    Could the developers possibly look into maybe one of the parts on the trigger cycle isn't doing the same thing?
  18. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    We got Arch Lich to spawn this weekend. We pre-cleared all 1st floor trash to begin with by AEing back at the entrance lobby. We didn’t aggro Rhag 1. Then we went downstairs and did cursed. Came back up and did Rhag 1. Went upstairs and pulled all the comm2 south trash back to the elevator room and AE’d it down. Then killed Rhag 2. There was probably about 10 minutes between Rhag 1 and Rhag 2 dying, if I were to guess. We did not split our force in any way.
  19. Duder Augur

    Nother week, no Arch Lich. Did the suggested splitting with a heft at rhag 2 to try and kill quickly after rhag1 died, no dice.
  20. Boze TLP complaint factory

    0/4. Cleared trash for 2, split up force some to speed up engagement and kill. Fix this please.
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