Fixed Internally Arch Lich Rhag'zadune

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sarepean, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Does AL spawn correctly for open world ? Could be an issue that we get an Arch Lich DZ lockout from the first Rhag kill and that prevents AL himself from spawning.
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  2. Sarepean Journeyman

    I have heard reports that, on test, this spawns correctly in DZ from the limited testing anyone has done. That would seem to eliminate the lockout concern, I think.
  3. Sarepean Journeyman

    Sorry for the double posting throughout the thread, but a guildie and I were talking tonight and it caused me to remember something. I had been watching our lockouts and noticed we got our AL lockout after Rhag 1. It kind of made some sense since it's the first mob in the cycle, but here's the interesting thing.

    My expedition lockout timer appears to have been given to me at 5:56PM; Rhag 1 died at 5:54PM according to my logs.

    Now it's possible my understanding is wrong here, but my memory is that the lockout timers are exactly 6D 12H initially. When I calculate my Shei Vintras timer backwards, it roughly matches our engage, so the timer seems to be based on some amount of health missing and not death. However, when I calculate my timer back from for Arch Lich, I get a number that doesn't even line up with our combat of Rhag 1. This could be the missing piece, provided my other assumptions are correct. All that being said, I have no idea what gave us this timer and nothing in my logs seems to match up with the time.
  4. Sebbun Augur

    So tonight we did Cursed first and we didn't even get Rhag2 to spawn.

    So frustrating!

    Edit: This is week 3 that we've not had AL and week 1 were Rhag2 didn't spawn. Please either make RGC researchable or make them spawn on DZ up. This is hurting progression for my guild.
  5. Sarepean Journeyman

    Check your Arch Lich lockout please and compare it to the times of Rhag 1's engagement and death. I'm curious if something is granting this lockout timer too early and screwing things up.
  6. Sebbun Augur

    Lockout timers shouldn't matter since it's a triggered mob. The script is messing up. They need to just spawn on DZ up rather than trying to figure out the cause. My Lockout for AL appears to be right, it's about 20 minutes after cursed died.
  7. Wulfhere Augur

    If the first boss you kill in the instance is Rhag1 then killing Rhag1 gives an Arch Lich lockout. Rhag2 then spawns. However Arch Lich does not spawn subsequently. There doesn't appear to be separate lockouts for Rhag1 and Rhag2.
  8. Hamshire Augur

    Please Please Please whatever you do to fix this also apply it to the Cursed cycle cuz its having the same exact issue just not as common and I fear this thread will drown out it happening to Cursed and only AL will get fixed.
  9. Jalad New Member

    Devs need to go test this on aradune or rizlona if they cannot recreate it. I think it’s happening to every raiding guild on both servers.
  10. Sarepean Journeyman

    Happened to a friend's guild last night, so the issue is still ongoing.
  11. Aegir Augur

    Have any of you tried just going for a clean AL cycle without doing Cursed first?
  12. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    Yes. Last time we tried this we killed Rhag 1 but Rhag 2 never spawned
  13. Sarepean Journeyman

    Just to second Xoner's remark, yes. I posted our kill order on the 17th and we started with the AL cycle instead of Cursed.

    EDIT: The thread is marked "QA In Progress"?! What does that mean??
  14. AraduneWizard Journeyman

    We just opened the zone, ran and killed Rhag 1 and Rhag 2. Nothing else killed but trash on way - no Arch Lich.

    3rd week in a row we have missed the Arch Lich.
  15. Hadce Cleric of Aradune

    Once again Arch Lich didn't spawn in a DZ after killing Rhag1 and Rhag2.
  16. Hadce Cleric of Aradune

    Second dz - same thing - no arch lich.
  17. Rondor Augur

    QA In Progress means the EQ developers or designers managed to confirm the problem, and they have fixed it in their internal systems, but have not yet pushed the fix out to the production servers. Meanwhlie their testing/Quality Assurance (QA) team is currently working to check that the fix is working well before considering releasing the fix.

    This is a good sign that a fix for this issue may be released soon. Maybe in the next monthly patch or a hotfix or otherwise. Someone from the EQ team will have more details.
  18. Nniki Augur

    It means they're investigating the issue.
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  19. Rondor Augur

    I stand corrected - thanks! Hopefully the cause can be found soon.

    I tried to find a list of the various states that a bug may be found in on this bug forum along with interpretation of each state. This may be good to have and to be stickied.
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  20. Siah Elder

    We are doing our SSRA dz tonight, is there any update on this? Triality is 0 for 2 on AL spawns, and tonight will make 3 weeks of no AL. It's kind of frustrating not being able to obtain some of the best loot/spells in the game for several weeks..