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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Tepin, May 16, 2020.

  1. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Mazimus thinks he can take my class spot then my recruit posting! Smh smh. How the tables have turned.
  2. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    That's right! Run away maz:p
  3. Mazimus New Member

    Clerics and Rogues and Shamans and Bards oh my.

    If you think Bajur is fun here you should see in discord.

    Come apply today ! Limited spacing available before recruitment is shut down again.
  4. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Joining MIM gives you another two inches. Wherever you want that ;)
  5. Kaldaur Lorekeeper

    Time downed again last night, where much loot was had by all. Come in and join the fun on Aradune! We are happy to work with veteran and newbie raiders alike!
  6. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    > Imagine being Kaldaur
    > Imagine not making a patented Kaldaur dad joke in your post\
    > Can't be me
  7. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Sometimes I just sit at the screen and try to think of a new way to say that we're recruiting clerics, rogues, shamans, and bards.
  8. Snorlax New Member

    When you go on vacation for four days and Maz hasn't posted once smh.

    Still looking at Clerics, Rogues, Shamans, and Bards
  9. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

  10. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Probably looking to add a Cleric, Bard, Necro, and a Wizard potentially.
  11. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Still 'cruiting a bit
  12. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Things we're looking for:

    People who wear goth robes and summon skeletons
    People who wear (hopefully) goth robes and summon weird looking floating dudes
    People who make drugs, err potions
    People who blow up with their mind
  13. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

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