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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Tepin, May 16, 2020.

  1. Tepin Journeyman

    Magus Imperialis Magicus is now recruiting for Aradune!

    Magus Imperialis Magicus (MIM) is part of the Magicus Gaming Community, one of the most storied guilds in EQ. MIM's history in EQ includes participating in the legendary Sleeper kill on Rallos Zek and has had multiple successful chapters on the EQ TLPs through LockJaw, Phinigel and Corinav. A veteran line of leadership of MIM will be leading the Aradune chapter. Here is what you need to know!

    Raid Schedule:

    We value the freedom of the weekends for family and friends. Our raid schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm EST / 5pm PST until we finish - typically 3 hours. We believe in a serious yet fun raiding environment. Off hours raids and events will be available but optional for members who wish to attend. There will be no batphones in MIM, however trust us you will be well geared.

    Loot System:
    Aradune MIM will be using a Closed Bid +1 DKP system. In short you pay +1 of the second place bid.

    MIM is a community, not just a guild. Many of us are longtime friends who met gaming. SOme of us have been gaming together for the better part of 20 years and others are more recent members. We have a yearly meet up in Las Vegas we also organize you are free to attend to have a good time with your MIM friends. By and large we strive to create a positive guild experience creating a community that you can be a part of beyond EQ. We help each other, group together, and after an expansion is on farm status while we wait for the next expansion many of us play other games together during off hours.

    If you are looking for a group that takes raiding seriously, but also recognizes we're all adults with responsibilities that are more important than EQ, then this is the guild for you. If you are looking for a guild that is more than just a collection of people, but truly a group you can make lasting friendships with, then this is the guild for you.

    How to Apply:
    You can join our discord server If no one is available, leave a message in our membership inquiry channel and we will reach out to you.

    Or, you can also go to and register. After you register, on our home page you will find a link on the right side titled "Aradune Application - EQ1". Just complete the application and we will reach out to you through the website, on Discord or in game after the server has launched.

    Happy hunting, we hope to hear from you!
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  2. Heloisa New Member

    Very fond memories of MiM on Phinny. <3
  3. Rovellicus New Member

    Did you guys merge with someone on your last server, or am I misremembering?
  4. Tepin Journeyman

    On Corinav MIM and Imperceptible merged and are active there.
  5. ImaginaryFriend New Member

    I grouped with a lot of MiM in the hole back on Corinav in Classic. Lot of great people. I was hesitant to join you guys on Corinav because I thought your raid times would be too early... I might join you guys if you're raiding at 8PM Eastern that's a pretty decent time for me even if I'd prefer evenings my time... assuming you'd take rascals from the states, but living across the globe lol.

    Are you guys looking for specific classes? Or have a lack of anything in the planning phases?
  6. Dupre_MIM Elder

    Your kind words about our membership is appreciated. We've always tried to encourage that reputation. As far as those living abroad, absolutely!

    We've always encouraged people to play what they want. That said it's early in the process so no class is over populated. I'd suggest you're free to play any class you want.

    Edit: Spelling
  7. Tepin Journeyman

    Hah, I’ve been through a number of TLP launches...this always happens.
  8. Tepin Journeyman

  9. Sulle New Member

    But can you pronounce my name ???????

    Sulle - Roll Tide.
  10. Tepin Journeyman

    Welcome back to the fold :)
  11. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Happy to be back around the MIM fold again! :)
  12. Faiythe New Member

    Helo come join us! Clerics cant melee for sh*t, it'll take 2 of us to kill a snake.
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  13. lockjaws Augur

    MIM is good folks - I was guilded there back on LJ and Phinny.
    Shimm still around?
  14. Dupre_MIM Elder

    My understanding is Shimm focused on his career at this time. The MIM community is in good hands though and thriving well. Very excited for the opportunity to tackle a new TLP.
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  15. Matasata New Member

    *Cleric DPS and iksar specialist enters the chat*
  16. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    24 Hour downtime gives everyone time to post! Discord popping off
  17. Rovellicus New Member

    Good to see MIM get away from loot council.
  18. Heloisa New Member

    Faiythe! I'm hanging in your guys Discord, see so many familiar names (although I doubt many would remember me.. Big hello to MiM from Sabine). I'm out of EQ for the foreseeable future but hope to pick up again later this Fall either on Aradune or back on Mang. Will def keep in touch <3

    GL with the launch next week guys!
  19. Yimin Augur

    My Mage will be raiding on Aradune ! See you all very soon ....

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  20. Mandalore93 Lorekeeper

    Extended down time has created a small air of insanity in the guild.

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