An Update to Selos and Mangler - Coming March 16, 2019

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Feb 22, 2019.

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  1. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    When the game first came out, we didn’t know when the next expansion would be. Now we do and I surmise a year span between each expansion would drive people so far away they’d need passports
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  2. Lynxtan Twistedtail New Member

    Why is it cheating? Boxing with software that automates all the characters is cheating but tabbing back and forth is just playing 2 characters at the same time. I play at random times because of my disorder and it makes it hard to be online when my friends are. I cant always find someone to play with so I level up alts to kill the time. When my pain is flared up so bad that I can't deal with people, its a nice stress reliever.
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  3. Thoros New Member

    I kinda wish you guys would do a limited boxing server... One where you could play 2 characters, but no more than that. I admit that on the first prog servers, boxing was out of control with some people controlling 30+ characters, which is just straight up abusive. I don't see why 2 would have a negative impact.
  4. Arog Lorekeeper

    Mangler sounds fun to me. I don't care if people box or don't box. As long as there are people to group with and camps available for my group. Pick zone seems to be a solid solution for this. I just wish Mangler was like FV and got rid of the no drop items.
  5. tigersnack New Member

    starting over AGAIN in CLASSIC EQ......OHHH BOY !!!!!!
    Really? Another prog server starting in Classic EQ?
    Ragefire, Agnaar, Phinigel, Lockjaw, Coirinav /sigh

    Please make a FV-type server.
    Starting over time after time in Basic EQ....blah! AT LEAST...start with Kunark up
    So sick of BASIC EQ and burnt out on starting over and over in trying to find the success of the FIppy Darkpaw Prog server

    "DUH...well find a server and stick to it...duh" is the EGO reply.

    FV Prog server or maybe even a SELO starting point of Luclin with Mangler rules?
  6. BraxKedren Journeyman

    Someone needs a Snickers
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  7. mobias66 New Member

    Here Daybreak take my money
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  8. Walkin*Coirnav New Member

    Where is prog server PVP?!?! Cmon pvp was the best! Bring back TallonZek!!!
  9. Walkin*Coirnav New Member

    Agreed enough with the true-box cuz it doesnt prevent box armies anyways i see more on Coirnav then i ever have before in 20years of EQ off and on
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  10. Fallfyres Augur

    For Mangler but not Selos - keying will be required, yes??
  11. guest101 New Member

    Truebox , makes sence of this for me . why does it matter if i load 5 toons on 1 PC VS 5 toons on 5 seperate PC's ??? boxing is boxing ? whats the difference . ofcourse there are ways around it but....
    and when are you guys gonna do away with the Fippy server that was a FLOP or why not just reset it ?
    i remember on opening day of other servers , what a cluster FU*(^ and at the end of the day you had 1-2 guilds that horded everything and that's what is left of the population , due to perma camping . so if you guys are making servers in that fashion be prepared to make lots more and just do away with your live servers . there will be lots of boxers so just add the same code you have on live servers for the EOK and up zones while doing quests . 6 in a group well that item should only drop 6 times PERIOD and then made NO DROP , that will stop your perma camps and others on the server can have a slice of pie that inst being perma camped and held in a monopoly .
  12. Ajjantis Elder

    Automating is the difference. Its super easy to have software handle 5 chars for you on 1 pc.
    Most people dont bother setting up 5 pcs to automate 5 chars. There are exceptions of course.
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  13. rcrc New Member

    I am absolutely disgusted by the majority opinion that boxing is bad and true-box is worse. I would love someone who is intelligent to explain this to me, but I would likely get the same entitled bs that we've all read over and over again until we started to believe it. Instead I'm just going to give my opinion without trying to insult anyone, but it's likely going to be impossible.

    True-box is not only the best thing Daybreak has done for EQ, it's likely the best thing they have ever done for their own company in terms of revenue, and it's the best thing Daybreak has ever done for the world. All of which is the basic foundation for a truly successful business that keeps it product available and relevant. I don't know about you guys, but I want EQ, a product I pay for yearly, to stay available and relevant.

    Over the years I have come to the conclusion that true-box and boxing in general is hated two possible reasons: You don't know how cheap PCs are or you're too lazy to earn one. Can you really not afford a one time purchase of $100-$200 on your hobby? A purchase that can go beyond EQ and will last for SEVERAL new server launches? You can literally go outside and clean cars and recycle and make this in ONE DAY! I was earning this much on days I choose to work when I was 10 years old, raking leaves off lawns. I've spent more money than that on a SINGLE DINNER or a SINGLE NIGHT AT A BAR when I was working minimum wage at around $5 an hour! Get your priorities in order and stop punishing people for your poor life choices.

    From my personal experience, there is nothing in life that will make you more happy than doing what you love. For most people, doing what you love translates into a hobby. For most of us, that translates into playing Everquest. Is several years of additional happiness not worth $100-$200? If you answered no, I genuinely would like to know what you spend your money on and how you rate your happiness so I can call you a liar.
  14. Sakuraba Lorekeeper

    I mean, the core reason that boxing sucks is because the whole damn point is to play with other people. Not play with 5 copies of yourself and manage to nail down all the farm spots using macro recorders and other tools that you're lucky are actually far harder to catch than people realize.
  15. Frostbeard99 New Member

    As a community, what needs to change in-game to stop the RMTers?
    1.) Should any zone be allowed to be instanced regardless of population?
    2.) Should boxing as a whole be stopped?
    When people like Mabu (sp?) and/or Vicious (some claim he's the same person) run their guilds like it's a business where all the profit goes to the top and he's posted in the past that he's paid his mortgage payment from RMT in EQ. Why are people like that still allowed to play? When I read that Apex Legends banned 16,000 people for cheating, why can't Daybreak lock these jerks out of the game?
  16. rcrc New Member

    Is that the whole point or is that YOUR whole point? If I was forced to play like that, I simply wouldn't play. Sorry, but you're nothing but an EC tunnel vendor to me. This opens an unreal amount of doors that lead to fun potential. While you're LFG, I'm not. While you're getting exp in a not so ideal area, I'm not. When you are losing rolls on loot, I'm not. When you are raiding content that doesn't benefit you, but some solo donkey who produces a fraction of what you do? Guess what? Once again, I'm not.

    Seems to me like you're trapped and I'm free. I think I will stick with boxing and overachieve rather than being a poor sheep relying on better men.
  17. rcrc New Member

    Because there is an insane amount of profit for Daybreak to not punish these people. They TRIED to give us a hardcore server and you all cried your eyes out and turned it into an RMT server. How the people who belong on Selo managed to convince the devs to alter Mangler will forever make no sense to me.

    I don't even mind the RMT personally. It doesn't hurt EQ much, especially when raiding guilds are doing it. If you're dumb enough to raid for them, it's clearly a life lesson you need. Really it just alters the way some people play and that BARELY affects anyone at all. Especially with picks and instanced raiding. It just makes the lower class and uninformed super salty.
  18. AncientEQPlayer101 New Member

    Personally, I don't see a problem with boxing regardless if it is on one computer or 20 (kudos if you can handle 20 keyboards & mice). I used to actually handle 5 accounts on 3 PCs back in the day, so I was alt+tabbing on 2 of my boxes, but ya know that can burn one out fast as it is a lot of work to do so manually. I expect that most people who are playing more than 2-3 accounts are likely using scripts/bots/3rd party programs of some kind that are not supposed to be "legal" in the game.

    Daybreak could ban these players, but of course someone is paying for these accounts, and after all, the company is in business to make money, no? I suspect they know this and are allowing it only to choose to enforce the TOS when it suits the companies interests.

    What concerns me is making sure that boxers and "gold farmers" as they used to be called, are not able to block access to spawns or content. Make every spawn/zone that matters instanced or triggered; this was done with the 1.0 cleric epic for the highly contested dragon spawn in an outside zone years ago.

    Furthermore, leave the FV (aka sell everything) servers separate and let the "gold farmers" and those with more money than time populate there leaving the other servers for the rest of us...

    P.S. Combining low pop servers with the same rule sets & progression unlocks should continue IMO.
  19. Frostbeard99 New Member

    Has EQ ever allowed characters to be sold via an AH or Bazaar? If you could buy toons for in-game $, why not facilitate it? What's the difference when people buy and sell Magic the Gathering cards all the time?
  20. nobosy cares New Member

    Can you not buy Heroic toons? is that not the same thing ?? DBG is gonna do whatever makes them cash flow . they don't give a damm about integrity . and as for Selo server , its not a Progression server if its gonna turn into a Regular live server , will a regular live server rule set also be implemented . its no brainer that the cash they make comes from boxers , they make up 90% of the population period , there aren't any new players joining this 20 year old game . only new accounts created are the ones made by present players . if there wasn't boxers then they could just shut all other servers down and run a total of maybe 6 servers . most ppl try to live in the past the glory days they had . ok first off WHO GIVES A CHIT about what you did 20 damm years ago games evolve so should you , the day the game took a turn you didn't like you should have left then , not hang around nagging and complaining about the changes . move on really go to another game . all they are gonna do is reduce the amount of servers they have to cut the cost of operations and try to get everyone to a Truebox type server or ruleset , which will cause there only to be like 1-2 guilds making up the entire population of that server , oboy how fun is that . now you have a server with no groups , no social interactivity , no market . DBG will destroy the whole purpose of the games social mechanics that makes it and all MMO games what they are . and its not the boxers that destroy the game . Boxing started because there weren't any groups . Mercs were introduced because ppl were forced to play solo and couldn't , BECAUSE there were NO GROUPS . until they find a way to stop PLAT farmers , and a way to make it where ppl HAVE to group to get anything done , then Everquest will always and continue to be a dying game . truebox does NOTHING to fix this issue . all it does is create an unfair playing field and your right back where it all started . you will still have boxers and solo players are LFG for hours on end . and to answer the previous question about boxers in above comments . you know DAMM well as I do and everyone else in this forum a box crew WILL IN FACT camp a mob for a nice loot drop for all 6 toons he is running and then hold it to sale for Krono or plat and stay there perma camping , now actually no there isn't anything wrong with it , they pay their way just like anyone else BUT its what the game is lacking for 15 years , respect for other players , get what you need and leave let ppl enjoy the game as well . you was able to kill and have fun with group killing to get that item let someone else do the same rather than pay 18 bux for a krono just to give to you for the item . yes sure that increases Krono sales for DBG , hmmmmm well how bout that. is why THIS WILL NEVER BE FIXED or a solution for it . so ppl have to continue spending RMT to get anything to improve their toons because clowns has everything on lock down BUT at same time ppl are getting punished for RMT when its DBG own fault that ppl have to just to be able to do anything in game . bottom line is this game is busted wide open with hacks , boxers , RMT , and dups . so if not happy with it find a new game because its NEVER gonna change to fit your wants , DBG puts on a nice front with a ban or 2 here and there , but truth is they make tons from krono sales , a CHIT ton from newly open servers where a krono cost 200PP that can be taken to other servers for use .
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