An Update to Selos and Mangler - Coming March 16, 2019

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  1. Roxxlyy Augur

    Greetings Norrathians,

    From the first announcement of our 20th Anniversary plans, we said that this year was about the EverQuest community, a celebration we'd all be excited to be a part of. When we announced the upcoming Progression Servers, it made quite a splash, and players let us know that we hadn't quite hit the mark.

    We heard your feedback, reviewed all of the different concerns and suggestions, and spent the past week revisiting in detail the experiences that we wanted to craft on these new servers. With that in mind, we have made some changes to the rulesets for the upcoming Selo and Mangler Progression Servers.

    Selo Fast Progression Server


    Selo is going to be a Fast Progression Server. This server is for anyone who wants to experience all of EverQuest's 20 years of content and fly through the expansions. Whether you want to relive the whole history in a short time, experience what you missed the first time around, or race your fellow adventurers through the eras, this is the server for you.

    On this server, experience will be gained at nearly double the rate of Ragefire or Lockjaw. Instances can be reused more often, rares will be more likely to spawn, and faction can be earned more quickly. The server will open with EverQuest Classic, Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, and Shadows of Luclin unlocked. This means the server opens with Iksar, Vah Shir, Beastlords, and of course four massive eras of content and raids to pursue.

    New expansions will release on the first Wednesday of each month, starting with The Planes of Power on May 1, 2019. Selo is a Truebox server and, once the server catches up to the present era, will become a standard Live server.

    For more detailed information on Selo, you can read the updated server FAQ here.

    Mangler Standard Progression Server


    Mangler is going to be a Standard Progression Server. This server is for anyone who wants to start off with that 1999 experience and progress through the years and expansions at a leisurely pace. Like without bard speed.

    On this server, experience will match the standard rates on Ragefire and Lockjaw. Instances, rares, and faction will all be standard. The previously mentioned (new) experience and death penalties will not exist, but Focus Effects will remain unavailable until the Shadows of Luclin unlocks. Mangler will open with only classic EverQuest unlocked.

    New expansions will unlock every 12 weeks. After Gates of Discord unlocks, expansions that do not include a level cap increase will remain current for only 8 weeks before the next unlock. Expansions that do have a level cap increase will be current for 12 weeks. Mangler is a Truebox server and, once the server catches up to the present era, will become a standard Live server.

    For additional information on Mangler, you can read the updated server FAQ here.

    Whatever piece of EverQuest you are looking forward to reliving, we hope these revised ruleset options will provide a new old place for you to call home. We look forward to seeing you in Norrath when the servers launch on March 16, 2019!
  2. SweetLaxTho Elder

    Selos was popular and remains similar. Mangler needed xp rates improved and this was done.
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  3. Grok Lorekeeper

    Thank Innoruuk. Well done.
  4. Tymeless Augur

    Thank you for the update.
  5. AgentofChange Augur

    Launching 2 true-box servers at the same time is a mistake, one of them should have not been true-box. Mangler will suffer, but at least it is improved a little bit.
  6. Synk New Member

    Why do you guys hate boxing so much? Keep burying you head in the sand I guess
  7. Typucm Elder

    Why no FV servers? Mangler with FV will be a great, now its just another phinny 3.0 with slightly better exp.
  8. 6rout Lorekeeper

    Mangler is almost exactly what I wanted. My only insignificant gripe would be 8 week unlocks, but close enough. Thanks for listening DBG, I'm coming back to EQ yet again!
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  9. Yonson New Member

    Holy S-Word! Did DBG just hit it outta the park?
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  10. Gremin Augur

    Gotta say you still missed it with pushing true box down our throats every single tlp since phinny release....
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  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We discussed and strongly considered both FV rules and non-Truebox rules. For this round of progression servers, we do not think either of these options would offer the best 20th anniversary experience. We realize that will be very disappointing to the advocates of each, but the feedback is noted for the future.
  12. Half Blaked New Member

    6 weeks > 4 weeks. I wish you had pulled the trigger on that change.
  13. Violentine New Member

    6 weeks over 4 for Selo would have been perfect. Literally perfect.
  14. Lucky Charms Journeyman

    Isn't FV your most successful live server, in the 20 or so years its been around and you guys looked at that and said it wouldn't make for a good TLP. Even though you've never had a FV rule set server.
  15. Magic Augur

    So regular server like Phinny and Coirnav this is all you can offer for 20th anniversary?

    Selo is fine for someone, but not for me.

    I was hoping Mangler got FV rules, but now all i have to do its play another server i do 3 times before (if count Agnarr)?

    An unfortunate anniversary for me.
    Feedback for future? Dont think i can wait another year for something new.
  16. Shoryuureppa Journeyman

    I was really hoping for a FV rule set for Mangler when it was first mentioned as a hardcore server, with only:

    one character slot for the server,
    no common tongue which meant you had to learn the language,
    limited /shout radius, no /ooc,

    I might be one of those few that considers themselves as masochists but I didn't mind the slower, but not too slow xp gain and the hard xp penalty, I think that would have created an even stronger social aspect when it came to groups.

    at the end of it all with the new updated info on the servers, it kinda just feels like Phinny 3.0, but still going to give mangler a try and hope it turns out better than expected
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  17. Kruggan_Darkblood Lorekeeper

    Mepps - I do appreciate your personally responding and at least acknowledging the people that have advocated for these rule sets. However, as someone who has had multiple starts on multiple servers over the last 15 years (RZ, Nameless, Morell Thule, Firiona, Ragefire - all which were my choice of course), I'm just not sure I have the patience to wait one...more...year for a TLP with FV ruleset - and then *hoping* you actually do it then. I guess I don't understand why it'd be that much more difficult for you to spin up a 3rd server (Bootstrutter?) with that rule set - it's a win/win for everyone. More revenue, happier players. I'm a 25 year IT vet - so I'm not oblivious to resources required to maintain servers of this caliber. However, you have to wonder how long your player base is going to be able to keep weathering these kind of decisions. Yes, you made some happy - but I'd say at least 30-40% of your players wanted what I wanted. It's like you're actually asking people to leave the game.
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  18. Jadefox Augur

    Box all you want. Just get another 'box'.

  19. Mogrim New Member

    Thank you for adjusting the servers and listening to the community!

    Also thanks for admitting that you didn't hit the nail on the head with the initial announcement, and thank you for taking the time to come up with a better version.

    Now, these are two cool progression server options to choose from.

    Personally, I will be back to playing Everquest on March 16th, 2019, on Mangler, and I will have a lot of fun there without a doubt.

    Hopefully many Everquest enthusiasts and fans will join there. :)

    Well done!

    /pats random DBG shoulders
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  20. Xxab New Member

    Thank you for the update. I have been watching this with interest, and unfortunately you missed the mark on bringing me back. Casual isn't monthly unlocks. I really wanted to return again and play but if the casual server is that fast paced then it's not of interest to me. This will likely be my last farewell.

    1) Lost me the first time when you decided to stop adding old expansions after TDS. Always was a paid subscription, but I believe it was poorly handled.

    2) Lost me the 2nd time when you removed free transfers to FV.

    I want to come back, but not to this missed mark.

    All the best, it's been an interesting 18+ years for me.
  21. Gana Augur

    Thank you for the update. A few questions:
    1. When you say it will become a "Standard Server" when it catches up to live, does that mean it will drop the TrueBox aspect?
    2. What the heck is Bootstrutter?
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