Agnarr is the best server in eq’s history .

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by NinjutsuMMO, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Title says it all...

    Love playing with cool and normal people who enjoy casual pop lock nostalgia.

    One look at the forums and I’m glad I’m not on those other trash can servers with the constant exploits and cheating and downtime and drama...
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  2. HicksAradune Augur

    all 53 people who still play there probably agree
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  3. Protagonist Augur

    Agnarr was the same exact way when people actually played there. You're noticing a complete lack of players and conflating that with a complete lack of problems, but it's just as nonsensical as saying a dead person will never have a heart attack.
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  4. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    It was pretty populated at the start, like most TLP are, it likely decayed in much the same way too.

    Aradune will suffer attrition eventually too, just how it is.
  5. Auesheet Lorekeeper

    I definitely laughed at this
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  6. Xeris Augur

    Agnarr is a fun server. :D
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Agnarr seems like a fun server to casually play on however it isn't a server I want to constantly pay a subscription for.

    If there were a one-time Agnarr Server unlocker for say $50, I would be much more inclined to roll up 2-3 boxes and unlock the server permanently and play there once a week for a few hours. I would just have a tough time maintaining a subscription for a server I may not log on for a month or two when there is no new content dragging me back in.
  8. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Like I said, for cool and normal people who enjoy casual nostalgia...

    Good luck with your TLP experience.

    Reminds me of Moses And his people wandering the desert for years looking for a home, If you get tired Agnarr will take you in..
  9. Bailen Augur

    Agnarr was nice when I started there. Then I had to stop playing for a few months and when i came back they were into POP and only handful of raiding guilds remained. It was very lonely for me.
  10. Leifer69 New Member

    I started a toon on Agnarr about 6 months ago. Very very little players in the sub lvl 65 range to group with and it's truebox. Expect to solo a long long ways. Think you can join a guild? I sent multiple tells to GL's (one in particular who recruits on these boards) with very little response and the "we'll get you tagged" tell but with no follow up whatsoever (this happened more than once). I can't blame GL's for not rushing over, or wanting to invest a lot of time in new players to the server because you never know how long they will stick it out. I wasn't about to beg for invites either.

    The bazaar is pretty much vacant - even if you wanted to sell krono there was nothing to buy. The only thing worth selling krono for might be to have someone power level you. But, that doesn't sound very fun to most players.

    If you want to play there, make sure you have friends with you because otherwise it will be quite a lonely slog to 65, and once you can raid planes you will need to find people willing to do them again for the 30th time.

    If there was some magical injection of several hundred new players it might be worth playing for a year or two, but with no incentive for players to go there it's a waste of time compared to the new TLP's.
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  11. Krezzy Augur

    I have some great memories from Agnarr. Hope those of you playing there are still having a blast!
  12. Xeris Augur

    I can only assume you're talking about me, but uh... We help new players pretty constantly. Over half of our current raid force are players who started on the server in 2020. We had about 100 new players since Jan and about 60 of them are still somewhat active and playing and have leveled and are raiding now.

    We're probably the only guild on the server that actively recruits low levels and helps people level up. Not sure who you are specifically or what happened, but sorry you had a bad time.
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  13. bardybard Journeyman

    Agnarr is free to play
  14. Torrok New Member

    I really liked playing on Agnarr and don't mind the idea of being locked at PoP. I kinda wish I could take TLP characters and move them over the Agnarr when the TLP moves pas PoP. They should also remove true box for Agnarr.. kinda pointless rule to still have in place
  15. Owch Journeyman

    No it's not. None of the TLPs are.
  16. Nolrog Augur

    You spelled Phinigel wrong.
  17. bardybard Journeyman

    Oh I guess it's just listed as Standard instead of Preferred
  18. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    I feel like the server Agnarr was based on, Al'Kabor, would disagree.
  19. Riddish Journeyman

    I love Agnarr and the people who play on it. Sure sometimes the item you want might not be for sale on the bazaar but typically if you ask in general chat someone has one collecting dust somewhere, or someone is willing to help farm the item. The economy isn't a typical EQ economy and I find I give a lot of stuff away to lowbies and newbies who join the server.

    The community is great from my experience and I haven't had to deal with toxicity with camps or in zones. I like having the end game where it is because a lot of EverQuest that I loved is still relevant even at the level cap.

    A few QOL things would be nice like removal of truebox, allowing group buffs to work on pets, and bringing back things like the pre-awaken sleeper or guise of the deceiver would be nice.
  20. Donroy Elder

    Have to agree with OP. I've been on Agnarr since launch and still loving it. It's my perfect server. Everything GoD+ with the exception of OoW is pure Aids.

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