Fixed Internally Aaryonar Raid: Grolik's Roar silencing players that are not LoS

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Ratalthor, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Ratalthor Developer

    Axxius reported in this thread:

  2. Ginormus Journeyman

    I go hide until I get a "you can't see your target" message on an attempt to cast on him. Yet, a good 20%-25% of the time I get silenced. You would assume that if you can't cast you are safe, well not. When that happens to many or key people, that is a wipe, simple.

    That part, while funny in the idea, is not well implemented, for sure.

    Changing drastically the auras and making them way more difficult, before that part is fixed, makes the event hard, and RANDOM in outcome.

    If the solution to that is to turn him into a skeleton, that would actually be the fun return of a long forgotten spell !!
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  3. Deillusional Augur

    Also on this raid, is it possible to state who is causing the highest rank of the trap effects in the emotes. As it is being forced to do maximum echo anyhow.
  4. Ratalthor Developer

    Is there a specific pillar or environment object that isn't working? We haven't been able to reproduce this issue internally.
  5. theonepercent Elder

    The giant pillar in the middle of the room.
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  6. Axxius Augur

    Usually the big pillar in the middle of the room. But we have tested other pillars and big rocks and even the corridor walls. No matter where Grolik is and where you are, there is a chance that Grolik's Roar will land on you. As mentioned, it's something like 20-25%. About that share of the raid gets randomly silenced. Not the same people over and over, but just about quarter of the raid randomly.
  7. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Your raid may be experiencing 20-25% ... but not everyone is.

    We have a banner where you are to park your behind ... and I have never been silenced while Grolik is under control and I'm at that banner. We've had Grolik on the main pillar and we've had Grolik on an outer pillar. I just don't get silenced. If it was random, then I should be getting it as well.

    Perhaps the box needs to be checked, and possible shrunk a little. But if you are being silenced 25 percent of the time, then you or your Grolik placement is just wrong.

    But honestly, who cares about silence on this raid? The only time it comes into play for dps is on the second Aary drop. The rest of the raid is fire procs and sitting on your hands (and maybe breaking an earth prison or two).
  8. Metanis Bad Company

    I happen to know a few healers that care. Not many but some...
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  9. FranktheBank Augur

    Look into testing with a Shaman, we think their aura might be factor.
  10. Axxius Augur

    We have some people who get silenced a LOT, standing at the same exact banner as everybody else who don't get silenced. It's been speculated that your own model/illusion may affect it too.

    Whatever the reason is, it's not the positioning failure.

    Out of curiosity: you claim that you have never been silenced, but what about the rest of your guild? You obviously don't fail to position Grolik properly. Are players other than you getting silenced?
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  11. Sancus Augur

    Yeah, my first suggestion would be making sure you're max shrunk when doing QA, as that's how most people raid. I can't promise that's the culprit, but anecdotally if I don't shrink it reduces or eliminates the chance of being silenced through the rock.
  12. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    People have gotten silenced. Usually on ill timed aura runs (leaving too soon and not waiting for the silence pulse). But not that affects the raid in any great amount.

    A guildmate wondered if it's possible that it's aggro list related on Grolik. Cause unless I'm hitting him with the proc, I don't bother dpsing him (cause my piddle dps don't matter when 600M+ procs are flying). So I'm definitely not on his aggro list most times he's popped up. And a healer tonight mentioned he seemed to get silenced at weird times (and he's single target healing MT).

    The dev made it seem like there's just line of sight for the silence, but they might be sandbagging. I do think it can be tuned down a little if it's just los.
  13. MiataDriver Augur

    It's random, but happenning quite frequently. Grolik is placed behind the huge pillar in the middle of the room, the raid is on the far side of the pillar from him, random people get silenced. Perhaps it has to do with latency, playing outside your building...
  14. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    I would actually disagree and say instead to provide your race and whether you were shrunk when you saw the problem. It really shouldn't be a mechanic that requires being shrunk to avoid, especially if you're using the massive rock in the middle to block the LoS.

    I haven't seen it myself, but I know a few in my raid have. One being a male Barbarian and normally not shrunk. Haven't verified with any others whether they are sure they were out of LoS or not yet.
  15. FranktheBank Augur

    Still happening as of today.
  16. sieger Augur

    More specifically we still see this disproportionately affect Shaman only, using the map Frank posted earlier and using the large pillar to block line of sight. I think we've killed Aary something like six times? And it's basically no one other than our shaman who ever have issues being silenced. Several of the times when this has occurred I've visually seen the affected Shaman standing like almost on top of me and I'm never silenced. I know Shaman aura is kind of a weird spell that doesn't seem to work the way most other auras do (it has like infinite range and never falls off), and splash spells I know do weird stuff like drop a bag on the ground when they're cast...not sure if there's some interplay with that and this mechanic.
  17. Shredd Augur

    I never get silenced and I drop the fire decals on this raid.
  18. Ratalthor Developer

    I've seen a Shaman aura referenced a few times in this thread. Which Shaman aura specifically, can you provide the spell name?
  19. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    It's Pact of the Wolf. An aa. Alt Activation 707
  20. Tour Augur

    Do recipients have / not have Pact of the Wolf Form illusion component blocked?