Fixed Internally Aaryonar Raid Bugs (Same Seen In Beta)

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Cragzop, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Machin Shin tried Aaryonar ... several times today.

    First bug:
    -Twice we had the raid reset after wipe (corpse pile at zone in) but the orbs stayed up ... so it didn't really reset.

    Second bug:
    -At least 3 separate times during the Grolik phase of the raid, we had Grolik heal himself back to 87 percent and go invulnerable. We tried just about everything thing under the sun to get him to unlock again without success.

    We have heard from other guilds that they too had this same issue today/tonight.

    As a paying customer and a beta participant, it is disappointing to see bugs that were reported in Beta make it to Live servers 2 months later.
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  2. German Augur

  3. German Augur

    Additional bugs, fire punishment decal stays on people after dying, even gating and coming back its still there. Decided to do another run with them present, since we know how to manage they still never went away on a second death.
    Tank messed up shadow aura (thats avoidable), but was banished, Grolik warped to him, warped back, healed to 100%.
    Spelling errors in emotes still not fixed.
    When he does his 30ish to 87% heal, he will unlock (barrier drop) but never lets you damage him, not even 1%, without him healing back to 87%. He did this one long before 30%

    Cant wait for The Arbiter bugs....
  4. Sancus Augur

    For those having it lock at 87%, have you tried having people go into the Shadow aura and cast on Grolik?

    On beta we never experienced an 87% lock, and we always unlocked Grolik by casting spells in the shadow aura. Doing so used to produce this message:
    [Mon Dec 07 21:38:37 2020] You feel the power of the Echo of Shadow flow into your magic and weaken the massive golem's defenses.

    20 of those messages unlocked him. It sounded like other guilds were unlocking him via orbs or something and then running into issues with him getting stuck.

    Yesterday in both RoI and Valhallah he was unlocked on spawn and never locked, so something is definitely weird/buggy/whatever (certainly regenning up to 87% seems very wrong). But I'm curious in the event he does lock at 87%, if the above does anything.
  5. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    The secondary shadow buff does not exist anymore like it did in Beta. So it appears one of the changes from Beta to Live was to remove this impediment. You will also note that it takes LONGER to actually get the buffs from the auras (at least from our experience Beta vs Live). So some changes were made to this event.

    We always unlocked him via the Shadow buff as you describe on Beta. You cannot on Live atm.
  6. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All


    I am 99% certain what’s causing it and have given the info to devs directly as we probably would have had this dead long ago but due to this bug giving us the constant shaft, it’s really agitating. I think we’ve come up with a workaround but won’t know for a bit.

    Most don’t have a great grasp of the mechanics on this raid but I don’t believe that’s what is happening here for those running into this problem though it is possible.

    Out of curiosity, because I want to be crystal clear. You didn’t have the regen up to 87 on Roi I assume?

    I went stream shopping this morning just to see that specific thing and it didn’t look like Sr did, though they (probably like you I don’t know) use a somewhat bonkers strat that admirably almost worked their first go, modified for their second, that most probably won’t employ.

    I suspect two things.

    Roi doesn’t tend to see what some of us with a lower dps orbit see, and you are doing what I believe breaks the script faster or earlier (or not at all), and it doesn’t trip the specific bug for some reason until later on in the fight.... my original suspicion was you weren’t doing it at all since (no disrespect) sometimes you guys skip entire mechanic criteria you don’t need to bother with due to said dps muscles.

    My *theory* (no real idea) is they possibly removed the unlock since folks were having problems with it on beta but now that ultimately and indirectly is causing it now. I really think we would have beaten it yesterday morning if this hadn’t happened but it’s hard to say, as they say.., dead is dead, not is not. I do give props to everybody battling with a beleaguered raid force who spent hours against the proverbial brick wall only to be stymied by this challenge. It really sucks the wind out of you when it happens at fairly low health.

    To be fair we eventually moved on yesterday in an attempt to salvage some ranking on crusaders while knowing we will very likely be knocked out of the race altogether on Aaryonar. It’s not our guiding star, and we don’t focus exclusively on rankings to the detriment of all other things (which is why we aren’t finishing it today), but it’s always nice when it does happen. In my mind though, this tier is gonna have next to no meaning due to this problem impacting multiple guilds not to mention the absolutely crippling lag.
  7. Sancus Augur

    We beat Aaryonar in both RoI and in Valhallah, and neither guild experienced Grolik locking or regening up to 87%.

    You can watch RoI's kill here (Aary starts around 32:37):

    Our strat was fairly standard/conservative and didn't involve skipping any mechanics. We actually spent a lot of time not DPSing. The kill time was about 17 minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if that's faster than a number of guilds, but is still decently long (certainly it can be done much faster). Valhallah also didn't experience the bug using the same strat, and that kill took over 30 minutes. I do think most guilds currently working on Aary are capable of mustering that much DPS, so I'm not sure that it's DPS alone allowing us to avoid the bug.

    My condolences to everyone experiencing it; I'm sure it's extremely demoralizing. I don't know if we got lucky, or if there's something specific that triggers the bug.
  8. German Augur

    We pretty much had to learn to the event last night, only had a peek at it during Beta. We were able to repro the 87% and think we know why its happening and we'll test soon enough. When it happened is also of interest. It happened around 34% after we stopped getting waves of guardians and were trying to work him down for the next step. Once that happened we started seeing the original beta emote message about his shield (Breaking it, didn't matter). Last run we were working on a method we worked a good 5 minutes trying to unlock him. Nothing.

    Sadly, the camera man screwed up and wasn't paying attention and filled up the temp drive (me) so no way to give exact numbers.

    But, again, its a fun event, and I like the complexity of it. Nice to have something where mechanics have to be followed and are complex, unlike the other ones you just laugh at them doing the DPS race.

    We did kill guardians/orbs to right auras, and tried not to bypass anything at all - But we may have accidently. Lag may have been a factor for when some mechanics activated. Some could have been unintentional (we tested something)
  9. ArtremasEQ Augur

    We had this 87% multiple times, both on release night raids, and the following days raid.

    Multiple various efforts were made to 'drop' the HP lock, inc purple aura nuking, orbs, etc etc. Nothing worked (and long attempts also).

    Note: The "vulnerable" emote appeared, but his HP remained locked at 87%.

    Several times he jumped back UP to 87%, from a lower amount, and locked.
    This one bug pretty much prevented us killing it on release day as ran out of time vs sleep !, so tad frustrating. I think we aborted 6 or 7 attempts due to this one issue.

    It is unclear why we saw it some times and not others, (despite some testing), nor why it didn't occur on the run where we defeated Aary.

    I should add, we did NOT see any issue with Orbs left up on reset.
    I saw no reports of the Aura debuff remaining on anyone after a reset.
    On ONE occasion, the 'Aura's were still up at the end, and remained so on next engage, punishing all, but this wasn't a problem, just an irritation.

    One Q: Re:
    We did not see this. Aura debuff landed in song window the instant you touched the aura, even just running through the edge of it was enough.

    What I did notice as an improvement, is the pathing of the ORBS seemed a LOT better. They went where expected (mostly), rather than randomly pathing through an aura stupidly.
  10. German Augur

    I think the "longer" to get the buff was either a server tick or lag due to time of day. It was not consistent. At least that was my experience.

    We did see the messages about invulnerable as well once that issue happened:

    The massive golem's protective barrier falls.

    The energy of the shadow orb merges with the pillar and stabilizes some of the pillar energies.
    It happens after you do a shadow orb when he's in that state. If you do the shadow orb earlier (right or wrong was tested) it did not give that message or affect it.

    Here's the fail...
    The energy of the shadow orb clashes with another energy and disrupts future energies.
  11. Malbro Augur

    Inverse Logic had Grolik lock at 87% last night, 2/7.
  12. Metanis Bad Company

    It did it on multiple attempts too!
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  13. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    So ... we just tried this again tonight. We had thought that Grolik getting hit with the fire proc might be the cause of the healing back to 87 percent and going invulnerable.

    No fire procs ... but he still healed back to 87 and went invulnerable. We had him at 31 percent and were dealing with 2 sets of orbs and auras.

    Still no word from a dev.

    Edit: We won.

    We had two working theories left. One, there were too many orb spawns and that causes lock. Two, Grolik going into auras causes a lock.

    We picked up the speed and Grolik didn't go into an aura ... and we won.

    No idea if this helps anyone, but ...
  14. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    We've never put grolik in an aura. We've had the lock at varying rates of speed after.
    Our working theory hasn't stopped the 87% lock yet either.
    *screams into the black hole*
  15. German Augur

    So let me clarify, we were not putting him in one as a method of doing the event. We think he was getting hit with one several times inadvertently due to where he was. That's the only thing we adjusted after first heal back up for us tonight. Of course, with 96 little icons flashing and no logged text that an echo landed on anyone including yourself its hard to tell if it actually was affecting him. Its more of a tanking position thing and being too close to the center column, by just a tad.

    It could have just been us being very very very methodical on controlling the times that guardians spawned and having mobs from piling up, however at 31% we had a second set of orbs spawn while waiting on an aura pop and he immediately went to 87%.

    I don't have the slightest idea about how EQ works behind the scenes on scripts, but that particular event "feels" like there is a logic check that causing an old part of the script to fire or even a whoa there guys you passed this mechanic too fast thing instead of continuing. One dev might have edited something that caused the flow of events to not allow anything outside of linear. HP locks usually prevent those kinds of things but its possible with how the servers are acting for the "checks" to get backed up. I have yet to see an aura or orb timer be consistent, every time its off by a few seconds, usually longer and longer as event runs.

    Since after a certain % Aary comes back to help, perhaps the check that does that has a logic error or hitpoint range issue, since its always happening right around the time Aary is supposed to come back and join the fight Grolik "resets" and starts spamming about his barrier being gone (Old mechanic). We saw something very similar to that on Tantor during dev testing where we were killing too fast.

    Could also be when he's supposed to silence and goes down before that spell fires. We have seen that happen quite a bit.

    Keep this one at the top so it doesn't take them two months to patch it in and cause morale issues in guilds.

    Its a very fun raid, very active and well thought out. Just has something off somewhere ruining it for us.
  16. Pryssylus Journeyman

    And by 'disappointing' we mean 'infuriating' because the reported bug *was dismissed out of hand* during beta. This is no way to treat your customers.
  17. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Well, after yet another full day of raiding on this, we still leave after locking it at 87% every. single. run. !!!!!! (insert favourite epithet here). we've tried moving tank position, nearly copying positioning from streams.we always avoid grolik going into auras; we've avoided pets; touching it with fire echo, shadow echo, any straw we could find to grasp at, speeding up dps, slowing down dps, leaving guardians, burning guardians, you name it.

    Its pretty freaking disheartening, and at this point i'm not sure there's much involved to getting through other then sheer luck. again, i'm 100% sure (and have been since beta) that its something we're inadvertently causing but there's just no way to know what in tarnation that is.
  18. The real Sandaormo Augur

    we're not losing because we can't handle the damage or theres too many adds or we aren''t getting orbs into auras. We are losing to this reset on Grolik to 87% and locking there.

    We told the Devs ( Absor ) that this was happening and basically were told we didn't know what we were talking about.
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  19. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    ok looking back, the success on the shadow orb is happening simultaneously with every unlock message and every regen to 87% and locking.

    02/08/21 06:46:34 PM The energy of the shadow orb merges with the pillar and stabilizes some of the pillar energies.
    02/08/21 06:46:34 PM The massive golem's protective barrier falls.

    02/08/21 07:52:36 PM The massive golem's protective barrier falls.
    02/08/21 07:52:36 PM The energy of the shadow orb merges with the pillar and stabilizes some of the pillar energies.
    02/08/21 07:52:36 PM The massive golem's protective barrier falls.
    02/08/21 07:52:36 PM The energy of the shadow orb merges with the pillar and stabilizes some of the pillar energies.

    02/08/21 08:26:01 PM The massive golem's protective barrier falls.
    02/08/21 08:26:01 PM The energy of the shadow orb merges with the pillar and stabilizes some of the pillar energies.

    There's more, but I wont bother pasting them all.
  20. Metanis Bad Company

    Inverse Logic (Luclin server) will be raiding it Tuesday 2/9/2021 beginning at 5:00pm Pacific Time. I'm sure Absor (or any other DBG/Darkpaw Dev who is interested!) would be welcome to join us and watch first hand.

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