3 days down??????

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    Its precisely what I do for clcients, spanning decades of experience in doing such. In as much as I can say I've seen single, dual and hundreds of co-locations moved with and without incident with stellar planning. Given DBGs past track record and hints about "not directly" and "36 hours" is enough to tell any reasonably competent engineer enough to come to the obvious conclusion as to what is about to happen and really shouldn't affect the server images, if at all unless someone decides to place a complementary patch inside the servers.

    Not going to torture this thread beyond what has been said on the technical side but will praise DBG for recognizing the problem(s) on the backend and doing something (hopefully well) but also recognizing that this is their business not mine, not yours to screw up. I wish them all the success in the world with this change, I really do.

    Thanks for the expert advice but I'll pass this time.
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    Since you seem to be so knowledgeable about this what exactly is the backend maintenance that they are doing? Considering that it appears to be impacting everything at Daybreak I would like to know what it is.
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    Namers...sigh --named!
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    A consequence of Brexit?
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    This could be the big one. Fingers crossed guys.
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    To lighten the mood before the upcoming apocalypse.

    "What do you call 8 hobbits?
    A hobbyte"
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    Or, do as I do, and inconsistently use namers and named interchangeably with both purpose and secret intent - and watch the syntax despots slowly devolve into anarchy. It's regrettably satisfying. :eek:
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    oh no we have to do it in Britlings else them islanders won't understandz uz!!!
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    so considering the downtime that was SCHEDUALED for 7 hours just about a week ago went over 12.... a 58% over... id say roughly 56 hours down...
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    XP potion, the Othmir Fez, and one Hero’s Forge unlocker rewards ends on April 20th 10 PM. Couldn't you wait just one more day? I was going to purchase All access for my two other accounts tomorrow. Thanks a lot!
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    I feared this would happen. I even created a thread to hopefully get some people’s attention.

    It was bad to align downtime with the last day of the promotion. But we had over a month for the promotion and plenty of notification about the downtime.

    Bottom line: there was always going to be people who missed the promotion and grumble about it even after April 20.
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    Has it been 36 hours yet?
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    I can't believe they need 36 whole hours just to roll out the new playable grizzly bear race
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    Really ? You're that worried over less than $0.50 ?
    Skip your next starbucks or get a job.

    p.s. Read the EULA, there is no promise of 24/7/365 availability.
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