20 years playing was wishing to return

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  1. Numzan Augur

    As the title says i have played EQ for 20 years and i know it is not the longest either. However with that experience i have to say, why would i ever wish to relive the TLP again with these rule sets on the new servers?

    1. True box past pop
    2. Non true box past pop

    Its very simple what people wish to play on. Its not a simple just join the other servers either, its about making new friends, joining new guilds and exploring the same old content again. If pop locked was just the only option i doubt you will see many people playing on it. GM should have been on all servers, to avoid all this RMT crap that went on before. One of the reasons i did not continue my subs.

    I do have 1000's of dollars invested up to 12 full time accounts and fully (at the time) expansions, until you guys keep pulling this BS crap.

    So unless you change the rule set i am so many others will not be playing on them, or returning.

    Just saying from a very well paid customer.
  2. Ashian Augur

    I read this entire post, twice. I probably agree with you but I can’t figure out exactly what you’re proposing. You don’t identify precisely what the problem is nor the solution with the new server rulesets.

    I spent more than $1,500 on EQ alone in the last 12 months, primarily on expansion purchases and subscriptions. My accounts have all been canceled and/or given away.

    This Rizlona locking concept is unfortunately out of touch with the TLP playerbase in the same way that the Miragul TrueBox was.
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  3. Lateryn Augur

    Lol they see 20 of these "I would sub my 6 accounts but now I wont" post a day. About .01% of them are true.

    In reality the other 99.99% are still going to roll on the TLPs and play because they can't help themselves but to re-do a server launch every time.

    Your meaningless threat means nothing because in the end its all talk.
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  4. Numzan Augur

    Well, proposing locking a server to pop only is completely out of reach. Players that spend a lot of money in this game before or current should not matter. But coming from a long time player, this locked system did not work in the past and it clearly is not going to work now.

    Pop locked servers are for the slow paced gamers, wanting to get all they can out of it. It should not be the case for the rest to be forced to a locked server system like they are proposing.

    It basically turned me off right away from returning.
  5. Numzan Augur

    Threat? DBG knows how long i played, and how many accounts i have. I am not saying to sub 12 accounts i am clearly stating that not too many outside would ever think of a pop locked system like this. Also i never threat anyone, i proposed it wasnt a good idea from a long time subscriber. That is all, so your troll post just blows buddy.
  6. Ashian Augur

    Your comment inspired me to look up my credit card and paypal records for the last year. Unfortunately I grossly underestimated my expenditures.

    18 Accounts
    16 Regular ToV Expansions: 31.49 * 16 = $503.84
    1 Collectors Edition ToV: $80.99 * 1 = $80.99
    1 Premium Edition ToV: $125.99 * 1 = $125.99

    Expansion Purchases Total: $710.82

    Purchased Daybreak Cash: $210.00

    6 Accounts Paid Quarterly: $38.97 * 6 * 4 = $935.28
    12 Accounts Paid via Krono: $15.00 * 12 * 12 = $2160.00 (Assumes conservative average value to DPG of Krono of $15.00)
    Subscription Time Total: $3095.28

    Grand Total for last 12 months: $4016.10

    I canceled/gifted my accounts and uninstalled EQ on (or before) March 15th. Have not logged in since. Still perusing these forums because of Coronavirus downtime and because it is hard not to after 21 years playing the game on and off.

    So Darkpaw is welcome to consider or disregard these posts. They really need to recognize that there are some big spenders amongst the boxing community in EQ. If they haven’t done the data analytics on their player base and mapped accounts to individuals and aggregated spending by individual, they are missing a real opportunity. These are the individuals that they should proactively reach out to for feedback in addition to guild leaders and community influencers.

    Source: I’ve sat on the board of directors of more than 10 companies in my career and I have a family member who is a senior individual in the gaming industry, including working on a number of recognizable MMORPG titles.
  7. Kywen Augur

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  8. mark Augur

    dont forget the pc you buy every 2 or 3 years to play eq.
  9. Xeris Augur

    So you've spent 4k on EQ and have been on the board of directors of companies... But how big is your ?
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  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    When all the dust has settled (on the keyboard), what do you do with all these laptops?
  11. Protagonist Tank

    One of the best ways to flag someone as a sad, suburbanite failure - watch them open their complaint to a company with saying how very much they spend and how that means they need more attention.
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  12. Starxx New Member

    Alot of peoples including myself are in love with the TLP system. I get to play on a populated server launch and this time around I am going to have dedicated GMs. Also now they are saying hey we will have a server exactly for people with 12 accounts. STILL all of you complain. I mean this sincerely please just go. We love our game and Darkpaw is doing a very good job so far. I have had my complaints but all in all DPG/DBG has made the game a better place since they arrived. As far as you spending 4k on accounts and at DPG... first you got what you paid for... second the ONLY reason to have 12 accounts is to either let Family and Friends play a bunch of them or to RMT and out box others. Play your game the way it was meant to a few boxes if thats whats fun or one character. The journey of Everquest was finding people to fill your groups not running around with two groups at a time
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  13. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Why would you buy Krono to pay for accounts instead of just paying for the accounts quarterly like the other 6? Did you buy them from 3rd party sites where they're cheaper then a sub? Did you get them from other players in game? You realize you leaving wont stop other players from buying Krono for themselves and attributing this as something you "Spent" is extremely dishonest and doesn't help your case at all.
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  14. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If you played eq for 20 years since paid a high enough price. I dont think we can debate this in any reasonable fashion.
  15. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Weird flexes in this thread but ok.
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  16. jeskola pheerie

    Best thing since I'm a Young Doctor
  17. Protagonist Tank

    I spent $1.75 for reading glasses before opening this thread and I demand better nonsense. Without it, I will withdraw my support from the reading glass industry and you will be missing one very important customer.
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  18. Numzan Augur

    You forgot your computer hardware to keep up, the boxing subscriptions, and magelo if you paid for that and of course your internet connection speeds over the years to keep up. Thats just some of it with your totals.
  19. Numzan Augur

    Yes, outright buy them from other people. Everyone does this, happened since Kronos came out. Anyone who pays 17.99 or USD prices from the site is crazy. Eventually its great to trade for kronos, not sure the year that got so popular but isnt it the norm now for high end items to sell for kronos?

    Sadly this is what has happened since kronos became trade.
  20. code-zero Augur

    From The EQ Krono FAQ

    You just admitted to a bannable offense