20 years playing was wishing to return

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  1. Ashian Augur

    They were earned in game. I played on live servers and during the TBL era I would sell task adds to the missions for the plat equivalent of between .25 - .5 krono, depending on the particular mission. Most people would buy multiple task adds and just pay with Krono. The plat I traded for krono in game, on the server.

    As for money spent, trading krono should not contribute to the tally of one’s money “spent” in game. The metric that matters is krono consumed (from a DPG profitability standpoint, not a cash flow metric - that is determined by krono purchases from DPG). The accounting attributes of krono have been discussed many times on this forum so I won’t rehash them here.
  2. Ashian Augur

    Really shouldn’t include any expenditures that don’t go to DPG’s pockets (recognizing that krono contribute to this indirectly).
  3. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Wrong. DBG makes money when krono are purchased not consumed. They might consider considered unconsumed Krono a liability from an accounting standpoint, but they make the money from the purchase. In your case they should be worried about those people paying for task adds or whatever who originally bought the Krono not your box army. Moreover if you didn't originally purchase the Krono how on earth would you know they weren't purchased during the bogo special DBG had on Krono.

    I'm pretty sure someone that "sat on the board of directors of more than 10 companies" should understand this, so i must assume you're lying on purpose. For all i know you're full out lying or the money used to pay for your 6 main accounts is funded by RMT in the first place.

    Not a good look bud.
  4. Ashian Augur

    You literally cut off my quote in the middle of the sentence, eliminating the language describing that the consumption of krono is tied to profitability (aka net income) and that actual cash flow is tied to the actual purchase of the krono. You then went on to essentially repeat precisely what I said (that the actual purchase is where the cash flow is generated), and proceeded to call me a liar. Seriously?

    Yes, the purchase of the original krono is important for cash flow, I acknowledged that. But once the krono have been injected into the system, the only way DPG generates additional sales is through the consumption of krono, eliminating the krono from the system. If 1000 krono are purchased and those same 1000 krono just get traded 10,000,000 times across characters but never consumed, DPG’s cash flow is only 1000*KronoPrice. The consumption of krono is the underlying demand driver for more krono purchases. Consumption drives the demand which ultimately drives new purchases, because krono are getting removed from the system. This is also what drives net income as it enables DPG to recognize revenue from the krono.
  5. enclee Augur

    Except that's theoretical Krono usage and doesn't reflect actual behavior.
  6. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Did i?

    Sure seems like you said the opposite.

    Again this is false, Krono existing doesn't prevent people from buying Krono. People having things they want to buy with Krono is what drives Krono sales. The only thing that matters is the original purchase. Since you refuse to acknowledge basic facts i'm gonna have hit that ignore button.
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  7. enclee Augur

    His post ignores that Krono itself is a universal currency across all servers and protects against inflation in a local server economy. As a side note, I'd be interested in the percentage of Krono that are actually consumed.
  8. Zinth Augur

    you could use a 10yr old pc and STILL play EQ...
  9. Zinth Augur

    well 100% of the krono I bought with plat were consumed, so about 50 of them
  10. Mangler111 New Member

    18 accounts and on a board of directors. Something doesn't add up here.
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Can confirm.
  12. Stune Augur

    Not really if you say no life outside of the house.
  13. Ronzark Augur

    Yeah, sure you have. Because people with board positions on more than 10 companies have time to 6 box on EQ and play 18 accounts. Right. Do you even realize how tarded this sounds? I wonder if you even play at all and realize the time required to do that.
  14. Ashian Augur

    Board seats are not indefinite positions. When a company undergoes a change of control (aka sells itself), the non executive directors are almost always replaced (aka the board members representing the prior ownership or the individuals on the board that aren’t actually employed by the company). Furthermore, I said 10 throughout my career, absolutely not concurrently, that would be ridiculous. I just stepped down from my last board a month ago and the prior one at the end of last year when we sold the company. Most individuals I know sit on a maximum of 3 boards simultaneously, and usually they are limited to 1 to 2. And these aren’t publicly traded companies, but they aren’t your local pizza shop either.

    Do you guys really think EQ is made up solely of 40 year old unhappily married men who work from home providing IT services to small businesses? I have met plenty of financially successful EQ players over the years. Up until last month when I called it quits, EQ was pretty much my only hobby outside of work. And when you’re not married and have no children, that’s a lot of time to dedicate to EQ.
  15. Ashian Augur

    Ya know, since I’m assuming nothing I can possibly can will prove otherwise, I’ll do one better. Dima (or probably Machen) can verify. I used to play an SK in Citizen on Fippy during the VoA / RoF and help lead raids. If any of you guys play with them, go ahead and ask. I haven’t played on TLPs since — played on/off on live hoping for a server exactly like Rizlona (now that it doesn’t have unlocks!), but five years passed and we got endless TrueBox servers..

    So next time you think your single account that doesn’t even own the latest expansion is the thing that is keeping this game afloat, think again. There are (were) individuals that are massive contributors to this game.
  16. Magickon Augur

    That sounds exactly like what I heard last year at a local ice cream shop. Some super fat lady was complaining about having to wait and screamed something like "look at me, obviously I'm a better customer than these skinny jerks in front of me".

    She left.

    PS: The ice cream shop is doing just fine, they are even doing deliveries since their lobby is closed.
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  17. Sikkun Augur

    Made up of, as in the entire playerbase? No.

    Every guild member I have ever met that actually 12+ boxes and I took out the work part...because they don’t work? (outside of EQ RMT of course).

    Yeah, there are a good number of them.
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  18. Ronzark Augur

    Your cognitive dissonance and hallucinations are noted. I literally said none of that, you simply made up a straw man argument so that you could feel better arguing with it.

    I doubt you've ever been on a board of a company at all, you're too easily triggered. You've got real emotional issues, I'm sure professionals see those IRL even easier than I see them here.
  19. enclee Augur

    Interesting, I've consumed what I've needed but generally store them. It's one of the few items in the game that will actively increase in value, and it's the only that can be traded across servers. So, that's why I tend to view it as a currency as opposed to consumable.
  20. Zinth Augur

    they don't really increase in value, inflation makes plat worth less, so you need more plat for the same krono, the krono is worth the same as always "a months sub"