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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dexella, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. SERPENTXOFXGOD Well-Known Player

    Awesome Video but You need me to do the Voice over lol. Been trying to do Voice over for DCUO.
  2. SERPENTXOFXGOD Well-Known Player

    Anyone know how I can do a do a voice over and upload it here? I have a very unique Voice and would love to do Voice over or narrate for DCUO!
  3. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Thanks, I guess. I am looking for other voice actors but I wouldn't say I need you.
  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Unfortunately, it's a pretty dull and mediocre, at best, story and comic once it's past the story we already know. :(
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  5. THE BATWING Dedicated Player

    Agreed it was dull and really didn't even go by the game story much,it just had future bats tho :)
  6. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    I simply composed an email to the address went to my youtube channel seleceted share for my videos and up pops the link which i copied and pasted into the email. I reviewed in sent mail and the pics there bright as day. Some of them dated back as far as 2 years and videos taken with my smart phone uploded to youtube. Now when I get my ps4 camera it will be an entiely different story.;)

    Good luck,
  7. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    Good when I get my camera I'll post favorites to it.;)
  8. Zenith Well-Known Player

    Cool pilot episode. Subbed.:cool:
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  9. Original Empress Well-Known Player

    DANG I got excited. I thought this was DCUO allowing creations through Player Studio! That movie up there by jakehagenss9 terrific!
  10. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Thank you, and not just you but everyone. I've been surprised by the responses I've got. It means a lot.
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  11. Archdias New Player

  12. Archdias New Player

    why my image is not showing?and sorry for the mess i caused
  13. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Because the link is from a facebook page?
  14. Victor99dcuo Well-Known Player

    Dexella i need your help here,
    I keep getting error's trying to send my submission message in windows live,
    i made my account sent my message to player direct but it gets error 's and dont send.
    what can i do.
  15. Victor99dcuo Well-Known Player

    anyone else having trouble sending message's in windows live
    i keep getting error's trying to send my message to Player Direct.
  16. Buzz Claw New Player

    What about the people that used to make videos and have a following, but don't play the game any more? ?
    oh well you get that :(
  17. Lerch2000 New Player

    Sounds like fun hope everyone enjoys it, but it really isn't for me so have fun
  18. DarkenPanther New Player

  19. Victor99dcuo Well-Known Player

    Mepps i need help.
    having trouble sending message's in windows live
    i keep getting error's trying to send my message to Player Direct. what can i do to send my videos
  20. Shadowsaga New Player

    Hi guys I just wanted to share an idea I jus5 thought what if the devs could add a new aoe move just like the one saint walker and kyle rayner have the the one with the mini Lantern on the floor that pushes back enemies

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