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  1. Dexella Communications Manager


    By: Colette "Dexella" Murphy

    Every player has a unique experience, story, and point of view, especially when it comes to games. The types of players who create streams, videos, articles, memes, and more share a deeper, richer story with their communities. That is the heart of our newly expanded Player Direct program.

    In July of 2013, we launched Player Direct as a way for video creators to share their work with us, so that we could promote those video makers and their creations on the official SOE YouTube channels. Over the past 16 months, we’ve been in awe of the talent we’ve seen come through the program. And during that time, we discovered even more artists, writers, and creative personalities who we wanted to highlight… which brings us to this moment.

    Player Direct is here to share the best stuff, direct from the creators to our entire community. What kind of “stuff” are we looking for? Here’s the stuff we love:
    • Memes
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Streams & Casts
    • Articles
    • And More!
    For answers to frequently asked questions, specific rules and content creation policy, and details on how to submit YOUR work, visit our site at!

    We’ve got the spotlight ready. Let us shine it on you.
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  2. Echo Blue Committed Player

    Hello everyone,

    Ahh, story time. Looking forward to the prospect of DCUO Earth Lore being expounded upon and enriched by the people who actually live and play in it.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if, someday, any of our DCUO Earth characters got the opportunity to make an appearance in say... New 52 Earth?
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  3. Austin Scott Well-Known Player

    Seeing as that would be awesome, how do I take a screenshot of my character. I know i go to F1 and hit Take Screenshot, but it doesn't do anything once I click it. And I can't find anything in my pictures. Do I need a webcam or can I adjust the settings on my computer?
  4. Victor99dcuo Well-Known Player

    Nice am going to send my videos on the site right now! this looks fun
  5. Echo Blue Committed Player

  6. Frash Grahden New Player

    Look in... Documents > My Games > DC Universe Online
  7. Frash Grahden New Player

    Not meaning to be a dream squasher, but SOE and DC Comics are entirely separate entities, where SOE simply licenses content from DC. On top of that, I doubt DC can be razzle dazzled enough by game creations to purchase the rights to any ideas.
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  8. Pow3rOutag3 New Player

    Once you take your screen shot you go to your start button on your desk top. Then you go to documents. Then you go to my games. Then you go to DC Universe Online. Then you go to screen shots and that"s where your pictures will be located at: - )
  9. jakehagenss New Player

    i love this game cant wait to try it out
    hello players
    good luck
  10. jakehagenss9 New Player

  11. Austin Scott Well-Known Player

    Thanks man.
  12. jakehagenss9 New Player

  13. Dezaras Loyal Player

    I'm a little apprehensive about doing this but here goes. Below is the pilot for my YouTube series, which started in October.

    There is also a Dark Saviour thread in Joker's Funhouse, and I'm working on a wiki for the series.
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  14. Echo Blue Committed Player

    Hello everyone,

    While you make some valid economical and logical points, I believe there is opportunity (albeit slim) for some DCUO to DC content cross-over. What with the collaborations and relationships that SOE and DC have made during the ongoing run of DCUO, there's got to be someone who can drop a bug into the right ear; Furthermore, what with SOE's emphasis on its player community as an important partner for content feedback, testing, information dissemination, and just getting the word, about their respective games, out to the general public. I believe that an exceptional reward for exceptional community contributions is warranted.

    Yeah, a DCUO character making a cameo in New 52 Earth is extremely remote, but if you never try, then you're certain to never succeed.
  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Make sure you submit it following the instructions on the website, too.
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  16. Enickma Dedicated Player

    I totally misread that as "cats" at first. And I thought, "Looks like not even DCUO is safe from internet cats..."
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  17. La Shark Dedicated Player

    This is really good.
    Keep up the good job.
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  18. Echo Blue Committed Player

    Hello everyone,


    Send me a message if you're on Playstation and are doing any casting calls.
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  19. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Thanks :)

    I'm EUPC but I'm looking at getting a PS4 soon. Already working on a collaboration with BernUnit81. Basically I'm looking at the servers as a multiverse. Making a PS appearance would be akin to crossing over to another universe.

    But just because I'm mainly PC doesn't mean you can't voice for me. If you're interested I'll let you know when new characters are set to appear.
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  20. Dezaras Loyal Player

    I think I did it right. Thanks for the reminder Teed.
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